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  1. Location: Upavon, Wiltshire (or my work in Tidworth). Price: £280 Nice pair of these planar headphones I bought recently. I’d never tried planar headphones so bought these to try them out. I really like the sound so have pulled the trigger on some Dan Clark Aeons and these are surplus. They were 3 months old when purchased (off eBay) for £275. I have also got a really nice balanced cable which just provides a bit more voltage to drive them, not that it really needs them. This cost about £90. Terminated with a 2.5mm TRRS. I will cover postage by Royal Mail. I haven’t po
  2. For sale: A pair of Audeze LCD-XC headphones I purchased these directly from Audiologica. In 2018 they were updated to the latest revision of the LCD-XC driver (via Audeze US). They come complete with the Audeze travel case, the original Audeze cable, a 4m vandamme studio grade series cable and a 1m custom handmade cable. The headphones are in perfect working order SOLD
  3. I use the optical out on the Akurate hub with my Phonak Bluetooth transmitter which streams directly to my Phonak hearings-aids. I can balance the sound between the stream and the speakers in the room with the phone app. This is helpful as my hearing continues to deteriorate. At least I have QIQO (quality in quality out) from my system. I’ve ordered an optical splitter. Once I’ve proved this works with the Phonak transmitter, I’d like to emulate the room/phonak set up with a set of my wired headphones. My next step then will be to link an optical cable to a headphone amp. Does this sound viab
  4. I have a Gato 150 amp. Very nice but without a built/in headphone input. Anyone got a suggestion on how to use headphones with a Gato amp? Thanks
  5. Hey!! If you are interested to see the pros and cons of top rated Best Headphones for Crossfit. Then you need to surely visit this website. It is all about top rated products of amazon.
  6. Just found these. A gift that I never used. These are pretty much as new. In original box with all original leads and packaging. I think original RRP was about £170. I’m asking for £75. They’re located near Bury St Edmunds but price includes delivery to U.K. mainland.
  7. My pair of Sennheiser HD600 phones which have not been used for over a year, and before that only very occasionally. They come with a high quality Viablue cable which is a definite improvement over the standard supplied cable (which is also included): new cost Of the cable was over £80. They are in very good condition with original box/packaging. Plenty of reviews on the web, but most will know the outstanding reputation these classic headphones have. I’m selling these along with my Audio Fidelity HPA100 headphone amp which is advertised separately on this site: it’s a very good match
  8. Included in the sale: Focal outer shipping box Focal inner product box 1 x Focal headphone case 1 x Focal Clear headphones (headband protected by a fetching knitted headband cover - not included in this sale). Focal cable box which includes: 3 x Focal cables - XLR, 3.5mm and 6.3mm 1 x Focal jack adaptor 3.5mm female to 6.35mm male 1 x Focal user manual Condition: essentially as new. Bought Jan 2020. Payment: cash/collection (London), bank transfer, Pay Pal gift. Shipping (UK): free standard shipping. Price: £8
  9. Pair of Dali IO-6s for sale. Two months old, in as new condition with about 10 hours on them. They come with the original case, wires, documentation and box. The Dalis are neutral and balanced. They sound better than the Sony 1000MX3s, B&W PX7s and Momentum 3s IMO. Selling them as they have been replaced with headphones that cost a lot more. £295. Price includes P&P in the UK. I can ship further afield at the buyer's expense. Payment: cash and collection (SW London), check, bank transfer or PayPal gift. Thanks for looking! PS Some more information from Dali:
  10. For sale my Beoplay H6 over-ear headphones are crafted in premium materials for the true music aficionado. These wired headphones feature genuine leather on the headband and aluminium ear cups, pearl-blasted and hairline-brushed to a soft sheen. Soft lambskin on the ear pads and an adjustable, lightweight fit ensure long-term comfort for mobile music lovers. These lightweight headphones provide an authentic, well-balanced and natural listening experience, focusing on a clear midrange with a balanced bass and treble performance. The headphones feature an inline remote and microphone and da
  11. Trying my chances here too. I'm a reputable trader on Head-Fi where this ad runs in parallel In from a trade just a couple days ago. I'm rating condition at least 9/10 because of a few tiny imperfections. Invoice specifies 14 months young and will be shipped together with its original box, 3.5mm cable and booklet. Discovered today that store warranty is actually still valid for another 10 months. Nice plus for the future owner! Willing to split shipping to the UK and also throwing in a spare mini to jack adapter. Price is €249. PM any time Gallery
  12. HIFIMAN HE-560 Over Ear Full-size Planar Magnetic Headphones. The Headphones in excellent condition and perfect working order. These are the original type with the wood trim. They have a high quality upgraded cable and sound wonderful. Only selling as I've gone over to Stax and I'm selling all my other headphones and stuff to pay for them. Bargain £325.
  13. In pristine condition with display box and all cables. Sennheiser HD 600's Emsworth £300 + postage. I've tried uploading photos but even one of my pics is over 2mb.
  14. Sennheiser HD800 Headphones. Late ones S/N 39000. I'm only selling them as I have now bought Stax. The headphones are perfect as new condition and boxed. £600. Collection welcome. Can be posted.
  15. Hello All, I have bought a set of Sennheiser HD650 for my son for Christmas. At the moment he is living in student residence studying classical guitar at the Royal Academy. He has a Mac Book Pro and a Samsung phone to deliver music. Can anyone advise me on a DAC/AMP combo for up to £200 max. Everything keeps returning to Chord Mojo but its just too much cash. Could be a desk top or portable. So far looked at. Oppo HA-2SE Schiit Fulla 2 And loads of other leads and youtube videos and only one that grabbed me was OPPO HA-2SE. Any advice welcome. Refine sound o
  16. SOLD Well after countless years I now have the dedicated room that I dreamed of, so no kids or Mrs are affected. So I don't really use my H/P rig anymore and I'm thinking it's time for a new home and someone who'll get the use out of them. The Utopias (£3.5k new) are in excellent condition, no scratches or dents or dings. Bought from a UK retailer and not used for the past 8 months or so. Comes with the standard cable and also a (6metre) custom made cable with Furutech cable and connector. The custom cable is more transparent and detailed, while the standard is bigger and warmer soun
  17. As above. Wanted..pair of hd600 cans. Must be immaculate. Boxed. Etc. I am in Liverpool..please reply by p.m. initially, with contact details. Many thanks for looking.
  18. As new, in black. Comes with remote control and original power lead. Would prefer buyer to collect £370
  19. Hi Anyone else have one? I have a V1 Aune T1 with an aftermarket tube - the original tube was too cheap and I had to get a couple more since the second I got was out of balance on the channels. I'm not sure what tube I'm running now but it's not particularly fancy or NOS. The tube here is only used in the DAC stage, somehow, I'm no expert but it's not an output stage tube afaik. I really like it! My comparisons are a Z906 headphone output (pretty crap) and a CA Dacmagic XS v2 (good but I believe held back by the USB based power). It's got body, it's got highs, I'm driving 600 ohm DT
  20. I have recently been looking, with help from a couple of Wammers, at using headphones. Some years ago the headphone amplifier was a bolt-on goody put into proper amplifiers or a cheapie box. Their sound quality varied from below awful up to average. During this time I bought a set of Stax headphones having heard them at a bake-off and they sounded really good and ultra clear without being clinical. They did not have a high impact sound on rock and big orchestral music but the detail, clarity and naturalness was superb. It was beyond what I could get from most systems I heard. However, the
  21. Firstly a big thank you to Paul at Highend Headphones for the invitation to attend the day. It was well worth the trip from Ireland! I'm not currently a Stax owner but I was interested to hear the 009's with what was promised to be an energiser that performed better than Stax's own. For all you Stax owners it is well worth looking in to, due to be retailing around the £5k mark to compete with the amps you would have to import from America. I'm surprised it's taken this long for a British company to get something out really. It should do well.
  22. Bought as a big surprise for my dad's b'day yesterday....the biggest surprise being he'd chopped in his headamp and 560's for a Stax set up as a selfie b'day pressie....hey ho. Bought from Highend Headphones on Friday past and delivered to me on Monday, never been worn (I plugged them in briefly to check all was working), booklets/warranties etc. unopened. Paul will stand over the warranty. Photos are pretty pointless as they are new, but added for decoration. Cost £1199 (receipt included) Asking £925 inc. next day UK delivery.
  23. SOLD Ultrasone Edition 8 Ruthenium headphones for sale, completely as new (no marks at all), only 25 hours use max, they wouldn't be broken in yet and have only been used for 1 week last October. Packaging as new also. These are the best 'on the go' headphones I've come across, way better than the offerings from B&W, Oppo, B&O etc.....I tried them all before buying these. The only 'easy to drive' closed back headphone that was slightly better was the Ether C (£1400), but those were way too big and heavy to use on a plane etc. The Ultrasones can be driven by iPhones and m
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