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Found 6 results

  1. Hello I am selling my two Hypex NC500-based monoblocks manufactured by Apollon. Each monoblock contains a Hypex SMPS1200A700 power supply, a Hypex NC500 amplification module, Apollon's standby control board and Apollon's buffer with Sonic Imagery 994 discrete opamps. Pictures can be seen here. The monoblocks sport large OEM rhodium plated copper binding posts, as well as a third miniature Audio Note silver plated binding post connected to the chassis and electrical group, which can be used, for instance, to connect the shield of shielded speaker cables or connect to the chassis of other components. The lids are padded with two Alubutyl sheets and there are caoutchouc strips to prevent any rattle. The feeling is VERY sturdy and much more solid than untreated Modu cases. From the pictures you can see how carefully they are packaged for shipment: they are placed into two cardboard boxes with bubble wrap and styrofoam, and the two boxes are then put into a larger box with two double wall cardboard layers with styrofoam in between (on the bottom as well). To destroy the content one has to use a road roller! I used the same box to ship them back to Apollon for some upgrades (buffer board and control board) and therefore the box is tested I am the first owner and mine is a smoke-free and pet-free household. As you can see I have treated them carefully and show barely any scratch. I am asking 1200 EUR for the pair plus shipping to any place in Europe. Note that their original selling price of the pair is 2000 EUR, and for comparison: A pair of Audiophonics NC400 monoblocks, with smaller power and power supplies, no custom buffer, will cost 1400EUR. Same for a pair of Hypex original NC400 monoblock kits (which you have to assemble). If you include VAT, also a pair of Ghent Audio IcePower GA-M500P based monoblocks, will cost 1400 EUR as well. Location: Munich, Germany
  2. Hi all. I'm hoping some of you guys can point me in the right direction for a suitable power amp to suit my Spendor A7's. Just a bit of background so you guys can get a sense of what I'm trying to achieve..... I own an Arcam SR250 in a 2.2 channel setup. The Arcam handles all my movie/tv watching and also acts as a n HDMI switcher/decoder. That side of things is covered and not a concern, its the music side of things I would like to improve. I use an RME ADI-2 FS DAC which is connected via RCA to an analogue input on the Arcam. For music, I use an Innuos Zen Mini Mk3 which acts as my cd ripper/WAV & FLAC file storage and ROON core with TIDAL HIFI as a source. This is connected to the RME via asynchronous USB. This is a super clean DAC and I won't be parted from it. So..... I want to completely separate my movie watching from my music listening by adding a poweramp with RCA and XLR inputs. I will use the pre-outs of my Arcam to the RCA inputs and the XLR inputs connected directly to the RME. I can then toggle between the two inputs depending on which source I am using at the time. For me, this will be the best of both worlds as I will be adding a power amp to the Arcam which will benefit me in the form of added power to drive the Spendors more cleanly and also provide me with a totally separate power source for my DAC which, in my head, will benefit me in my music listening. The problem I have come across is the fact that the only power amp I found up to now that has an input switch on the front is the Cyrus Stereo 200 poweramp. Having the switch on the front is a must really as once the amp goes into the cabinet, reaching round the back to flick a toggle switch will be virtually impossible. I recently contacted Colin @ Nord and asked if he would be willing to relocate the toggle switch to the front if I ordered one of his hypex dual mono amps but he said he couldn't do that. I'm open to any type of amp really but have been really taken with the latest hypex units as they offer bags of power in a small(ish) for factor at a reasonable price. Also, as I like to hear music as the artist intended, flaws and all, the new hypex stuff seems to fit that bill. I have tried to get demos organised at various outlets throughout the country but I've had issues with the shop not having either Spendor A7's or any suitable amps to drive them. Then they try to upsell something completely different that you didn't want to listen to or try to substitute Spendors for another brand which defeats the purpose really. My budget is around £2k max and am not offended by buying used but new with warranty would be a safer option for me of course. Anyway, this intro is getting ridiculously long so I'll end it by asking the ultimate question.... Can anybody recommend a suitable power amp that meets the above criteria that is proven (or you personally know for certain) to pair well with the Spendor A7 family. Thanks guys and sorry for the long post (took AGES on my phone)
  3. Custom built Hypex NC500 power amplifier to the highest standards. It's dual mono edition with single NC500 and SMPS1200 per channel encapsulated in single enclosure. High quality signal and speaker interconnects throughout with careful placement and routing with ferrite cores at the relevant power input sections. Please note that all crucial wire end-points (signal and speaker namely) are directly soldered (with Cardas quad eutetic) to the connectors (speaker binds, Neutrik XLR, NC500 Molex signal input and speaker output spades). It was a bit tedious job but, simply put, I'm not huge crimping fan! as featured on majority of other NC500 builds. As significant feature, NC500s are using Class A input buffer board (Rev C) from Nord Acoustics with pre-installed Sparkos Labs SS3602 OpAmps. I will also include extra pair of Sonic Imagery 994 OpAmps for free! (£160 value) so that one could experiment further with sound signature. It's relatively easy to swap the OpAmps. Enclosure was sourced as one-off special edition from Ghent Audio. There is a very discrete blue light at the front with adjustable levels (with off feature). It's worth noting that thermal paste was used for each amp module mount, so effectively enclosure is acting as one huge heatsink. It's a exemplary NC500 power amp, really nicely built with great attention to details. It's great purchase for someone and at the same time great value considering the tremendous sonic performance. Let me know if you have any further questions. Please note that I will offer 1 year warranty, as amp components are sourced from new and still within the warranty. Photo gallery: £1580 UK shipped (international delivery on request) Thanks for reading!
  4. looking to try class D any one got a pair of Hypex NC400 mono blocks for sale?
  5. Well regarded Hypex NCore NC400 power amplifier on offer was built by me with great care and attention to details, as I’m quite versatile with DIY audio and electronics in general. It’s based on dual NC400 modules with high quality shared Hypex SMPS1200A400 PSU for optimal performance. Please note that overall sonic performance is absolutely not affected when using the single more powerful PSU (compared to dual SMPS600 PSU builds around) and for some it's even sonically beneficial. Additionally, single PSU sharing allows more flexibility when compact enclosures are considered. Enclosure is quite compact, sturdy (with minimal resonance) complemented with rather nice visual outlay. It was sourced from Ghent Audio . Adjustable front blue led brightness (including off state) is a nice touch. Overall (external) amp dimensions are D28cm (excluding binding posts) W20cm and H7.8mm. It’s really an amp powerhouse (200W @ 8Ω / 400W @ 4Ω / 580W @ 8Ω) in really small form factor package! Specific information about this particular build: - Cardas quad eutectic solder throughout on most important joints (I’m not huge crimping fan!) with heat shrink sleeving.That includes XLR ports, speaker binding ports and NC400 module speaker connection torx spades. - High quality Neutrik XLR connections and CMC USA speaker binding posts - Carefully routed twisted cabling and reasonable care was taken so that power and signal routes are not crossed. Also, IEC power cable (routed to SMPS1200A400) is shielded with aluminium foil and heat shrink sleeved. - Hypex branded balanced XLR cable with custom ground wiring all the way to the enclosure ground point ... as per Hypex (recommended) guidelines. Silicone sealant was used on XLR connector pins to improve mechanical robustness (as XLR conductors are quite fragile). - Speakerflex 250 pure cooper speaker binding post cable - Hypex power routing PCB (40EUR RRP) for optimal connection between SMPS1200A400 and 2xNC400. Actual power routing PCB is elevated with the high standoff attached to PSU mounting point and with adequate clearance between the NC400 module itself. - Good quality ferrite cores fitted on the relevant power input points (PSU and NC400 modules) - Improved NC400 module speaker cable connection method, as pictured, with torx screws and soldered end-points. - Use of high quality Artic Silver thermal paste on the both NC400 And SMPS1200A400 mounting metal plates, so that surface2surface contact with the enclosure is improved. In effect, this is turning the enclosure into the huge heatsink In general, SMPS12400A400 PSU is just few months old only and NC400 modules are the latest batch (with black caps as pictured). Hypex will happily service any of the amplification module or PSU in unlikely event that something goes wrong ... and I will provide the purchase invoice on request if needed. It's really nicely built NC400 sample with high quality components throughout and I would expect really long service life. It's fantastic value for money and excellent opportunity for anyone on the DIY fence to own this fantastic amps! Let me know if you have any further questions & thanks for reading! £1050 UK shipped. For internationally delivery and arrangements please get in touch!
  6. This is now left as surplus, particularly because of further experimentation with ClassD amp modules. This was used with dual nCore NC400 set-up and honestly there is a plenty of power left even with one shared SMPS600, but you can always add another one if ever needed. If ordered directly form Hypex, this would be 250EUR ... so still quite decent saving. As a bonus, you will get ready-made NC400 Y cable. Please note that PCB stand-offs are already put in place. £190 + free shipping (Royal Mail 1st class)