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computer audio

  1. andreweast

    Sonicweld Diverter 24/96 USB - SPDIF Converter

    The original Sonicweld Diverter in a pure slab of beautifully crafted aluminium. This is the state of the art USB converter; widely considered to be the best ever. £430 plus postage or pick up/handover in SE London/Central London.I use an Audio Synthesis DAX Discrete, with a specially modified...
  2. mike chadwick

    Uptone Audio USB Regen

    Selling my Uptone Audio USB regen as no longer required. Purchased it direct from Uptone October 2015, now selling for $175. Shipping to the UK added around 20% so ended up paying over $200. This is complete with a US lead (new owner will need to supply UK/EU kettle lead) as per the Kit contents...
  3. westlower44

    Music controller questions...?

    Hi was thinking to use on a Rpi 3 /  HIFIBerry Digi + pro (with a nice Linear power supply) feeding into my (posh) USB/SPDIF converter and on to my (posh) DAC I want to play music from my NAS drive (synology) and TIDAL High Res Streaming... Which controller would anyone suggest? I've looked...
  4. PuritéAudio

    Archimago on 'streamers'

    The always entertaining Archimago on 'streamers', http://archimago.blogspot.co.uk/2016/08/musings-do-audiophile-computer-based.html Keith