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akurate exakt

  1. P

    Upgrade streamer with Exaktbox-I with Katalyst

    Hi, I’m very content with my setup; an Akurate exakt dsm, Akurate exaktbox-I and Majik 140’s. If I stretch my financials an upgrade at the front end is possible. I’m doubtful because the dac is of Akurate level because of the Exaktbox. I’m familiar with linn’s philosophy of course but hesitant...
  2. D

    Do you find Linn Akurate Exakt sounds a bit too bright for comfort?

    I have a Linn Klimax LP12 with Akurate Exaktbox, Akurate Exakt DSM and Akurate 4200 power amp with Kudos Super 20A speakers in active mode.  The sound quality is amazing for small groups including pop, rock and jazz but, for classical in particular, I find the treble too bright for comfort much...
  3. Fosfocreatina

    ADSM and Panasonic OledTV ARC problem

    Hello! I recently bought a fabulous Panasonic Oled TV from the 2019 lineup (TX-65GZ1500) to match my Akurate Exaxt DSM with the sorround nodule. I’m very satisfied with the system but the ARC doesn’t work.  The CEC flag on the AEDSM is ON but the TV can’t pair with the Linn and no sound is...
  4. Fosfocreatina

    Low Voltage & Akurate Exakt

    Here in Milan in these days the extreme heat is causing electricity problems: normally in my apartment I have 228 to 230 Volts but in the last days I had no more than 210-215 Volts and my Akurate turned off alone (and restarted)  3-4 times while I was watching a movie. 2 times happens also that...
  5. Fosfocreatina

    AppleTV4K and Linn HDMI board problems

    Hi ! I have an Akurate Exakt with HDMI 2.0 where I connect: Appletv4K, Nvidia Shield and Sky Q and a LG Oled B7 65”. Sky Q works fine but Atv4k (set to 4K and Dolby Vision or HDR) and Nvidia Shield (set to 4K, 12 bit and 4.2.2) have vision problems (coloured pixels on black area; the...