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Found 7 results

  1. Yamaha NS-1000 Speakers. Ebony Veneer On Ebay
  2. YAMAHA A-2000a power amplifier On Ebay
  3. Yamaha CD-S2000 SACD Bought from here a while back now and it’s been sat with its just as capable associated Integrated amplifier the AS2000 (also for sale) playing wonderfully with all of my speakers. It’s from my main system, which unfortunately since we’ve moved to be in catchment of a particular school for my daughter has been relegated to my work shop. It’s too big a system for my office and too nice a system for any one of our working rooms. So it’s time for it to go, along with a few other things.. It’s only flaw is there is a grey mark on the top casing around the size of a 50p, it’s been the same since I bought it and it’s not bothered me at all as I sit the amplifier on top, or in a rack it’s not seen. The remote plays up, I’ve used the amplifier remote so it’s not been a fuss of mine, so should you as it's a bargain bought together.. Other than that it’s in perfect condition and works flawlessly. This casing is removable and can be re painted, something that is well within my capability that I’ve simply never been fussed by it enough to do. Sound, I wouldn’t say it has any signature really. It makes me smile with every disk I put in, and I’ve not even tried an SACD disc. I do however run it balanced line between this and the amplifier which does make a marked difference, more so than I gave it credit for. Those not familiar with this player, even if you have no intention of buying it’s worth wasting my time to come down just to press the eject button and experience the “silent servo” loading tray. Pretty special piece of kit. I bought this I’m pretty sure for £525/550, I’d like to see £500 back. I have its box and paperwork. Shipping will add £20/£30 I will sell this and the matching amplifier also pictured for £950 the pair. Under a grand for these two represents incredible sound/pound ratio. I’m located in Droxford SO32, can either ship or arrange personal delivery, collection. It’s available to demo at any time. Thanks - Carl As with my amp post, I can't seem to find any other pics on my flickr account of these two, I know I've taken plenty! So more are available should anyone wish.
  4. SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Yamaha AS2000 Integrated Amplifier Owned this for a while now, this and the matching CD-S2000 (also for sale) are or have been my go to system, running any speaker I’ve thrown at it. My recent house move to a location within school catchment has left me without space, so it’s now at work which isn’t ideal.. I’m looking to offload a lot of my boxes and start something smaller I think. Great high end sounding integrated this with loads of balls and a very transparent signature if any. I absolutely love the pair of them, but they’re sitting idle now and have been for a while. I’m located in Droxford SO32, I will ship (add £30, it’s heavy) or collect, personal drop off can be arranged. Available to demo at any time. Thanks - Carl Strangely I thought I had more pictures than this. I will get more on request however they're fairly well documented online..
  5. Yamaha NS1000M In an ideal world I’d just wrap these up and keep them in a loft somewhere forever, or at least until I move again to a place where I can have them in full time commission. I may well still do. They’re unfortunately at work at the moment, and the more time goes on and I see them in passing the more I’m getting pissed off with having no-where to use them, it annoys me daily so therefore they need to go, out of my site and be used with someone else, it’s going to be a very long time before I can have them playing properly again unless something wonderful happens in the next 12 months. I don’t really want them to go outside of the Wam. These are my fully refurbished (from an aesthetical aspect) NS1000M, there are a handful in this condition in the world. No crossover modifications have been made, I’m not a believer in this until I’m no longer happy with how a speaker performs, and these perform perfectly. They’ve been heard/seen by plenty of wammers. Giant killers, I’ve owned far more speakers than I care to remember, a lot of them form a much higher end point of view than the NS1000 claims to be and these have ended all of them. Incredible sounding speakers, and in this condition sit well in any room. They’re very subtly painted in metallic black, you wouldn’t know until you put them under a particular light, even then it’s ever so subtle. I intentionally used a none high build primer so that the wood grain would come back through. The only electrical mod is the addition of banana binding posts. Here’s the thread link, what you see here is what you get, I photograph everything, even any mistakes made during the rebuild Please read in depth, refurb thread The badges are now stainless steel CNC cut, keeping in fitting with the original speakers. Every driver has been apart and redressed/cleaned and surrounds painted, bolts polished. They aren’t “perfect” so please, don’t be expecting a factory style flawless finish. Don’t get me wrong they’re fantastic but under a microscope you would know you’ve not just left Yamaha with a new set. There are marks on the base from mounting, the rear edges the paint is a little thin in places but not noticeable when set in their position. The metal grills for the drivers could be better if they were brand new, but are looking good. These were also repainted and panel beaten. Price - £1000 Now before anyone gets their knickers in a twist, this isn’t a pair of £600/£700 beaters and I’m not interested in what you bought yours for however many years ago, that’s the price for this set in this condition, if you don’t fancy the price then don’t buy them. I have a set of custom designs stands built for them that I will let go for £100 on top of the asking price of the speakers if met. They’re also documented in the thread linked above and cost approx £300, excellent condition. I will happily demo these, I WILL NOT ship them. I could potentially deliver them or take them to Scalford (payment in advance, I won’t hold them to be let down) collection is advised. Location is Droxford SO32. Thanks - Carl Any questions or information please feel free to get in touch.
  6. I have been using this excellent DVD player, mainly as a transport for a little while now but having just bought a Rega Apollo its now surplas to requirements. I have decided to clear out a few bits of my own (some more hifi bits to come) that I have lying around now and will be donating the procedes to a good cause. As a bit of background, my Brother and his Wife recently came back from a trip to Kenya as part of the Youth Choir Kenya (he is a Paramedic and she is a UK Youth Choir Teacher) to work with mostly orphaned kids as part of a new programme, some bits here if anyone wants some more information: They will be fundraising over the coming months to fund another trip out there, so I have decided to help out. Now, for the DVD player, its a great HDMI 1080P upsampling player, which also plays DVD-A and SACD. It comes with remote but I don't think I have the original box. Its in great condition, in the silver finish with only a few small marks to the rear of the top lid. I would like £55 (I'll cover the UK postage)
  7. There is a good review of the classic Yamaha NS-1000 in the Retro section this months Dec 2016 issue of Hi-Fi Choice. It recommends using strong smooth transistor power for the best results. This perfectly sums up the experience of listening to Baggawires Yams driven by a Modwright KW200. The effortless control, projection and detail it brought completely changed my ideas of how good this speaker can be. It will be interesting to see how the next gen NS-5000 stacks up against the legendary original.