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border patrol

  1. Vinylistas

    SOLD Border Patrol SE300 Single Ended 300b Valve Amplifier

    My Border Patrol SE300 power amp with external power supply for sale. Low gain version. Sounds better than my previously owned BP S10 amp tbh. Very good condition. Serviced recently. Selling as have too many amps. Collection from SE London. Price is £SOLD.
  2. Vinylistas

    SOLD Border Patrol S10 EXD 300b Single Ended Dual Mono Amplifier REDUCED!

    Reducing count of hifi gear at home. Flagship Border Patrol S10 EXD 300b single ended power amplifier for sale. Has EXD mods: copper chassis, deep cryo output and interstage trasformers, other internal parts upgrades. Two external power supplies with NOS Mullard valves. Optional Dact stepped...
  3. M

    R2R NOS DAC and DDC Mini-Bakeoff

    Introduction Would love to have opened this up, but I only have a small living room. Visited by Metatron and George47 yesterday, together with George's AudioNote (AN) 2.1, an AN4.1 he is currently sheltering and the Matrix SPDIF 2 that he recently reviewed. I bought a Schiit Eitr and so we...