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Found 16 results

  1. my son (who's got a nice little system of my hand-me-downs at Uni ) wants to dip his toes into the world of cassette decks.. Can anyone recommend any makes/models to keep an eye out for (bearing in mind this is on a students budget)?? I have no idea so all help appreciated.. festive thanks in advance neil
  2. Good evening all, Wonder if I could ask for some recommendations, please. I've recently bought the Audiolab 6000a and the accompanying 6000cdt. I've been running it through some KEF R100s - which are great little speakers - but I need a bit more scale, insight and separation in a 4.5 metre squared room. Has any body got any recommendations to add to an audition list. As I said, room is 4.5 x 4.5 metres and well-furnished. I listen mostly to classical, chamber, choral and acoustic music so booming bass is not required. A natural, airy and neutral tone is. I like to hear every instrument and voice in its own well-defined space but without harsh metallic highs. I've tried floorstanders but the room simply isn't big enough or suitable enough. Initial thoughts are: KEF LS50, Dali Opticon 2, B & W 606 Any other suggestions or views on the above are very welcome. Thanks in advance for your help.
  3. Hi all, Our team at Elite has grown and we welcome from part-time to full-time, Rachael who works in accounts. Never one to shy from rolling up her sleeves and trying something new, she will also be assisting with sales, as her knowledge and love of hi-fi has grown since joining the team. David joins us full-time in sales. He's passionate about hi-fi, and helping customers getting the absolute best from their system; with friendly, honest customer service at the heart of everything he does. As part of the expansion, David will be taking the time out to interact with all the forum users to offer advice, and naturally a bit of banter on, we hope, a daily basis. As always if there's anything the team at Elite Audio can assist with, please don't hesitate to get in touch.
  4. Hi guys, I've come to the forum for advice after recommendations of being one of the best UK hifi/audio forums around. I'm finally looking to join the vinyl gang, it's been a long time coming. A lot of gear has changed since I first did some research on this so I'm brushing up on what might be some decent entry hardware. My budget is about £500. My mind is in two at the moment, I don't need to fill an auditorium, just an average 5x5 size room but I do want it to be a very unobtrusive, small footprint system. Here's what I've pieced together for best quality with little footprint: Pro-Ject Audio Systems Primary Phono USB Hi-Fi Turntable £228 Q Acoustics 3020 Compact Bookshelf Speaker £179 Total £407 What I'm looking for is an amp to suit, I don't have a lot of cash left over so I've been looking at mini T amps. The Topping TP23 gets a mention in THIS article on The Master Switch. They actually recommend the Orb Audio Mini-T but it's not available in the UK or costly to ship. It will save me a lot of cash and seems to get a good wrap but its about the only recommendation I can find on it which is why I'm coming to you. What are your thoughts on cheap amps for this setup, keeping in mind the smallest footprint possible? Or Should I go the ultra-compact route, forget the amp and speakers and get a pair of Audioengine A2+ Speakers? And upgrade later in life when I want more from my vinyl. All thoughts welcome.
  5. I have just acquired a sKale for my Aro but no notes Googled it and found a set-up clip on U-tube, All seems straightforward until the guy says to add .2 gm to the manufacturers'' rec tracking weight??? There is no mention of this in my Aro owners manual so is this peculiar to the sKale or what > Any advice welcomed
  6. Hi What s best format to rip to? My aim is to rip all my CD's and future purchases to a NAS drive and have a go at streaming. BUT I don't want to compromise SQ. So is it, Flac, lossless, or what? Also best software to do the rip with on a MAC. Cheers
  7. Hi All, I'm in the hunt for 3-way (or just 3 drive units design) speakers. Looking for suggestions of speakers than can be had for no more than £400 second hand that will have a decently designed, sturdy cabinets and good drive units. Specs wise I'd like them to go down to 40 Hz in room so nothing massive is necessary but it's likely they will be floorstanders. If they were to go lower not a problem. I've so far considered a number of speakers but would rather not suggest any at this point to see what you come up with. There's lots out there and it certainly doesn't make it easy. Three pairs of speaker terminals would be a bonus as well as ribbon tweeters. I will be turning them active and will have moderate dsp so quality of drive units is of paramount importance. Original voicing not so much. They will be going into a small room and playing at low-moderate volume but with dsp I belive I cannot go too big. Amplification will be decided once the choice of speakers has been made. I don't have unreasonable expectations but at the same time know that spending circa £500 used usually get a lovely pair of speakers. Also would consider a 4 way (4 drive) designs but not 2. Anything considered and no wrong answers Thanks
  8. Hi all,I hope you can assist me & offer some advice. I am looking to upgrade my current system, my set up is:-Amp: Cyrus IIIiTurntable: Rega RP1 (standard with Carbon stylus).Speakers: B&W CDM1 SEI also hook up a Nakamichi Cassette Deck 2 and an Astell & Kern AK70 for lossless digital on occasion.I've had the amp & speakers since about 1997/8 if I recall and these have been teamed up with CD transport plus DAC and iPods etc over the years. After years of collecting records, 3 years ago I finally got myself a turntable, vinyl is now my main format.I've been very happy with the amp & speakers over the years but feel it's about time to upgrade. While in Audio-T recently for a Linn LP12 demo/tease I mentioned that I would perhaps be looking at the Rega P3 as a system upgrade. The chap in the store enquired as to my system and suggested that I upgrade either the amp or perhaps the speakers first as they are much older and things have moved on a lot. He believed that I'd see a real improvement from the RP1 with newer amp/speakers.Realistically I have £600-£800 for speakers or £800-£1000 at a push for an amp as a budget. I'd be upgrading just the one component with this budget to get the best for my money. I'll upgrade the other components incrementally over the next year or so. My questions is.. Do you agree with the Audio-T advice to choose amp or speakers or should I upgrade the turntable? If so, what should I replace first, amp or speakers and do you have any suggestions or recommendations with my budget in mind?My research (if you can call it that) so far has steered me in the direction of: for amps, the Rega Elex-R (£898) and also the Music Fidelity M3si (£899 ex-demo) as they both have built in phono stage and seem to have good reviews (Rega slightly better on reviews). Regards the speakers I had my eye on either the Dynaudio Emit M20 (£599) or perhaps the KEF LS50 (£800).Thanks for reading and I hope it all made sense Adam
  9. Looking for a bit of advice and opinion I sat listening to music last night and the little Royd's seemed to be struggling, I missed what my big Kef 104/2's do. So I wheeled them back into the living room. They give so much more than the Royd's which you would expect. I really like what they do, here comes the but. But firing across the lounge there is just a bit of flab in the bass and it just overpowers everything else that is happening, it just draws your ear to that bottom end all the time. What I would like is everything the Kef's do without the bass dominating but still there, if that makes sense. Room is about 24 foot by 12 foot, speakers firing across the 12 foot. I know the Kef's sound great firing down the 24 foot length but the seating in the room just doesn't work that way. Amp is the Gamma 18w 211 and that isn't changing so they would need to work with this amp. any ideas for set up or alternative speakers?
  10. I have acquired a cheap DAC that has had a few good reviews around the forums. It is a Xiang Sheng 01bii. I think Sera used one very similar at Scalford. It has an RCA coax input, a usb input and a optical input. I want to experiment with digital streaming and playing files from my wireless hard drive storage but I'm not sure how to connect it all up or control it. I would like it to work wirelessly as hiding wires is not easy in my room. How can I connect it to Spotify type Internet streaming, and my wireless hard drive and control from iPad? Thanks in advance for any help.
  11. Hi I am considering some tube updates for my amp and or phono stage. A couple of questions. 1. When putting in brand new tubes is there anything to consider? (As in when turning on for the first time, or a running in procedure, or the best way to handle them) 2. How long does it take for them to run in on average? 3. Any opinion on if new valves in the phono stage or amplifier would yield the best improvement in sound quality? Thanks
  12. Just got Alphason HR100S MCS back from AO having had new cart tags fitted and a clean bill of health declared. I've spent the evening fitting it to my Acoustic Signature Challenger. Since I've never owned one of these before I was wondering if any of you have experience of this tonearm and in particular any cartridges you've had that were a particularly good match with it. Bandit Pilot has told me he liked it with a Benz Micro Ace SL, so that's one, any other opinions or successes would be appreciated. thanks
  13. Eyup Thought about checking alignment of cart used on my ittok with my brand new Dr frieckert protractor. Just to check it as I didn't set that up in the first place and I'm interested to see how accurate it is. Now most other tonearms I've experienced have a centre point marked on the bearing gimble or an oblivious pivot point centre to set the protractors pointer to. The ittok doesn't seem to have that. Anyone got any idea other than eyeing it up, which wouldn't be particularly accurate. It all sound good so not particularly worried just thought I'd check its alignment to be sure all is well, it will be going to Scalford so starting to prepare for my first time exhibiting.
  14. Hi I'm formulating a plan for a layered plywood plinth for a 401 I've recently purchased. What is the best glue to glue the layers together with? Any advice on layered plinths appreciated. I plan on veneering it, so any advice there is appreciated too as I've never done anything like this before. Thanks
  15. Hi I am currently using Kef reference 104/2 speakers. I recently rebuilt the tweeters with new ferrofluid and I like what the Kef's do. I have recently seen a pair of super tweeters for sale and it made me wonder if they could add something to improve the sound quality and presentation of my system. In your opinion would they make an improvement or not? And Would super tweeters add to the load on the amplifier? Thanks
  16. Hi all I've got an AudioMods series V micrometer tonearm on my TT. At my bake off at the weekend the stylus kept catching on the vinyl as the arm lift was used, I hadn't noticed that happen before. last night while playing records I realised the arm lift was not staying locked at the top of its stroke. So as soon as you lift the arm using the arm lift it starts going back down and therefore gives no time to que up at the start of a record or swing it back safely at the end. Can this be fixed easily or is it a trip back to audiomods?