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  1. Wanted excellent sounding valve preamp It it has a MM Phono stage then even better. What do you have tucked away in the deepest depths of your cupboards? Thanks Dave
  2. As-per the title really - listened to this on Youtube recently and thought it excellent, Looking for a new & sealed or mint copy. eBay prices seem to start at £60 inc postage so anything under that a bonus.
  3. Hi all, as per title I am looking for an interesting moving coil cartridge, low output not a problem. Looking for something a little different from mainstream choices perhaps, & on the warm side of neutral, nothing cool or analytical, or ultra detailed. It is going on a Origin Live Encounter, which is pretty flexible in regards to cartridge compliance, so what have you got lurking in a draw somewhere? Budget is £700 to £900, maybe a little more if something suitable comes along.
  4. Annoyingly, one of these has popped off my Rotel RA-840BX2 and vanished in the process (the puppy probably ate it!) Anybody got a spare one of these lying around, by any chance? IMG_6071 by Brer Rabbit, on Flickr IMG_6073 by Brer Rabbit, on Flickr IMG_6072 by Brer Rabbit, on Flickr
  5. Hi All, As title suggests, looking for some sexy link cables you may not be using anymore. Shorter lengths preferable (10-20cm). Would like something that looks nice- especially keen on black/red combinations. Pictures welcome, thread or pm/dm. Thanks!
  6. my friend is looking for a Rega P1 or P1+ if anyone has one they are looking to move on cheers Simon
  7. I'm late to the Latin Party, having just realised that there is some absolutely superb stuff out there, but difficult to get hold of. If anyone has a small CD collection that needs moving on or some duplicates I would be very interested. Please pm. Cheers, trumpetman
  8. Before I buy one of these new, does anyone have one lying around that they don't need? Or suggestions for a better alternative would be appreciated too. Thank you!
  9. Hello I have a Naim CD3.5 running into the Aux line of a Nait2 and the volume is way too loud even at 9 o'clock... The obvious solution would be to add a pair of attenuators but they all seem to be built into RCA connectors. Does anyone have a reasonably priced cable (£50 or so) with built in -10/20dB? Alternatively I was thinking of purchasing a Tisbury passive pre-amp but that feels like overkill for what I want to achieve? Thanks
  10. Looking for an NVA Power amp to add to the two I already have for my active system but considering going three way so need an additional amp . A20 , A30, A40 , A50 any of these would be fine suspect anything above this would be more than I want to spend . First and foremost it must be working fine no projects please unless you are talking really little money. Any cosmetic defects would not be an issue with me but would expect that to be reflected in the price .
  11. Hi, I'm looking for a pair of 4 -5m speaker cable that needs to be flat or not massively bulky as I'd like it to go under the carpet and it needs to bend round the fireplace. Willing to spend up to £200, but Ideally a bit less! OR to save me selling these: I have a 5m pair of Studio Connections Reference cable to swap for some good quality (and flattish or bendy!) cable. Thanks, Richard (York)
  12. HI, I'm always looking for a GamuT center speaker serie L Modèle C5 for my L7 (front speakers). Or If you have tried this center speaker, can you give me your opinion (for home theater only) ? i am living in France. I will be also interrested by a L3. Shipping with Ups. Thank you Loïc
  13. In need of a Leema preamp. Pyxis or libre DAC/pre. Help!
  14. Looking for a Linn Classik, any model, any colour, ideal would be a black K/230. Can have a defective CD transport if need be, as is wanted for pre-amping only. TIA!
  15. Hi all, I’m looking for a Classé CP-800 preamp. If you have one you’d like to sell, please let me know! Thanks, Andrew
  16. Hi all I have aquired an iPower unit at 5v with an item and I already have a better ( Allo Shanti) power supply for that . So I would like to use the iPower with a Raspberry Pi 4 8 gb . However the iPower comes with a fixed what looks like 2.5mm plug and I need a female 2.5mm to Male USB C adaptor . I have tried searching but not sure that the ones that are listed are the correct one . I have an adaptor for 2.1mm Female to Male USB C Type which of course does not fit . Firstly does anyone have one of these adaptors rattling around in your spare box , room , garage , mansion ? If so could i be cheeky and ask for it ? If no one has one then can anyone confirm the exact size of the female socket I need is it 2.5mm ? If so then will look to get one ordered from somewhere .
  17. Anyone got one of these? A Sony UHP-H1
  18. Greetings all! I am looking for a pair of Spendor SP9/1 speakers in the best condition possible. I am only interested in Cherry finish pairs. Drop me a pm if you have an offer. Ps. As an alternative I would also consider Spendor 100s and Harbeth 40s.
  19. I am looking for a nice pair or singles of RCA 5692 tubes. Anyone have some they would like to sell ? Please pm with asking price if you have. Thanks.
  20. Hoping to source a decent pair for my Export, the original design that is held on to the plinth with two screws. TIA
  21. Just bought one of these with no lid, I would like an original in good condition please. I can get a new one from True Point Audio, but it's not pink, and not cheap! I'm also aware of PR Displays, again not pink!
  22. Just asking in case anyone has something lying in a box or on a shelf that they meant to get to use but is never going to happen . I have currently a 23 step unit in my homemade passive which is powering my main system in to a Croft 4S . The Krell KSA50 never really got on with passive pre,s and they seemed to not have enough drive to make it work . The Croft on the other hand seems to love a passive pre . I started out with an NVA 20 which is just a simple pot similar to Alps but probably not as good . This sounded very good when I put it in the system yesterday and gave a very natural clean sound . However I knew the homemade unit with the stepped unit would be better and sure enough replacing the NVA today has confirmed that it sounds even better with real aire around instruments and voices letting the Quads deliver just that bit better image . Not a major issue but finding that 23 steps is a little cramped and would like a little more ability to focus the volume were I want it and then use the remote on the MiniDSP DDRC22 D to change for different recording levels from my seat . So if you have anything used or not let me know .
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