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Found 18 results

  1. New Matched quad of Tung-Sol 6l6gc big bottle valves. Bought from Hotrox 3 months ago. Only 20 hours use to check on condition before being offered for sale.
  2. Job lot of valves from my spares box. I believe these are unused but selling as spares incase some have been in an amp for testing only. Two JJ ecc83s Two JJ ecc81 JJ GZ34s Electro Harmonix 12ax7 eh boxed JHS Sylvania 12AT7 £50 including UK postage.
  3. For sale is my lovely Audio Innovations S500 MK1 integrated amplifier with the Hinchley Transformers: 4, 8, 16 Ohm taps. Recently serviced and upgraded by AD Audio (David Coe). I'm the second owner. The original owner took it back to AI after six months of ownership and had it upgraded. One of the upgrades included RCA's converted to better (Gold) ones. There are no marks on the chassis; the perspex top is clean has the original pins. As soon as I got it, it went straight to David Coe. Works done include: All electrolytic capacitors were replaced with Kemets, Panasonic, and Elna Cerafine. David Coe external Choke Mod Removal of Balance control + Tape Switch Circuit All contacts and valve sockets serviced Input capacitors removed Input stage mod Total service amount came to £260 + a set of new valves... 4 x New Harma Matched EL34's £100 2 x NOS Tesla E88CC Gold pins + Red nip/Cross swords £110 3 x NOS GE JAN*5751*Cryo (ECC83) £90 £560 spent in total. This S500 initially cost me £600 so sees me in for £1160 The above improvements bring this amplifier to another level! I've been very very happy with it. Why am I selling?* I had the opportunity to buy another S500 and modify it for switchable triode mode and is currently been upgrade by Mr. AI S500 himself, David Coe. So, if you want a completely serviced & upgraded S500, with NOS valves, and want a sublime phono stage, this is the amp for you! You won't be disappointed! Ur welcome to pop down to North London, Hornsey for an audition. The price is £860 firm, no offers . No posting I'm afraid.
  4. Matched quad Genalex Golden Lion KT88. These have had little usage, but one valve may be slightly out as I had to re-bias it a few times. Purchased from HotRox last autumn. Went solid-state class A at Easter so no longer required. These were alternated with JJ6550’s so not much time on them. £90 plus delivery.
  5. I am assuming these are a matched quad set as they were the original valves fitted to a Graaf GM 50 amp and were removed when the amp was around 2 years old. Asking £45 posted for all four
  6. I have owned this superb DAC for several years and during that time if has evolved at the hands of the excellent Robert Airey of Aired Audio (Open Door): Jolida UK importer and the acknowledged expert at modifying the FX (among myriad other components, especially Jolida and Black Ice Audio). Initially, Rob upgraded the output and power supply caps to Clarity, which remains the most common basic upgrade for this unit. My unit then went back to Rob a year later for his first ever VeeCap upgrade - a costly but significant improvement. Then a year of so ago it went back again for the ultimate conversion to Modwright caps and silver output wiring. This made an amazing difference, facilitating rich bass and more emotional engagement. It's fab. I am only selling it because I have invested heavily in a very expensive CD/DAC combo (nearly £10k new) in an attempt to lower the box count and become more genteel. Even then my new uber player lacks the FX's attack and boogie (it's just a tad quieter and more liquid - buy hey, at many times the price...). The FX responds very well to tube rolling and fuse tweaking, too, but is supplied with new stock factory Tungsol tubes (which sound very good). I didn't want the Mk3 originally because it doesn't look as nice and I wouldn't use the small jack headphone facility it has. And this one sounds much nicer to my ears than any latest DSD version, modded or otherwise. It owes me a packet, of course, but £395 buys it, posted. Mods: 1. Cast silver wired on the output. Wire is PTFE wrapped and screened with drain wire. 2. Output caps are the best that fit. Modwright M series Truth. Oil impregnated metalised polypropylene dielectric with pure coper tined leads. 3. Power supply board cap same type.
  7. Vacuum tubes of various sorts for sale at sweet prices Most will be shipped in plain white boxes. 1) Tungsol NOS pair welded black plate 6X4W aka EZ90 Giant bent D getters Silver plate supports Late 1950’s Rated 20,000 hours Rare - great tubes £30 incl post 2) Single Reflektor gold pin EZ90 (6Ц4П) 6C4P-EV rectifier tube Equivalent to Chinese 6Z4 1979 NOS Very rare 10,000hrs rated L3-3, Ia>72 mA £20 incl post 3) Pair of 6C33-B Used - took them out a pair of mono blocks. Working and sounding fine but don’t know the history Sovtek brand £27 incl post 4) Pair of Mullard (new issue) EL34 cryo treated SOLD From Cryoset in the USA Matched pair These are used, can’t recall hours Original boxes £20 including U.K. post 5) Pair Sylvania Jan-CHS 6SL7GT (VT229) SOLD Used but tested good Ratings: Tube 1 2.5/1.6 2.3/1.6 Tube 2 2.25/1.5 2.4/1.6 £22 incl post 6) Mullard NOS EZ80 SOLD Bent D getter Nice £15 incl UK post 7) Pair RCA JAN CRC 5692 red base SOLD Matching date codes (1962) No boxes Light use Matched pair Super bargain £125 incl post 8) Great for the above Herbies Ultra Sonic RX30 tube dampers (for 6SL7 types) As new as hardly used them (sold amps) £40 for the pair incl UK post 9) Matched & balanced quad of new issue JJ E88CC gold pins SOLD Low use £35 incl UK post 10) 3x New issue Tungsol 12AX7 SOLD Single digit hours £18 for all 3 posted 11) iFi Premium Selected ECF82 - pair Used No original boxes Rare now! £25 incl UK post 12) Pair NOS Raytheon CK5755 (red label) with adaptors SOLD Plain boxes Low cost 12AX7 upgrade £28 incl UK post 13) Single NOS RCA 6SN7 Single side getter Glass paint gone £20 incl UK post 14) Single NOS RCA 6SN7 Dual side getter Glass paint gone £20 incl UK post 15) New issue Electro-Harmonix 6922 - pair SOLD Low hours £15 for both incl UK post 16) Philips Miniwatt NOS 6DJ8 / ECC88 - single Original box Mu 24.1 / 25 Gm 3875 / 3590 Vn 79.6 / 79.9 17) Rare pair of Jolida branded 12AT7 Interesting internal construction Likely Chinese origin Triple meca Hours unknown £16 incl UK post 18) Pair Sovtek 6922 new issues Used £16 for both incl post 19A) Pair new issue JJ ECC81 gold pins Low hours £20 incl UK post for the pair 19B) As above but a matched and balanced pair £30 incl UK post 20) Primaluna Silver Label 12AU7 - single Used £12 incl UK post 21) Matched pair Reflektor 6H23N-EB SOLD 6922 / E88CC equivalent Ruggedised and low noise versions About 20 hours use 1987 vintage £30 incl UK post 22) Quad Reflektor ECC88 SOLD Visually they are identical to the above but I’ve never seen such tubes with only E88CC etched on the glass Low hours Could be a gem (I’ve not got the means to compare) Photo of these below £60 for the quad Incl UK post 23) Pair Brimar 13D5 premium 12AU7 SOLD Bought recently from Langrex Maybe 30 hours use (sold amp) Nice tubes £30 for the pair incl UK post 24) Pair Jan GE 12AT7WC (6201) SOLD NOS - never tried them £18 incl UK post 25) Pair Electro-Harmonix 12BH7A Used Maybe 300 hours £15 for the pair posted 26) Quad Siemens Rohren PCC189 NOS Original boxes Some measurements on tubes Tube 1: 3.4/4.0 Tube 2: 3.6/3.8 Tube 3: 3.6/3.0 Tube 4: 3.2/3.2 Much debate as to whether they can be used as an ECC88 equivalents. Suppose depends on application, but I personally have not tried them. Bought them to try but amps now sold. Suggest one does their querying / reading online. Issue is the Uh - 7.2v? These versions are rare. £65 for all four incl UK post
  8. Sadly it’s now time to sell my Puresound A30 integrated valve amplifier as it simply doesn’t get the use it deserves. Purchased late 2014, this particular one was Progressive Audio’s demonstration amplifier and my first foray into valves. It’s been an absolute delight to own, lovely sound and silent in operation. Responds well to tube-rolling too. In great condition (albeit a couple of minor marks) and complete with the original packaging and manual. Quick specs list: Class A operation 3 Line level inputs 30 Watts per channel in Ultralinear mode 18 Watts per channel in Triode mode 4 and 8 ohm output taps Twin valve rectifiers Choke smoothing ALPS potentiometer SCR coupling capacitors Carbon film resistors (for better sound quality) ElectroHarmonix (Russia) 6550 output tubes Very substantial construction including cast metal transformer shrouds During my ownership I’ve added the following: Genuine Puresound A30 valve cage Soundcare® SuperSpike Feet For Electronics (RRP £75) WBT 0703 Cu speaker binding posts (RRP £110) HiFi Tuning Supreme3 400mA x 2 internal fuses (RRP £40 each) HiFi Tuning Supreme 10A fuse (RRP £63) Black control knobs (have the original silver one somewhere in the house) Also included is a boxed pair of matched NOS Svetlana 5C3S rectifiers (1951), and for an additional £50 I’ll add a matched quad of low-hours Tung-Sol 6550 reissues (2005). Looking for £750 ono collected from Chelmsford. Might be able to deliver by hand or meet halfway depending on where you are. Although I have the original packaging, at 25kgs+ I’m very reluctant to send this by courier. Payment options: Cash, faster payment bank transfer, PayPal Family & Friends. Please forgive the terrible photos, I’ll take some better ones at the weekend once I’ve removed it from the rack.
  9. I have no idea what this sounds like and as there are no internal pictures to what standard the output Valve section is . Bitstream DAC's were noted for being smooth so perhaps not the best candidate for a Valve output stage as it may make this just too smooth and mellow . All that aside this is an interesting lot and if it was under £200 then reasonable value as well . https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mission-DAC5-Digital-to-Analog-Converter-with-Valve-Output/283642430862?hash=item420a68058e:g:AYQAAOSwTaFdRzOz
  10. FOR SALE: Glenn Croft "Monday Night Special" valve preamp and power supply. UNIQUE!. A RARE OPPORTUNITY TO ACQUIRE A PIECE OF UK AUDIO HISTORY! This is a one-off, custom built amp by the great Glenn Croft for another giant of the UK audio industry, the turntable designer and founder of Nottingham Analogue, Tom Fletcher. Tom was not only a genius with turntables, but also a passionate music lover, and he used to share that passion with his friends during regular Monday night listening sessions. This amp was built for those sessions, hence the name. It features an enormous valve power supply which is attached to the amplifier unit by a fixed cable (see photos for detail). The result is one of the most exciting, musical and detailed preamps I've ever heard. The stereo imaging is remarkable and you will hear things in the music you've never heard before. Things to be aware of: There are only two functional inputs, despite having three pairs of RCA inputs. The amp was wired that way in order to preserve signal purity. Tom suggested only having one source connected up at any one time as this gave optimum sound quality. The inputs are: Phono stage for MM cartridge Line input The amp was tested and serviced last week by Glenn Croft himself and is in perfect condition. The case of the amp has a couple of small chips from a mishap with the cover alone. (The amp sounds better without the cover so I never had it on). Like any valve amp, the unit does require proper grounding within your system, but once this is achieved, it is extremely quiet. There is a little bit of static when turning the left volume pot, but other than that, the switches are all perfect. The power supply itself hums, which is what you would expect from a transformer of that size, but this is normal and does not transmit to the speakers. If you are into vinyl and valves, or have a really good CD player, and know how to set up a system, I've heard few things that make your records and CDs sound better without going well into 5 figures. I'm only selling because I need the space. As this amp is completely unique, it was very difficult to price. I asked Glenn what he thought would be reasonable and he said that he had no idea, but that were it to be produced today, it could well retail for up to £20,000! I'm asking £6,250, but I will consider any reasonable offers. I could only upload one pic, but I have several more, including of the inside of the amp, which I will happily email on request. Lastly, the delicacy and weight of the unit means it is absolutely COLLECTION ONLY. The two units are connected by an umbilicus which cannot be detached. I'm in Epsom. Please don't ask me any technical questions; I'm not an engineer and there is no manual with this, but if you're seriously interested and you have a technical concern, I'd be happy to pass it on to Glenn.
  11. I'm finally letting my trusted Croft S5 valve power amplifier go. Nice condition, considering it must be getting on for 25 years old. It was serviced by Glenn Croft about 18 months ago. All 8 EL84 power valves were replaced with new JJ Teslas. It’s had less than 100 hours running time on this set. Reasons for sale: upgrading to a new Croft S7 hybrid. I'm looking for c£500. Can discuss collection/or delivery within reason.
  12. The time has come to sell my lovely pair of Tannoy Bradley SL65 speakers (part of Surrey series). These have been my main speakers for a while and I might regret parting with them, but I am being lured by DIY and horns once again - I just don't have the room to keep everything. Despite being a reasonable size they do go quite low so need a reasonably sized room to breath and give off their best. The walnut veneered cabinets are in excellent shape as are the grills (no marks). Drivers were refurbished by Peter at Lockwood Audio about a year and half ago. I also had Deco Audio make me a pair of their ‘Something Solid’ stands to update the looks and improve performance a notch or two. There is a bit of information online about this quite rare model (see the hilberink website) and Audiogold currently have a pair for sale on their website with a few photos (link here, mine are identical). I'd like to get £1600 ovno. I could possibly deliver in the UK mainland for travel costs, to be discussed. Please feel free to pm me for more info and photos.
  13. The tube thin-out is starting, as I’ve simply accumulated way, way too many and it’s time to clear out the workshop. I’ll be listing oddments over the coming days/weeks, but first up: some rectifiers. These all originally came from a closing down repair shop and were in a box marked NOS valves. All test fine, but the place was chaos, all the boxes are old and some aren’t that good. Therefore, assume tubes are good but possibly used. Bear in mind the ‘guarantee paper’ is used to wrap the tube/packing, so always gets scuffed at the ends/sides. All additionally boxed/packaged and sent insured Royal Mail. Collection (Kettering) of course welcome. Pics below (hopefully in the right order) Mullard EZ80 (drop-in for 6V4). BVA logo, yellow print. Halo getter. Date code +3F4: Radiotechnique manufacture, June 63. Tube near mint. Excellent print. Box a little tatty, original sleeve, wrapper and guarantee paper. £22 + £3.50 p&p SOLD Brimar EZ81 (drop-in for 6CA4, CV5072, U709, UU12) BVA logo. Halo getter. No visible date code. Construction looks late 60s. Tube very clean. Print clear but slightly faded. Box and sleeve good. £25 + £3.50 p&p NOW £20 + £3.50 p&p Mullard EZ81 (drop-in for 6CA4, CV5072, U709, UU12) BVA logo, white print. Halo getter. Date code B7K3: Blackburn manufacture, November 67. Tube near mint. Excellent print. Box good, guarantee ‘wrapper’ a little tatty. £28 + £3.50 p&p NOW £22 + £3.50 p&p Mullard EZ81 (drop-in for 6CA4, CV5072, U709, UU12) BVA logo, white print. Halo getter. Date code B7C4: Blackburn manufacture, March 67. Tube near mint. Excellent print. Box a bit tatty, guarantee ‘wrapper’ good. £25 + £3.50 p&p NOW £20 + £3.50 p&p 5Z4G (CV1863) White print. Grey plate, round getter. Black base. Marked KB/FE. Date code 524G, Broad arrow with TM mark (not sure about this one, but I think that’s mid 50s Brimar government spec.). Tube excellent, print clear. Plain box in good condition. £30 + £5 p&p Mullard GZ32 (drop-in for 42KU, 5AQ4, 5V4G, 5Z4G, CV593) BVA logo, white print. Grey plate, oblong getter. Date code B7D: Blackburn, April 67. Tube very clean, print good, box and guarantee wrapper a bit tatty. £70 + £7 p&p SOLD Mullard FW4-500 (drop-in for 45-IU, AU1, CV1264, NU12, RV200/600) BVA logo, white print. Grey plate, square getter. No visible date code, printed Made in Holland. Tube near mint, slight rubbing to print. Tests good, but wrong (and tatty) box. £30 + £7 p&p
  14. Mullard 6SN7GT Valves - In Grey Bottle - New Old Stock - £199 A pair of 'New Old Stock' Mullard 6SN7GT Valves. Boxed and tested. See our website listing here Elite Audio are part of Audio Emotion, so you can buy with confidence Please call us on 0203 397 1119 for more information
  15. I need to have a “spring clean” and there will a number of items coming up for sale shortly ! I have owned this for about seven years, having bought it from Jerry (Jandl100) and it has proved to be an excellent amplifier However changes to my system has meant that it has been "relegated" to spare amplifier status for the last three years and the time has come to move it on to pastures new. As the photographs demonstrate it is in good condition. Power output is 50 watts per channel, hence the name, of course, and it has an auto-bias facility. Current valve complement is 2 x Tesla ECC88 plus 4 x Electro Harmonix 6550. The Teslas now have about 500 hours on them and the 6550s have about 350 hours on them; I purchased both sets second-hand about four years ago. I have a copy of the manual which will be provided but I do not have the original boxes. For your information, I've had some work carried out on it by Deco Audio, Aylesbury, since buying it, including a major service in Jan 2011. Copies of the invoices are available if required. This is a heavy beast and I am not prepared to post/courier it. So, collection preferred from Linslade, Beds, LU7. Could possibly meet up or deliver within a sensible distance, but this will be subject to buyer negotiating with my wife as I don't drive ! I'm looking for £550. http:// http:// http:// http://
  16. London UK: I have two PP amps for sale - DHTs right through and filament bias: 1. PP 26>4P1L>6C4C (6B4G). 2 chassis - signal chassis and PSU chassis. This is a complex build with great sound. It has 8 DC filament supplies and regulators. The outputs are AC. OPT is O-netics. This is a real quality build - everything optimised right through. 2. PP 26>4P1L>2a3. 2 chassis - monobloks. This is a complex build with great sound. It has 8 DC filament supplies and regulators. The outputs are AC. OPT is O-netics. Being laid out as monobloks there is plenty of space in the chassis and this could be converted to PP 300b if desired. Contact me to discuss this further. I'm willing to let either one go for £500 which is price of parts, and clearly a good deal considering how much work has gone into building these. I can supply photos. Andy Contact me on: performanceandmedia@gmail.com. Photos:
  17. Valved Audio Research LS15 line pre-amplifier. Excellent condition. Fully operational remote, though this has some minor signs of wear. Fitted with 4 new output valves about 100 hours of use ago. Also included, if wanted, are single-ended to XLR plugs which allows 'Direct' (see pic) operation from a single-ended source. 'Direct' bypasses some circuitry resulting in even broader sound-stage. Offered at £645
  18. For sale a pair of white label Mullard ECC83/12AX7 and a pair of Sylvania 12AD7 that both came with my Concordant Exhilarant. I don't have a tester but they are low noise and sounding strong. Excellent sounding valves both: the Mullards have great midrange and the Sylvanias more PRaT / kick. Looking for £45 for the Mullards and £65 for the Sylvanias to include UK RMSD which I think is pretty good, however, I'm no expert so please feel free to advise by PM if I've got these prices wildly wrong. Cheers Ian
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