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Found 6 results

  1. Adventures in Dutch and Dutch i have had a pair of D&D 8cs for around 4 months now. I have experimented with them quite a bit and can share a few observations for the interested. Please note I am a home audio enthusiast not a pro so is written very much from that perspective. 1) They will only take a true AES digital input signal. I am not in the pro audio industry and tried to feed them a SPDIF signal simply by using passive cables with the appropriate terminations. This did not work (which Dutch&Dutch were not aware of at the time). I came to the conclusion that it is due to the lower voltage of an SPDIF signal not being picked up by the "slave" speaker over the approx 3m distance to daisychain from one speaker to the other via the thru input on the "master" as required for an AES signal. Dutch&Dutch support were very helpful and came up with some solutions. I have ended up going for an active convertor. I have seen that some are contemplating buying some serious (expensive) kit in order to feed them an AES signal. In my view not necessary- I use an inexpensive broadcast quality SPDIF convertor made by Murraypro suggested by Martin from Vortexbox. I believe he now has a solution where you can feed the speakers AES directly from one of his servers. Martin is a good guy and his gear is great for those that want a single source streaming system. Using this setup there is no need for Roon (and lots of processing aka degradation in sound) so the Roon delay is not an issue for me. Also allows to play other sources such as Qobuz, Spotify, Tidal, Internet radio- a brilliant bit of kit and no need for a streamer. There is no way to play audio over the ethernet input into the speakers at present without Roon (when it becomes available) however, I think because the D&Ds are not UPnP they will not appear as a player on a local area network. 2) Whilst I was getting the digital side of things sorted I used analogue connections from a preamp. If using this solution I would recommend that the speakers are used as intended and connect each one to your local network. This will allow you to set the speaker volume to 0db and use your preamp for volume attenuation if desired. Dutch and Dutch recommend using fixed volume out from the preamp and attenuating the volume in the speakers. This requires you to use their Lanspeaker app which is not as convenient as using a remote but otherwise works well. I thought the sound was best with attenuation in the speaker. 3) Using a digital feed was FAR superior to analogue in my setup (Cyrus StreamXP2Qx used as streamer/DAC/preamp). The D&Ds will only play files up to 96khz at present so don't bother trying to play 192 files. 4) interestingly changing various cables made a difference. The inbuilt DACs are clearly not cable agnostic. I upgraded the power cables and also part of the digital feed which both improved (changed) the sound. 5) Changing the stands made a big change in the sound. I switched to some sturdier Custom Design stands on which the D&Ds are rock solid- much improved bass and separation. 6) I am experimenting with speaker position. Surprisingly I found them quite sensitive to positioning. Even a small change in toe-in made a big difference in imaging (I listen at around 12ft with the speakers 12ft apart and close to the front wall). 7) Am currently also playing around with room correction although I have to say they sound great without. 8) They sound brilliant when setup correctly. I have A-B'd with Kii3s and whilst the Kiis did sound more detailed they also had more of a digital grain at the high freqs. The bass is better on the D&Ds and I think their timbre is more natural. Actually having listened to them for a while the detail is there but it seems less obvious due to more robust lower freqs. Overriding impression is one of unflappable headroom. They do not flatter poor recordings however. My 2ps worth.
  2. Hi, I currently have a build going on of a BiAmping box and need a little help. It's basically four separate power amps in one conventional-size enclosure with nice big heat-sinks. It also has: - Separate regulated power supplies for L & R - Speaker DC offset protection for both tweeter and woofers - Soft start - no speaker thump Each power amp is about 100w and is of my own design, but is based on tried and tested long-tail-pair / three-stage architecture, solid-state drivers and is perfectly stable and not prone to oscillation. Very good damping factor etc. DC offset is tuneable down to a few millivolts. I would love to buddy up with someone who owns or has built a speaker setup with an active crossover in it; two-way prefereably, but I wouldn't rule out trying a tri-amping setup at some stage. I would like to bring this to Kegworth either this or next year, so if this sounds up anyone's street or you know anyone who would like to get involved with something like this, then let me know. I'm based in North-Surrey / South-London, if that helps. Thanks all, NAP.
  3. Hi please can you folk help me need to buy a pair of active speakers to connect to a turntable for a simple set up- as a present. But I don't know enough to make an informed choice. What would you recommend? What's best between those two? Would they good for what I need? Roth Oli Powa-5 Or the bigger Edifier studio 7 R2700 cheers!
  4. Hello please can you help me picking the right speakers - I'm trying to put together a simple /budget set up for my son, but I lack knowledge. I bought a AudioTechnica turntable LP60 and am on the lookout for speakers. Benn told to go for active speakers to avoid having to shop for an amp too and save space. The set up goes in a medium-sized room, about 18sq meters. Do you have any recommendation? What would be better between: Samson Resolv 50a active 70 watts bi-amplified studio monitor Edifier Studio 7 R2700 Alexis M1 active 320 USB powered studio monitor Or none of these? Any help much appreciated!!! Cheers
  5. Selling this set up as I'm going down a different route, again, as I'm relocating my office to a small box bedroom whilst the extension/building work happens downstairs This is a superb active set-up IMO, superb for a desktop system or simple active system. The speakers are absolutely superb, really been very impressed with them, sound great on isolation blocks and even better on heavy stands! The Presonus Audiobox iOne is a great interface and is USB fed/powered, so ideal to go between a USB/PC/Mac source and the speakers Links: JBL's - Presonus - I both this set-up and cables (1/4" TRS cables) brand new a few months back; they've been on my desk and never moved, they're literally as new! Come fully boxed etc... Selling ideally as a package, shipping is included - £235 via bank transfer Speakers on their own (inc cables): £180 inc shipping (2 separate boxes, £10 each to send due to size/weight) Presonus on its own: £55 inc postage Sensible offers considered though! Pics:
  6. I am looking for a pair of active speakers that are relatively small and lightweight that can be transported via carry-on roller airplane cabin luggage. I prefer speakers that can be placed on a shelf rather than stand mount, so no rear port designs. An example would be Audioengine or Genelec 8010 or 8020s. I had KEF LS50s which I like but they are too big and heavy to transport when we move to Laos in August. The front end to the speakers will be a JRiver Win 10 PC and a EE Minimax mk1 DAC. Absolute max budget is £500 but would prefer to spend much less, what do you have?