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  1. Elite Audio

    New External Power Supply Upgrade From Densen

    The cleverly named 1NRG (One Energy) is Densen’s latest external power supply unit. The component offers a significant upgrade to hi-fi systems, with a dynamic musical output. Densen have been developing and exclusively using their own power supply capacitors for several years. The 1NRG has...
  2. Elite Audio

    The New Densen B-250CAST Reference Pre-Amplifier

    Densen have unveiled an upgrade to their renowned B-250 Pre-amplifier in the form of the B-250CAST, a pre-amplifier which supports Google Cast streaming. Following on from the successful release of the CAST AMP Streamer earlier this year, the B-250CAST joins Densen’s new range of components...
  3. Elite Audio

    Densen Releases Its First Streamer: The CAST AMP

    Danish manufacturers Densen have launched their brand-new CAST AMP Streamer, the first in their brand-new Dino range of products. The CAST AMP is the first product from Densen to allow streaming. By using Google Cast Audio technology, users will be able to stream music directly from services...