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Found 12 results

  1. Consisting of SOLD: - 1x Croft Acoustics "Micro 25R plus SE" line Pre Amplifier (NP: 1100.- GBP) o Upgrades made from R to RS spec: The line stage uses a slightly different circuit and a different valve and some better parts The power supply uses better capacitors. o Single volume pot, equipped with "Khozmo Stepped attenuators" o Bernhard Rietschel on the Croft Micro 25R in AUDIO 4/2012 "Fine, fluid and transparent musical preamplifier..." o All preamps are designed with tubes, without semiconductors. The Croft amplifiers are among the most musical amplifiers you can get for this price and far beyond! o Dimensions: W - 405mm D - 270 mm H - 70mm Valve compliance: 3 x ECC83 Frequency Response: Line 0.1 Hz - 200 kHz -1dB into 100 k Sensitivity: Line 150 mV rms for 0.5V Input Impedance: Line 100 k Output impedance: < 300 Ω Power consumption: 16 W - 2x Croft Acoustics "Series 7 R plus" Stereo Power Amplifier (NP: 1500.- GBP each) o Upgrades made from 7R to 7R mono spec: These are two stereo amplifiers 7R which have been upgraded to the circuit and component quality of the 7R mono. But the standard 7R-stereo toroidal transformer is used. Quote from Glen "the input circuit from the 7R monos and better resistors and capacitors along the same lines as the pre-amp." o Bernhard Rietschel on the Croft Series 7R power amp in AUDIO 4/2012 "Fine, fluid and transparent musical preamplifier..." o All power amplifiers designed as hybrids with driver tube in the input and MOSFETs in the output without feedback over all. The Croft amplifiers are among the most musical amplifiers you can get for this price and far beyond! o Dimensions: W - 405mm D - 270 mm H - 70mm Valve compliment: 1 x ECC83 Frequency Response: 0.15 Hz - 150kHz -1 dB Sensitivity: 0.5V rms for 45W output @ 8Ω Input Impedance: 470 kΩ Power Output: 45 W rms @ 8Ω 50 W rms @ 4Ω 50-55 Watt RMS into 8 ohm Power Consumption: 20 W idle 240 W max / 75 Watt RMS into 4 ohm 300VA torroidal power supply SOLD: - 1x Hypex UcD400 HG with SMPS400A400 Stereo Power Amplifier o Power: 2x 400W @ (8Ω) / 2x 240W @ (4Ω) OpAmp: LM4562 Current limit: @ 20A SMPS: 2x SMPS400A400 o Case: Modu Galaxy Maggiorato o Parts: Hirschmann Speaker Ports (ala Exposure) Neutrik connector: PowerCon; RCA - Invoices, if available. - Each Pre/ Pow Amp will be delivered with a massive / High End ca. 1,5m Mains Schuko - ICE (Hypex: PowerCon) cable Prices: Croft Acoustics "Series 7 R plus" Stereo Power Amplifier -> 1000 EUR each Each plus postage insured DHL shipping within EU (& GB) And as always: Private sale, warranty and exchange excluded.
  2. £550 now £500 or swaps considered - headphones. I am located in Yeovil, Somerset. Back up for sale Croft 5c power amplifier. 100% collection only, no courier collection, I don't have any boxes. I will not let the buyer take it away without a listen. I can provide tea and biscuits. Please see links to sales threads, I bought it from pink fish media. it's been modified to be auto bias, so you can change the valves without any adjustment. All info on the thread. I have bought a 300b 8watt amp, and it suits my new horn speaks better, and just don't need 2 amps I have updated with 4 tad el84s about £60 for 4. Any more pics or info req please let me know.
  3. Lovely Glenn Croft valve amp 5c for sale. Would consider swaps, mc phono stage, turntables, most hifi related stuff tbh. I would rather this was collected due to delicacy, I don't have any boxes. and you can have a listen then as well. Please see links to sales threads. This amp has been correctly earthed, some were not well done, and it's been modified to be auto bias. All info on the thread. I have bought a 300b 8watt amp, and it suits my new horn speaks better, and just don't need 2 amps 🤔 I have modded it slightly with some new phono sockets, as the old were too tarnished I have updated with 4 tad el84s about £60 for 4. £450 FIRM Collection only. Ps. I have a michell argo pre that I could let go with it. Ask for info, pics price etc. Thanks for looking.
  4. I'm finally letting my trusted Croft S5 valve power amplifier go. Nice condition, considering it must be getting on for 25 years old. It was serviced by Glenn Croft about 18 months ago. All 8 EL84 power valves were replaced with new JJ Teslas. It’s had less than 100 hours running time on this set. Reasons for sale: upgrading to a new Croft S7 hybrid. I'm looking for c£500. Can discuss collection/or delivery within reason.
  5. With much regret, have decided to part with my Croft set-up owing to downsizing and the move to an integrated. The amps, which are in immaculate condition, comprise a 25R line-only pre-amp, and two 7R mono power amps. They have not been used very intensively, and come from a no-smoking, pet and child-free house. They are nearly 4 years old, and were purchased from Divine Audio (25R £1,000, 7R monos £2,800 the pair). See They were recently serviced and upgraded by Glenn Croft with upgraded transformers and valves; original and other valves available. (As you may know, Glenn is a real gent and very helpful on advice, upgrades, etc. – contactable via email – see the Croft website: He builds all his amplifiers personally by hand – no PCBs but point-to-point soldering, top-notch components, a purist approach to amplification: truly a case of ‘less is more’. Single volume controls and remote controls can be retro-fitted via Audioflair As can a phono stage to the 25R, or the separate Croft phono amp (both incredible value) can be used in conjunction with the 25R. Most Croft aficionados prefer the twin volume pots which provide more control with less complication. The R versions have upgraded components and regulated power supplies; the quality of the connectors for example is superb. These amplifiers are sonically the best I’ve owned: the 25R is a wonderful pre-amp which I used originally with the 7R stereo power which was very impressive, then upgraded to the top-of-the-range 7R monos which produced an even wider, deeper soundstage, phenomenal detail without losing the wonderful fluid, organic mesmerising musicality associated with Croft. They seem very powerful with great grip and control, and have driven any speaker I have used with them with ease. They all have original packaging. Four the three amplifiers I’m asking £2,350, or separately for the 7R monos £1,750 and for the 25R £750. Collection (and audition) in Liverpool, or can arrange courier etc at cost. May be able to deliver or meet within reasonable distance. Plenty regarding Croft on forums such as Art of Sound or PFM as well as some good threads on the WAM. There is also a very interesting review of the basic Croft integrated on Stereophile - which I have in a second system - and it is as good as the review says, but the 25R/7R combination is on another level as you'd expect. See: and
  6. My system has some nice (to my ears) pieces of kit in it, including an Audio Note DAC 0.1x, a Croft Micro 25 preamp, a modified Croft Series 7 power amp producing around 90W/channel, and a pair of Russell K Red 150 loudspeakers. In between are a Chord Shawline digital coax cable, some Atlas Navigator interconnects, and some single-wired Atlas Hyper 3.0 speaker cable. At “normal” listening levels, I really enjoy the sound produced – it’s well-timed, neutral, musical, detailed without being too analytical, impactful, full of emotion, rock'n'roll and boogie factor etc. etc. The newly acquired AN DAC has added an extra something and I just sit and listen to the music without pondering whether the source is my Thorens turntable or my Bluesound Vault 2 etc. It’s that good. However, last weekend we had some friends round and I got an opportunity to turn the volume up. What I worked out is that, when playing loud, the sound just isn’t as good. It loses detail and is just a bit less enjoyable. What I’m aware of is that, with an 87db 1 watt 1 Metre sensitivity, my Red 150 speakers aren’t as efficient as some and that, therefore, they might not be the best match for my Croft power amp and vice versa. However, since I spent so much time choosing the Red 150s, and since they sound gorgeous at more relaxed volumes, I’m pondering whether or not the right thing to do would be to change my power amp for something more powerful. The challenges that cross my mind are whether or not the blame does lie with the power amp, and whether or not I’ll be able to find a power amp that’s a good match for my Croft Micro 25. I’m reluctant to consider replacing the Micro 25 because it’s a great sounding pre with a fabulous phono stage and also because it’s been modified to have a mono switch plus a remote control driving a single, motorised volume control. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. For instance, is the Croft Series 7 clipping? Is there anyone who uses a Croft preamp with a non-Croft power amp? Would something like a Chord SPM 1000B 200w power amplifier (there’s one on ebay right now) be a good match? Has anyone gotten a more potent power amp modification from Glenn Croft? Could it be the speakers? Am I expecting too much?
  7. Croft 25R pre-amp in excellent condition, boxed. £805 posted. This is a fully functional preamp with the superb on-board phono stage. The line stage has the cathode follower circuit designed for use with the 12BH7 (or E80CC and ECC99) valves. The helps for driving power amps with lower impedance, and the 12BH7A seems to have greater clarity than the older version with ECC83s. The pre-amp will be supplied with the original unbranded 12BH7 valve and a Westinghouse 1958 black plate D getter 12BH7. If you want more choices of 12BH7A to try, I can supply them for additional cost. The phono stage will be supplied with the standard issue JJ ECC83s. This is very hard to beat as phono stage for MM or MI. I have used this with a Grado Wood Body in the Reference range, and it is wonderful. You can of course use the phono stage for MC carts with a SUT. I am consdering selling my Hashimoto HM-3 SUT, so if you are interested in the two together, we could discuss this. It's worth noting that this can have a remote fitted at extra cost if it's required. A friend of mine had one fitted and it worked very nicely. This involves disabling one of the dual mono pots so that a single pot is used.
  8. Hello Looking for NOS Tesla E83CC and/or Mullard M8137 to roll the tubes in my Croft Charisma Elite. Anyone??
  9. 1. Croft Micro 25 Preamp with superb built in phono stage. SOLD Postage will be approx £22 to the UK, and I'm guessing about £34 to EU. This has been fitted with the better volume and selector knobs from the 25R and has some extra internal damping fitted. The overall cosmetic condition is good but not spotless; there are some small marks on the top case, but nothing to really distract from the unassuming blankness of the Croft aesthetic. The sound is a superbly judged mix of richness, clarity and openness. The 25 is a little bit more mid-range focused than the 25R, and some listeners prefer this. It is wonderful with vocal and instrumental texture but it also excels at a realistic sense of space. 2. Series 5 valve power amp. SOLD
  10. Selling my Croft due to a recent upgrade I am the original owner purchased new by me , Condition is 9.5 out of 10 , can't say its as new because I have used it This one has the built in MM phone stage , is black and has the better black knobs Cost me £400 , selling for £300 , no offers on this price please as it a 25% discount on new Could post photos if needed but can't be arsed at the moment I have the original box and internal packaging so would be willing to ship this UK ONLY or you are welcome to collect and I can show you it working
  11. I am advertising the following preamp on behalf of a friend:- Croft series 25RS line stage preamp with power supply, interconnect cable and boxes. This is the audiophile range-topper built by Glenn. He has also enhanced the model further by using separate valves for each channel, improved circuitry, Rike paper-in-oil caps, improved resistors and octal 6SL7GT triodes. The amp is 2 years old and in mint condition. A demo at the amp's home in Gloucestershire is possible. The cost of the standard RS unit is £2800 new. Looking for £1600. Please send me your email address if you need photographs. Sending by courier would also be possible, but it will need to be two boxes. Thanks Roy
  12. Wanted : Croft Mico 25 Basic preamp with the MM phono stage. Ideally with reduced gain settings to work with my Quad 606 but it's not a necessity. Im in Toronto, Canada. Hopefully shipping would be reasonable