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help please

  1. SeNtIeNtMiNoRity

    New system help please

    Hello all, First and foremost thank you for having me in the forum! Also thank you in advance for any guidance you can offer. I’ll try not to ramble but have a lot to cover, so please humour me. I’ll be moving house in the next couple of months and will have a little money left over, some of...
  2. B

    Dynaudio Emit vs Evoke - help at the crossroads Oh WAM

    Oh WAM, please help.  I’ve just arrived in the fortunate position to upgrade from B&W CM1’s for a bookshelf + sub configuration, driven by a peachtree audio nova 65se (Class D USA integrated dac amp). Budget is £2k for speakers, and I am leaning to Dynaudio but wonder if I am out over my...
  3. franvlad

    Dac 8 early non DSD model not working properly on USB

    Hi everybody can anyone advise on setting up of a dac bought from eBay Italy. Below is a copy of the email sent to Kog Audio who have kindly forwarded it to T + A. But this is driving me crazy and I don't know if I should return the unit or if I am missing a vital piece of info. I have advised...
  4. rv295

    Dirty sounding Audio Note 300B kit 1 amp. Suddently gone dirty.

    Hi folks, I’d appreciate some advice on a now very dirty sounding Audio Note Kit 1 300B amp that I bought recently. The amp was purchased with the original valves which have never been changed, it’s an earlier kit 1 (I believe built around 2004 give or take).   Circuit diagram below if it...