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high end

  1. Vinylistas

    SOLD AUDIO MUSIC AM RT-2 2 Box Valve High End Pre Amplifier Preamp Line Stage

    AUDIO MUSIC RT-2 preamp for sale. Good used condition with only few minor marks/scratches. Comes with original packaging. Both boxes weight around 40kg. Local collection from SE London or buyer can arrange own courier. Price is £Sold
  2. Vinylistas

    FS: JBL K2 S9800 Special Edition Speakers

    Due to changes in circumstances I have to sell my beloved JBL K2 9800 SE speakers. Zebrano wood and piano lacquer finish. Very good condition for the age with only few light blemishes on the cabinets. No packaging. These are Special Edition with improved crossovers and cabinet finish...
  3. Vinylistas

    FS: Bryston BP-26 Pre-Amplifier with MPS-2 Power Supply

    Bryston BP-26 with MPS-2 in silver for sale.  Very good used condition with only few minor marks/scratches.  Comes in original pacakging (boxes are quite tattty) with genuine metal remote and PSU cable.  It came back from Bryston UK yesterday where it had performance check and service. ...
  4. Vinylistas

    FS: Ayre Acoustics K-1XE Preamplifier

    Selling my fantastic Ayre K-1XE Stereo preamp. 2 box design. Very good used condition with only few light marks/scratches on the case work. RS232 psu cable connector has piece of plastic cracked (does not affect anything).  Comes with aftermarket remote.  Best sounding solid state preamp I...
  5. Vinylistas

    Denafrips Athena Pre Amplifier Preamp

    Denafrips Athena preamp for sale. Silver. Latest flagship preamp from Denafrips. 2 months old in mint condition with all accessories and packaging.  £1350 collected or can be posted if buyer arranges shipping. Cash or BT only please. Amazing piece of kit, please find reviews online. 
  6. Thetiminator

    New Sennheiser 800S Headphones

    Bought as a big surprise for my dad's b'day yesterday....the biggest surprise being he'd chopped in his headamp and 560's for a Stax set up as a selfie b'day pressie....hey ho. Bought from Highend Headphones on Friday past and delivered to me on Monday, never been worn (I plugged them in...
  7. berni217

    TRON Seven Reference MC Phono Stage

    Up for sale is my fantastic TRON Seven Reference Phono Stage (MC Only) in excellent condition. Supports cartridges from 0.3mV - 0.6mV (+20 dB) as confirmed by Graham Tricker (http://www.tron-electric.co.uk/). Please note that this is a post 2010 model with improved signal to noise so can be...