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  1. T

    Wanted WANTED - Mark Levinson 33 or 33H Amplifiers

    Looking for a set of these wonderful amps! Missed out on an immaculate pair of 33Hs last year that came with original shipping crates etc for £7k If anyone is tempted to part with theirs, please do get in touch!
  2. rabski

    NVA Review: P50SA, S150 and M300 amplifiers

    A complete NVA amplifier system… P50SA MKII preamplifier, S150 power amplifier, M300 monoblock power amplifiers A HiFi WigWam review by Richard Bowles All together now… NVA is something of a ‘boutique’ brand, known for its founder’s somewhat eccentric approach to design. A comment that can...
  3. TheFlash

    SOLD: excellent Pioneer Urushi M-90/C-90 - serious offers please

    FOR M-90/C-90 PLEASE SEE LAST POST IN THIS THREAD Folks, See my post in the Pioneer owners' thread for photos etc. I'm trying to be sensible and rationalise from two systems to one in Kendal where I typically spend less than a quarter of my time. All in top condition with most of the manuals...
  4. Thetiminator

    Musical Fidelity Titan Reference Power Amplifiers

    A house move means my Boulder, Titan, Revel Salon system is going to be relegated to the TV room, so of course it doesn't warrant keeping. Only c.20 amplifiers ever made they are a collectors piece, I haven't seen a set for sale before. I bought the amps power amps c.5 years ago as an open box...