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Found 7 results

  1. Dear all, With adequate configuration in Konfig, is it possible to have, for instance, an Akubarik Passive driven by an EB10 and 6100+4200 or AV5125+6100 or some other non-Linn 10ch setup. Or, on the opposite, all amplifiers channels need to be identical ? need to be all referenced Linn models ? I couldn't find an answer in the Linn docs nor in this forum. And as I do not yet have an ExaktBox, I can't explore the software. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi folks I just thought I would share some experience and welcome others to do the same about Exakt links. My Akurate Exaktbox10/1 came with a 1.5m generic Cat5e from my dealer to get me going. A few days later I dug out an old Belkin Cat6 UTP at 0.5m to better suit my setup and prevent it dropping near other unshielded cables. DSM and Exaktbox are top of the stack with amps below. I could not discern any notable difference. As a believer in AudioQuest’s digital offerings, I use their Cat7’s between my NAS to my switch, as the final from a Switch’s to music and AV sources and also their HDMI’s. I thought I would try their Cat6 UTP offering. This is seemingly only available as a custom length. So, I ordered 0.5m to be made up. £8.50 plus postage… Much cheaper than Blue Jeans in the UK. https://www.futureshop.co.uk/audioquest-cat6-pearl-rj-e-ethernet-cable-custom I listened to my system for about an hour this morning through the Belkin to warm it up and baseline my ear. My dealer Tunedemed my system largelywith Johnny Cash’s version of Hurt. So, this was my last song played before switching in the Audioquest and the first afterwards. With the AudioQuest Cat 6 I perceived a slight shift towards the lower frequencies, better bass and a consequential perception of a tamed top end. This is a cheap custom cable in the UK and may be worth a try for you good people out in Linn Land. System: Netgear GS105 - AudioQuest Cinnamon Cat7 - Majik DSM/2 - Akurate Exaktbox 10/1 - Linn Silvers - Majik 6100/1 & Majik 4100/1 - Majik 140’s with Plinth upgrade.
  3. Calling owners of 225s how do you wire to an exaktbox I ? On linn docs it suggests connection via the rca output but surely it is wired from the speaker terminals to the individual speakers? Do you 5 wire or 4 wire? regards Nigel
  4. I have a Linn Klimax LP12 with Akurate Exaktbox, Akurate Exakt DSM and Akurate 4200 power amp with Kudos Super 20A speakers in active mode. The sound quality is amazing for small groups including pop, rock and jazz but, for classical in particular, I find the treble too bright for comfort much of the time. I have fiddled with space optimisation and this has helped a bit but has not really sorted the problem to my ears. Has anyone else had the same feeling and, if so, have you found a way to overcome the issue? Thank you.
  5. You may have seen that I've been running SBLs aktiv with a Linn ADSM/Exaktbox digital crossover & DAC/2 x Naim 250s and loving the transformation which I described as having seven league boots on compared to my Naim Snaxo active . But when a pair of SL2s came up at the right price it was an opportunity too good to be missed. I picked them a couple of weeks ago I installed them using the same digital crossover as I'd used with the SBLS (after all Naim used the same Snaxo for SBLs & SL2s) They sounded great, more bass control, more separation around vocals & cymbals. If SBLs are like your young mate who is larger than life & great fun to be around, the SL2s are the person they've matured into. Something a bit more rounded, not quite so in your face, having bags of authority & still great fun to hang out with. And they look great so added WAF, not that I have a W whose A I have to F The filters/digital crossovers for my SBLs were created for me by Neill Hallworth / @sunbeamgls of www.speakerfilters.com and when he heard that I'd got the SL2s, he offered to come & create some dedicated bespoke filters rather than just using the SBL ones. He advised me that, although the drivers were very similar (my SBLs were Mk 1) they would have different impedances, the cabinet volumes would be different, there would be phase difference etc etc and he was confident that he would be able to extract more performance from them. So yesterday Neill called with his majik box of triks. The first step was to take electrical diver measurements which, together with some base crossover information from Naim, were then plugged into exakt design to create an initial filter. Before loading that into my Exaktbox, we reset the speakers to passive & took a frequency response scan as a reference point. V1 of the filters was a good starting point although, as with the passive crossover, there was a big dip at 560hz (which I'd read about in a review being down to a diaphragm resonance) with a hump either side but high frequency roll off better controlled. So Neil lowered the bass/mid roll off point, added a boost at the dip point and a couple of cuts either side to smooth out the humps. With this iteration the dip was significantly reduced & the whole frequency response was much flatter. Being a non -ported design, the bass starts to roll off at about 120hz so lastly Neil added a subtle lift from this point down. So how do they sound now. Well I wasn't ready for or, expecting the magnitude of the improvement. All the strengths of musicality & PRaT are there in spades but now hi hats really shimmered, recording venue acoustics were tangible, bass lines are so solid, the space around instruments & performers improved, the decay on notes seemed to hang in the air. Boundary speakers are not renowned for their imaging but this has tightened up so that you can place individual performers, or even where the cymbals in the drum kit, are. The mid range has a much smoother integration. The slight mid/high frequency brightness had been tamed & the somewhat bass light presentation was gone leaving me wondering if I would still need my sub. (I have still got it in the system but I've dialled it down about 30% :)) The end result is so impressive, I've done no work today, I've been sat here listening to track after track. A big thank you to Neil - another awesome job. If you want to come & have a listen to Exaktly what SL2s Aktiv should sound like, (Birmingham, West Midlands) or to have a chat, just get in touch - you will be very welcome - just be prepared to radically rethink what Aktiv can do for you
  6. Hello to everybody, I have a Linn system consisting of: Akurate with surround module, 2 Akubarik as front speakers and an Akurate Exaktbox-I that feed the center speaker and the surround speakers. I recently ordered a REL 212se (that will be also feeded from the Exaktbox) that I want to use to enhance both stereo music and surround films/concerts/series. The problem is that in the Konfig software I can configure the sub either as “mono” or as LFE sub: any suggestions on how to configure the sub in order to boost the basses in stereo and surround listening sessions (which for me are equally important) thanks in advance for the precious help from the fellow forum members
  7. Hi everyone. For those of you who are not already aware, Linn will be exhibiting at the HIFIWIGWAM Show this year to introduce Exakt.Design (https://exakt.design). Exakt.Design allows you to design your own Exakt Crossover for a loudspeaker of your choosing - whether that be improving the performance of an existing loudspeaker, or designing your own. Your Exakt Designs can be deployed and run in any Exakt Engine. In addition to the Linn Exaktbox, we are keen to support, and would like to gauge interest in, alternative platforms such as a VST plugins and foobar2000 components. Exakt.Design is currently invite only, and attendees of the show will receive an exclusive invite. At the show we will be giving demonstrations, and running workshops for those who are interested in a more hands-on walkthrough of the app. Our session timings are as follows: Saturday 18th March (preview for exhibitors only) 15:00 - 15:30 Demonstration 15:45 - 16:45 Workshop Sunday 19th March (open to all show attendees) 10:15 - 10:45 Demonstration 11:00 - 11:30 Demonstration 11:45 - 12:30 Workshop 13:30 - 14:00 Demonstration 14:15 - 14:45 Demonstration 15:00 - 15:30 Demonstration 15:45 - 16:30 Workshop We have limited places so to avoid disappointment, please let us know if you are planning to attend by emailing hello@exakt.design.
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