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  1. sean

    Question Quadraphonic (4 Channel) Speaker Setup?

    I have long wanted to experiment with 4 (active) speakers in a modest listening room to try and create the impression of a far bigger hall or auditorium. This false quadraphonic arrangement would probably need to feature delay and echo from some sort of intermediate box of tricks (XLR in and XLR...
  2. bencat

    Active Crossover with DSP for dummies

    Hi after hearing the efforts of Colin and Tony at shows (Harrogate , Kegworth) I would like to be able to at least try to get to grips with doing something along similar lines . However I have a number of severe draw backs in that my woodworking skills are pretty non exisitent , I have no...
  3. MelodyMan

    Help with rePhase and linear phase crossover

    Looking for some help with using rePhase to create a linear-phase crossover.  I have read miniDSP app notes here but cant make sense of the first step ''Use the Paragraphic Gain EQ tab with minimum-phase filters to flatten the amplitude response'.  I cannot find a detailed explanation of the...
  4. MelodyMan

    Focal Utopia speaker clone with active crossover

    Welcome to my build of a Focal Utopia speaker clone with active crossover.  The Idea My interest for a new project started at the 2017 Scalford show where I was impressed by the 4 way open baffle speakers with active crossover built by rv295 and the Linn linear active crossover demo which got...
  5. MelodyMan

    Anyone know the Ground Sound DCN28 Digital Crossover/DSP

    Does anyone have experience with the Ground Sound DCN28 Digital Crossover.   http://www.groundsound.com/dcn28.php I am looking for a DSP for a 4 way active speaker build and this Danish product looks very well made although it does carry a hefty price tag (£3,750). This is comparable to the...
  6. Gizza

    Minidsp 2x4 HD required

    As per title, looking for a Minidsp 2x4 HD unit and power supply. Must be the HD version due to it's extra features.  Many thanks, Gary.
  7. Cable Monkey

    Roon 1.3

    After its most recent update, Roon seems to have come of age. It now includes options to upsampling to DSD which seems to work well for the bitstream DAC's out there. It allows adjustment for speaker delay to go with its new surround capability and now includes the ability to take the readings...
  8. J

    Speaker placement & room acoustics – DSP

    I found the discussions on the recent thread started by Hifiwolf quite interesting, but think that DSP deserves more attention. As Serge and others point out in the other thread, DSP is not a panacea that will overcome truly awful room acoustics or poor placement, nor will it replace proper...