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  1. Vinylistas

    SOLD DIY Type 26 DHT Valve Pre-Amplifier

    Absolutely superb preamp. One of a kind and very special piece of equipment. Bought from Wam member Akwardbydesign some time ago. Superb piece of kit. Trying to minimise quantity of hifi stuff at home hence the sale. Price is £1075 collected and is non negotiable. Collection from Woolwich...
  2. pmcuk

    All-DHT Push-Pull 2a3 amp, 26 and 4P1L inputs

    London UK:  I have two PP amps for sale - DHTs right through and filament bias: 1. PP 26>4P1L>6C4C (6B4G). 2 chassis - signal chassis and PSU chassis. This is a complex build with great sound. It has 8 DC filament supplies and regulators. The outputs are AC. OPT is O-netics. This is a...