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  1. robbie010

    FS/SWAP: Magna Mano I2S Bridge / Streamer

    Up for grabs here is a fantastic R-pi based bridge / streamer from Magna HiFi. I used this as my digital front end, along with my Audio GD ladder DAC that is for sale separately and the results were fantastic. Being R-pi based it can easily be setup using your OS of choice, connections include...
  2. robbie010

    FS: Auralic Altair Network Streamer / DAC / Preamp

    Now surplus to requirements, I only bought this a few months back so it is in excellent condition and comes fully boxed with all accessories and manuals. I will also include a custom set of cables that I made for installing an internal solid state hard drive, making this great little device a...
  3. D

    Mana Acoustics 5 Amp Stand

    For Sale - Mana Acoustics 5 Amp Stand (Very Good Condition) It is with some regret that I list this wonderful 5 shelf hi-fi rack. Some might suggest that Mana Acoustics were the Rolls Royce of equipment support manufacturers and their equipment now seems to be gaining in value as it becomes...
  4. C

    Hanss Acoustics Turntable

    I have for sale my lovely Hanss Acoustics T-20 turntable. It can accommodate two different tone arms a Rega style and also  a board for an SME arm. Included in the sale is a Michell tone arm and a Ortofon Red cartridge to get you up and running. It is boxed in it's original packaging but this...