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Found 11 results

  1. Well blow me (that's a turn of phrase not an actual invitation). I found this Walkman tucked away in a cupboard. Checked 'Bay prices and... well, the world's gone retro, clearly! £90-150 in this condition, and I'm talking sold not asking prices. Excellent condition, light scratches consistent with actual normal use (ie on the move), sun fade to rear (photo looks patchy but it's even in real life), no strap, very clean and smart. Bias for normal and metal CrO2 tapes. A couple of specks I noticed on the photos rather than on the device have already been wiped off. £80 inc UK shipping.
  2. Up for sale is my Grey 108 tonearm replica by Karmadon. It is appr. 10 month old and sold incl all accessorries. XLR-connector but can be resoldered to RCA - though there are some obvious benefits with XLR. Litzcable is Cardas. It is a really great arm and combined with the proper cart intended for high mass tonearm is such a pleasure to listen to, despite its chunky looks. Price new is 550 USD plus import tax. This one is for sale for 2800 Danish Kroners, which is equivalent to 375 euro.
  3. FOR M-90/C-90 PLEASE SEE LAST POST IN THIS THREAD Folks, See my post in the Pioneer owners' thread for photos etc. I'm trying to be sensible and rationalise from two systems to one in Kendal where I typically spend less than a quarter of my time. All in top condition with most of the manuals (some original, some downloaded) and some of the boxes. Control and power amps have had caps replaced, tape deck fully serviced and calibrated etc. I can even throw in some interconnects and speaker cable so it's ready to roll - they won't be Nordost. 10/9 EDIT: separate sale of excellent PL-530X t/t has fallen through so it's back in the stack - and looking and sounding lovely! £2,500 for the whole shebang is as low as I can go and already includes every Wam discount imaginable - friends and family discount, top wammer discount, pain-in-the-arse-wammer discount, if-you-don't-cheekily-ask-you-don't-get discount. If you fancy yourself as a budding eBay millionaire you should easily be able to make a few hundred quid by splitting it up; that's your call and I will turn my gaze away. But you really should appreciate the whole package before you do that... The system got a thumbs up from TNT-Audio's Mark Wheeler in his Kegworth report "The diversity of approaches was reflected in the diversity of bandwidth, dynamic range, timbral accuracy and other big obvious qualities. There were surprises, like how good the mainsteam vintage Pioneer system (especially the loudspeakers) sounded". if you're interested in the whole system, PM me ASAP. If you have strong interest in only an item or a subset of the whole caboodle, PM me ASAP (I've already had interest in the turntable); that's a Plan B as I'd rather not split it up but if I have to then I'd rather it went to a few wammers. All the best, Nigel
  4. This - Is the unmistakable face of a man at the beginning of another NS1000 journey. So, these are a little worse for wear, my last ones were actually quite nice before I started in comparison. Someones done some strange stuff with the inputs on the back that I'll have to undo but everything else is tickedyboo. I've got them to temporarily relieve my JBL's as workshop speakers, then it's onwards with pulling them apart. With my first ones I refurb'd the cab's and drivers etc but wanted to leave the crossovers standard so I could experience them as they were meant be, I also was quite conservative with the colour of the cab's keeping their value in mind etc.. It's open season on these ones, I'm going to build them as keepers so they'll be painted however I like and the crossovers will either be the complete upgrade passive Troels design, or active? Which ever way they end up going, it'll be fun and it feels great to be excited by another refurb again! Carl
  5. My vintage Pioneer PD-91 plays red book CDs perfectly. My Arcam CD players also play CD-R but the Pioneer doesn't like them - they sound perfect but the music is interrupted by spikes/stutters a few times a minute and I'm concerned I might do some damage to the player. (FYI: all my CDs have been uploaded via iTunes and are stored as ALAC files on my Synology NAS. When I want to take a copy of a CD I just burn a CD-R from iTunes). I have had a poke around t'interweb and it seems the problem is nothing to do with format (like CD-RW which many older players don't like) but all down to the difference between how commercial CD's are "pressed" and how domestic CD-R's are made. And that ultimately manifests itself as the reflectivity of the surface, specifically lack of reflectivity on CD-R's. Someone has suggested Sony discs might be better than most and I'm happy to give that a shot though I suspect the issue is one of design not brand. I would appreciate any other suggestions. Otherwise I'll just need to stick to playing original CDs on the PD-91. Which is fine, though if I take my vintage rig to Scalford 2018 it would have been nice to have a disc of my favourite tracks rather than swapping discs every time... Thanks, Nigel
  6. Fully functioning Yamaha CR1000 receiver. All switches present and working silently, tuning LEDs and meters working as they should do. It was recently fettled by the excellent John Hollingdale who replaced the output transistors. Sonically it is as it should be, with a gutsy and admirably neutral amplification section, a surprisingly good phono stage and an utterly benchmark tuner. I have laboured the point about condition because these are increasingly rare beasts, sometimes sold on eBay with non-functioning this or that, or front-panel damage. Can be heard driving KEF 105 IIs in my office system near Hungerford in Berkshire. Am also happy to demonstrate via Skype if that helps. I have copies of both user and service manuals. £300.
  7. One pair of GENUINE vintage specification late 50s/early 60s LOWTHER PM6s. I do not refer to them as PM6As, simply because, during this period, PM6s only came supplied with ALNICO magnets. (The low quality ceramic magnets - denoted as -C - only arrived after Hansen and Hopps took over Lowther in the 70s, then wasted its rep. Permit me to draw your attention to the matching serial numbers on the plate and magnet and to the factory location impressed into the brass plate attached to the rear of the magnets. 9705 & 9697. This establishes their true vintage provenance. Now, had I given them to Lowther to have them reconed, I would probably have never seen my original alnico magnets again - again. During the Hansen/Hopps tenure, Lowther were snidely switching the alnicos to ceramics and selling the alnicos to Japanese hifi buffs. I know this from four reliable sources, one of whom was Hansen herself. The first was a Lowther repairer whom I met at my stand at London HiFi show 1999. The second was a report from either the UK Department of Trade, or UK Customs & Excise, prosecuting Lowther for underhanded business practices. The third was when Hansen told me face to face that they were swinging PM6 users to ceramics "koz they wuz better than the alnicos and we wuz quietly flogging the 1950/60 alnicos to the Japs for mega money". This was particularly galling as she had spun the same lie to me 20 years previously when I, unbeknowingly, approached Lowther for a coil replacement for my very original PM6s. The fourth was not knowing any better - I acceeded. Lesson - NEVER DEAL WITH LOWTHER DIRECT. I deal with John Howse at He will carry out your requests to the letter. These PM6s have been reconed - without the lively/screeechy Lowther HIFERRIC on the coils, with 16 ohms alu coils + a replacement for the old chassis with the latest. (The HiFerrics require a really heavily damped room or a really big space. Or they will sound really screechy.) The chassis replacement is a vast improvement on the original, as the cone sits at the top of the chassis, which then sits on top of the cabinet baffle, adding to the openness of the sound. The old chassis had the cone behind the mounting baffle plate which then was screwed to the inside of the baffle, basically making a short tunnel, which resulted in a slight restriction of the sound. This is my last pair of genuine, vintage, unadulterated PM6s. I've owned PM6As, PM6Cs, DX2s, DX3s, DX4s, EX4s and DX55s; all disposed of over the years. I'm selling these because I don't listen to them any more. I don't know why. I have a moderate, diverse music collection but I don't seem to have the time, or the inclination, any more. The older I have become the more I appear to have lost the inclination to just stop and listen to music. So, it is time to find someone who appreciates these fine objects - before I croak it and my widow slings the whole lot in the garbage - as she incessantly instructs me to do now. I also have a Harman Kardon turnatable with the Rabco parallel tracking arm carrying the Technics 205Mk3 cartridge. In addition I have two metres of vinyls which have remained in their packing cases for the past fifteen years. Most have either been played on the Harman - mostly, or previously, on my Beogram 1000; cartridge playing weights 1.25/1.50gm. Some have never even been played, or removed from their sleeves. I've since disposed of my old valve Quads. These PM6s are not priceless since they are probably not unique. However, they must be quite rare. A pair of new PM6As from Lowther, will cost you (depending on the exchange rate) around US$1500.) For that money you are buying a pair of screechy, HIFerric PM6As with later Lowther's quality control. I am looking for something above US$1500. So if you like that original, big, natural sound from the 50s/60s then do get in touch. Should you want to hear them, come and spend a few pleasant days in the Algarve, or I can ship them to you FOC direct. You may have already sussed that I used to deal with Lowther. In 1999 my company, Hornutopia, briefly manufactured our own design horn enclosure known as The Cornucopia, driven by their EX4s (images attached) which was included in his 1999 London HiFi Show, 'best of,' report, by 'noted hornophobe', Ken Kessler, of HiFi News magazine. But that is all history - albeit documented. The Cornucopia enclosures are not really for sale as the wife likes them as furniture. However should someone take a shine to them, they are hand made from Finnish birch 12mm ply, hand veneered from real cherry veneers and lacquered. They've been under wraps for 15 years. They are reversable and can be placed anywhere in a room, in a corner, in a line of furniture. I can confidently claim that there is only one pair of them in the Universe. They were incredibly expensive to make. To view them you would have the added attraction of a few pleasant days in the non-touristic part of Portugal's Algarve.
  8. I've had this Gramophone for years, it previously belonged to an Aunt of my wife's who presumably had it since new, or at least in her family. It is fully working, the turntable goes round at the right speed, and the variable speed control works fine. Arm bearings fine, as is pickup and horn. Lots of spare needles. The cabinet could do with some restoration, and it would then be a lovely piece of working furniture. Collection from Suffolk, as it's clearly not something that could be posted or shipped unless extensively packaged. I really don't want to have to dump it, but I just haven't got the room for it any more. Thanks S.
  9. Battleship build quality and very highly rated sonics - a rare Philips CD 960 in pretty much mint condition. Everything is present and works as it should do. I do not have a remote, but I do have a user manual - and almost all of a second 960 as a kit of parts which I will include as part of the package. Can be seen and heard in my office system near Hungerford or I am happy to demonstrate via Skype. Now SOLD. Thank you Joe from Epsom!
  10. KevinF

    SOLD KEF 105 IIs

    Nice pair of 105 IIs. Cosmetically not 100%, but perfectly acceptable given their age. With a little work the Dalek heads could be resprayed and the cabinets re-stained to make them a complete and unbounded joy to behold. The overload/aiming LEDs in both heads still work. The troublesome original woofers were replaced by the previous owner with recommended Peerless SLS315 units. The mids and tweeters are originals and work perfectly. These have been a pleasant surprise to own. I bought them for use in a "vintage' system in my office but they actually compare very favourably for speed, imaging and linearity with a lot of contemporary designs. They owe me £220, so that's what I'll sell them for. They can be seen and heard at my office near Hungerford or I will demonstrate via Skype.
  11. Now sold For sale a large vintage HIFI stand for £70. The stand is made of walnut, aluminium and glass and is in very good condition for its age. There are a few scratches and dents here and there but bear in mind that the stand is fairly old so it's not in perfect condition. It was probably made in the 1970s and is certainly large enough to accomadate all your precious hifi essentials, plus a small record collection. It has a nice glass door that slides back (like a garage door) to reveal two decent size shelves. Beneath this, there's a door, which folds down and there's neat area to store records. The stand is very solid and extremely heavy, which means it's collection only. Key dimensions. Width = 105cm Depth = 45cm Height (at the highest point) = 91cm. Lowest point = 71cm Got a question? Please get in touch. Please note this item is also being sold elsewhere and may be withdrawn at short notice. Thanks, Josh