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  1. As it says in the title. Sale or swap. My Alabaster is a mint, late model in black. You won’t see better. I have a Sonneteer box and have made some internal packing from closed cell foam Selling prices is £650 FINAL REDUCTION. for swaps I’m open. not sure what else I’d like so always worth an ask. I’m enjoying my Leben so much these days I don’t seem to care about other stuff. An RS30eq might be nice. I’d take a Campion in Px too. I’m always messing about with cartridges too. please reply by PM. [
  2. Stunning Yamaha A-S2100 Integrated Amplifier in black/piano black. I'm the original owner and the Amplifier was purchased around two and a half years ago. In pristine condition and full working order. From smoke and pet free home. Warranty until 15-06-2023. Looking for £1500. Sale due to not being used, time to let someone else enjoy this beautifully made and amazing sounding Amp, the built in MM/MC phone stage is second to none, absolutely silent background at any volume level. Fully discrete headphone pre Amp which is also amazing sounding. Includes remote control, unopened manual, unused power cord and original packaging. This Amplifier is a monster weighing in at more than 23KG and as such collection from Bristol/Weston-super-Mare is preferred but fully insured delivery could be arranged at buyer cost. Specifications: A-S2100 Specifications Maximum Power (4 ohms, 1kHz, 0.7% THD, for Europe)160W + 160W High Dynamic Power/Channel (8/6/4/2 ohms)105/135/190/220W Damping Factor 250 Frequency Response 5 Hz-100 kHz (+0 dB/-3 dB) RIAA Equalization Deviation20 Hz-20 kHz +/-0.5 dB Total Harmonic Distortion (CD to Sp Out, 20 Hz-20 kHz)0.025% Signal-to-Noise Ratio (CD)103 dB (S: 200 mV) Input Sensitivity (CD)200mV/47k ohms Dimensions (W x H x D)435 x 157 x 463 mm; 17-1/8” x 6-1/8” x 18-1/4” Weight 23.4 kg; 51.6 lbs. For full specification please follow the link: https://europe.yamaha.com/en/products/audio_visual/hifi_components/a-s2100/index.html
  3. Reduction on the Wam for this classic beauty, plenty of great reviews on-line and looks great on the hi-fi rack! £1700 - Comes with all documentation, original handbook, original EAR packaging and it had a complete clean up and service by Mr T de Paravicini middle of 2018, some dry solder joints renewed and I believe a power valve replaced and checked for suitability. In very nice condition, there are two tiny small scuffs on the middle chrome housing, but you have to look over the top of it for it to really show, otherwise almost mint elsewhere. The front fascia is clean, free of marks and the gold coloured rotary dials have minimal signs of use or wear. Included also is an after market power cable, a box of valves, 7 of Edicron 6l6GC, however, not a complete set but almost. I'm certain the amp is currently fitted with Svetlana's. Some specs below: Parallel Push-Pull pure Class A circuit stereo valve power amplifier with control unit built in. 6 line inputs. 50 watts per channel output into 4, 8 or 16 ohm. Happy into any load. Push-pull from input to output. Low overall feedback. Winner of the Absolute Sound (USA) Golden EAR Award 1999. Valves List - 2 x ECC83, 2 x ECC85, 8 x EL34 Power output - 50 watts/channel (30Hz - 15kHz at 1% THD int Power Consumption - 200 watts total I.M.D. - Less than 1% at any level from 10mW to 50 Wa Output Damping Factor - 12 Power Bandwidth - 15Hz - 40kHz at less than 3% THD Input Sensitivity - 200mV Signal to Noise Ratio - 85dB Size - W 16'' (405mm), D 16'' (405mm), H 6'' (150mm) Weight - 20kg Input Impedance - 47k Ohms Some more pics: A Google search will bring up an old advert from another forum, which is the same amp and the pictures are clearer. Thanks for looking, any questions please PM me and we'll discuss. I'd rather not post, it's very heavy, if it helps we can discuss alternatives. If you require post, it will require you to organise a suitable courier with insurance. Ade / Parcelmonkey
  4. Marantz PM-17 KI Signature integrated amplifier for sale. Immaculate used condition with only minor age related marks/scratches. Comes with remote, manual and original pacakging. Very solidly built and great sounding amp with MM/MC phono stage. £495.00 Collection from SE London, or can be posted if buyer pays shipping.
  5. Bought new from Richer Sounds a couple of years ago. Immaculate, very little use, small mark on volume knob retouched (see photo) 120W per channel, MM Phono stage, 7 line inputs, SP1 and SP2 Full spec and manual here: https://www.arcam.co.uk/product,fmj,integrated-amplifiers,a39.htm All original packaging, manual, remote, power cable etc. Looking for £675 ono. Located in Farnham, Surrey Can deliver within reason/petrol money.
  6. Curious to your initial thoughts on new CSA100 integrated. Some dealers have had it on demo for a couple of months, judging by youtube. https://www.stereonet.co.uk/news/copland-csa100-integrated-amplifier Front facia is simple but classy, main case looks fairly basic for 3.5k. Specs are 100w into 8/180 into 4 ohm, build in dac (sabre?) And what looks like a single triode tube for voltage gain - no influence on tone Anyway, looks like a quality amp. Personally love the Leica like front panel, and shd power low sensitivity speakers. Questions about it 700w max consumption(!) Wd like to know usage for normal listening levels. Is the dac good enough for say, a U1 mini. What volume pot is used? Sound signature, is it neutral or warm side of. Vs Hegel H190 ..
  7. I fully expect this ad to still be here in 2020 and the amp to still be here in 2030 and I'll be perfectly happy if it is; at least I'll have "tried" to be sensible! Some of you will remember when I started the Audia Flight Owner's Club thread and then posted pics of the unboxing of my Class A beast of an integrated; that post copied below for the pics of actual amp. I hadn't planned on buying an £8k RRP amp, it sort of happened as an attractive and honourable way out of an otherwise unrelated hifi deal... but I was delighted when it arrived and it continues to give me huge pleasure when I listen to it ... which is not as often as I'd like because it's the star of the hifi show in my Kendal apartment 180 miles away where I stay for a few days every few weeks. I love it but the ratio between how much it's worth and the number of hours of listening pleasure it gives me is mad, hence this long shot ad to stimulate your creativity. I'd like to free up some hard-earned by doing a trade, cash my way, with someone who has an integrated or pre or power or pre-power combo and is looking to step up. It has to be a well regarded amp in its own right. I'm thinking Class A or Class AB; brands like Sugden and Krell spring to mind but there are others I'm sure; I'd even be up for a return to vintage like the Rotel Michi and Pioneer Urushi I've loved. Think "street cred" and you'll be thinking along the right lines. Whatever, it needs some oomph to drive my ATC SCM40's which are only 85dB sensitivity. UPDATE: for a straight sale I'm looking for sensible offers - by sensible, I mean don’t even think about sub-£4,000. It's an excellent amp so I'd rather hang onto it than give it away... An alternative would be for me to swap the amp for a system which includes such amp(s) alongside something more immediately saleable where I take the risk/hit in converting that to cash. I know Carl @Shakey_Studioincar is trying to clear stuff out with his own ad (free plug there for you Carl) so is not up for playing swapsies, but that sort of gear - gorgeous Plinius combo plus lovely and saleable B&W 803's - might have been the basis of an interesting conversation under different circumstances. So a sort of half-hearted long shot as I said and I'm more than happy to bide my time or just be "stuck" with this in 2030: things could be a lot worse. Get your thinking caps on. If you have any serious thoughts/propositions, PM me. If you just want to kick my tires, no problem , keep bumping! All the best, Nigel
  8. Hi folks, not the normal high-end question I am afraid, but you are all knowledgeable guys so can hopefully help. I had a little Topping TP2020 one input 20w per channel "D class" amp which was fine used as an amplifier for a pair of telly speakers. However my daughter decided to use it for a party and cranked it up to maximum volume and fried the power supply, which was a mere 56w output so clearly inadequate for the job. The speakers are a very easy load (B&W DM686) so I doubt they were to blame. Anyway, before she plans her next party, I need to replace it with a second hand integrated amp with a volume control, balance control, 3+ RCA line level inputs and a better specified power supply with a bit more headroom. No need for tone controls, remote control or any of that nonsense. I have looked at the Cambridge Audio Topaz AM1 which is £70 new, but presume I can get much better value from a second hand amp. I am prepared to spend around £100. The only other requirement is that it is black to fit in with the rest of the system! All suggestions gratefully received.
  9. livin

    Graaf GM50B

    Hello All, Just joined the WAM. I recently took possession of Graaf GM50B which came without the manual. Does someone here have one that they could scan ? Best Regards/Stay Well
  10. Audiozen Alchemy Reference Hybrid Integrated Amplifier. Available from – Elite Audio Price at time of review - £2570 First Impressions. First up, a little bit of background information about this Italian made amplifier; it’s a two-box affair but not in the way you’d normally expect, instead of being split into pre- and power amp units it comes as an integrated (with the pre and power section split both physically and electrically) in one unit and the other is a power supply. The power supply is by far the heftiest and outweighs the integrated section by near 2 to 1. The units side by side are a little larger than a standard 430mm hi-fi unit and I was, just, comfortable fitting them on the top shelf of my rack. Maybe I should go back a little first to the moment it arrived, it came in a sturdy wooden crate and was beautifully packed for an item at any price, for the money this amplifier sells for I’d say the packaging was exemplary. Each unit was surrounded by shock absorbing foam which also covered the inner faces of the crate, the remote is a functional unit with a decent range. https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4262/34394839374_0f94232b41_z.jpg[/img] The power supply has an IEC socket and two captive umbilical cords for separate DC supplies to the preamp and power amp sections in the main box. Inside the integrated amp box the pre-amp has a pair of E88CC valves that are kept ready for use when the amplifier is in standby mode, as to the power amp section it looks to be a chip amp configuration of some description attached to a large heatsink. As many “experts” believe valves have the biggest impact when placed in the pre-amp section this bodes well for the design when we get to the listening part of this review. The casework is good, it looks very similar to the Hifi2000 Galaxy range, nice and solid without being overly fancy. I started listening using my Bastanis Wildhorn which in hindsight was probably not the best choice at 100db sensitivity and an amp with 90 Watts per channel, at this point I had limited volume control so decided I’d try a less sensitive set of speakers. In came the Club-27 Kurt speakers, a very similar design to the Bastanis but with a 10” wideband driver and 1” compression tweeter. At 94db sensitivity these horn loaded, bottom firing speakers are a better match for the Audiozen and gave me much more control over listening levels. Hopefully my choice of speaker will give you a clue that I’m a valve amp kind of guy that had steered clear of most things solid state for a good while. How does it sound? I decided to start off with a selection of my old favourite tracks, one’s that I know inside out and have heard on a few different setups, these include “Sympathy for the Devil” (Rolling Stones, Beggars Banquet) that has different percussion instruments coming from far left and right at the start, Micks voice then comes in slightly off centre followed by piano and electric guitar front and centre. It’s easy to forget how much I like this song sometimes as I’ve heard the percussion instruments sound a bit metallic, lacking in body or thin sounding sometimes, that’s certainly not the case with this amp and within moments I found it difficult to concentrate on listening to the amp as my foot was tapping madly to the beat and I found myself playing air guitar alongside Keith! I managed to drag my focus back, foot still tapping, to hear the echo on Micks voice in the latter chorus repeats, as good and possibly better handled than I’d heard before in my setup, that counts as a good start to the session in my books, I let the LP play through side one before moving on to something else and found my foot tapping along to the beat most of the time. Another favourite on this side is “Dear doctor” a plaintiff cry for help from a jilted groom, it makes me feel sorry for the redneck copping it from his unfaithful bride to be, the amp brought across the emotion, and humour I hear in this song whilst staying the right side of strident when the harmonica wails above the strumming of the acoustic guitars. During the initial listening session I worked my way through Ella Fitzgerald (Lady is a Tramp, Foggy Night in London Town), The Clash, Led Zeppelin and Nina Simone along with a few others. Was I trying to catch the amp out, not consciously as I quickly forgot about reviewing and was simply enjoying many old favourites. From this point on I left the amp in standby mode, put simply this keeps the valves warm and makes the amp sound better from the minute you start listening, this is great when family commitments sometimes cut listening sessions short, it often feels like a valve amp has just got into its stride when a certain 6 year olds bedtime routine stops a listening session, that’s less of a problem with the Audiozen Alchemy as it’s on full song after 10 minutes use from standby. It seems to have plenty of power in reserve even when faced with something a bit more tricky, to test this I decided to plug some early Linn Sara Isobariks that I have hanging around, these are 4 Ohm speakers that I think drop a bit below that on the tweeter and are probably mid 80's db in sensitivity, I wasn’t sure how the Audiozen would deal with lower impedance speakers as it has plenty of Watts but that's not always the full story, I shouldn’t have worried as it grabbed them by the cojones and made them sound pretty damn good (for Linn speakers anyway). Whatever I listened to the amp simply got on with the job of playing music, beats were delivered with foot tapping enthusiasm and bass was controlled and textured underpinning every type of music, the soundstage was wide and tall, it didn’t try to over emphasise any particular point of the musical spectrum and I was finding it difficult to find anything negative to say. The only thing I can point to is an occasional increase in sibilance and a very low level buzz that came from the power supply when the unit went from standby to supplying power (I spoke to the distributor who said it had been silent when tried in his own setup and could maybe be down to rough handling by the courier), it sounded like a transformer hum, something many of us have heard when high power toroidal transformers are used and it had no impact on my enjoyment as it was only audible with no volume being used and your ear a foot or so away from the power supply box. Conclusion. So it comes well packed, is a neat, well made piece of kit that doesn’t suffer from style over substance, it locks on to a beat and made my foot tap almost continuously whatever genre I tried. It refused to over emphasise any part of the music to the detriment of the others and had the tube sweetness in the midrange that I, and my speakers, like. My only criticism of it is that it has too much power, or gain for my setup, I’d happily replace my current valve amplifier with it in the summer. The rest of the year I like the heat, looks and the extra bit of midrange magic my current amplifier gives, without a doubt it is bested by the Audiozen Alchemy at the frequency extremes and the lack of heat and exposed valves makes it a much better bet with kids around. At all times during the review period it simply got out of the way and made me want to explore my music collection by giving a hint of valve midrange magic along side the bass solidity of a solid state amp, what more can you ask of a component than it encouraging you to listen to more music (and constantly tap your foot whilst singing along at full belt)? Product Specification. Power – 90 Watts into 8 Ohm, 170 Watts into 4 Ohms. SN Ratio – 98db Inputs – 4 (unbalanced) Total weight – 11.8kg (amp 4.5kg, psu 7.3kg) My setup. Speakers – Bastanis Wildhorn, Club-27 Kurt, Linn Sara isobaric. Turntable – Sony PS-6750 with AT OC9 cartridge and DIY Salas phono stage. Digital – Pioneer stable platter CD into DIY DDDac1794.
  11. Accustic Arts Power ES Mk 2 - Integrated Amplifier - £1895, RRP - £3400 1 owner from new, in excellent condition. Original box and packing. Remote control and user manual included. 12 month warranty provided. See our website listing here Elite Audio are part of Audio Emotion, so you can buy with confidence Please call us on 0203 397 1119 for more information.
  12. I am selling my Icon Audio Mk111 Stereo 40 valve amplifier. KT88 output valves, 40w per channel, push-pull, pure triode or pentode ultralinear modes, three line-level inputs and tape circuit. Includes spare matched set of TAD KT88s, second unmatched set of Sovtek KT88s, new 274B and a Philips Jan6188. I've owned it from new in November 2011. Current equivalent model is £1900. Looking for £650 ovno. Very, very heavy, so buyer collects or arranges collection. (PM me for any other details) Thanks for looking.
  13. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/152415219861
  14. Audiolab 8000A Integrated Amplifier, in excellent condition and sounding great. MM and MC phono stage installed, recently serviced and new original rca terminals refitted. Only £275. http://www.audio-philia.co.uk/pre-owned-ex-demo/audiolab-8000a-integrated-amplifier
  15. SOLD - Had this for a few years, only as a back-up/project but I do not really use it so it is for sale. It has a brand new power transformer from the original supplier. It has AudioNote Soro output transformers which necessitated a change from Ultralinear to Pentode operation. All the electrolytics on the PCB have been changed as well as the ones in the PSU. The PSU also has a new Rectifier. The large 4K7 resistors on the PCB are replaced as well. All the replacement parts are of better quality than the originals. The EL34s are JJ and have been checked and matched recently. The signal tubes are the ones fitted when I bought it so not sure of their history, there is a NOS Mullard in the central position. To finish it off a set of AN chrome knobs are fitted. The casework is marked in a few areas and the perspex cover has a haze of fine scratches on it. Overall the externals are average for it's age. There is no packaging and it is very heavy so do not really want to ship it. Happy to deliver within 50 miles (maybe more with agreement) of Farnham, Surrey or it can of course be collected (and demonstrated) from same. Looking for £550 ono. SOLD
  16. Bought this excellent amplifier on a whim but I am relocating to the USA so am going to offer it for sale. Amp is as new in original packaging with manuals. Supplied with original valves. RRP is £1100 asking £500. http://www.mistralaudio.co.uk/MT-34.html I also have a solid wood custom made platform specially made for this amp, this can be had for an additional £150.
  17. Pathos Acoustics TT R-R Integrated Amplifier - £1995, RRP - £4549 **Library image used** 1 owner from new, in fantastic condition. 35w per channel, pure class A amplifier. INPOL technology and fully balanced. Comes in a wooden crate, along with the original remote and user manual. 12 month warranty provided. Elite Audio are part of Audio Emotion, so you can buy with confidence Please call us on 0203 397 1119, PM or email us at info@eliteaudiouk.com for more information.
  18. Roksan Kandy KA1-MK3 Superb integrated nice and powerful with great timing and dynamics. The amp is in excellent condition and comes with remote control. Gets great reviews from its time. http://www.audioreview.com/cat/amplification/amplifiers/roksan/kandy-ka-1-110-watts-per-channel-integrated-amplifier/prd_128810_1583crx.aspx The latest Kandy retails at over £1200. £299 – ONO Collection only - Greater Manchester.
  19. Roksan K-2 Integrated Amplifier - £449, RRP - £795 **SOLD** 1 owner from new, in excellent condition. Comes with remote and user manual. 12 month warranty provided. Read the Stereophile review here Elite Audio are part of Audio Emotion, so you can buy with confidence Please call us on 0203 397 1119, PM or email us at info@eliteaudiouk.com for more information
  20. For sale is this excellent integrated with MM phono stage. It is in great working order but not in best cosmetic condition hence lowerish price. You will find hard to beat this for money. £100 delivered in UK. Payment by BT only as not using paypal myself. Or can collect. First comes first serve.
  21. Ekco EV55 SE Integrated Amplifier - Includes Upgrade Valves - £795, RRP - £1695 **SOLD** Less than a year old. In excellent condition. Read the review here See the listing on our website here Comes with a 12 month warranty. Elite Audio are part of Audio Emotion, so you can buy with confidence Please call us on 0203 397 1119, PM or email us at info@eliteaudiouk.com for more information.
  22. It was with pleasure that I undressed these beasts exposing its curves, knobes and silky body No "time of the month" issues, mood swings and headaches Analog Domain will entertain you 24/7 Satisfaction guaranteed Have a demo and take one home Home demo available
  23. Please see http://hifiwigwam.com/forum/topic/114758-pathos-logos-mk1-integrated-hybrid-amplifier/
  24. Pathos Logos Mk1 for sale. now £1300 In very good condition, lightly used and in original box. Hardwood remote control 1 original owner from new. Very powerful amplifier always sounds superb. Price £1300 collect North Hampshire. I can organise a courier if you prefer at buyer cost/risk.
  25. Hi, For sell Marantz PM17 (mk I) integrated amplifier in gold. It is in very good condition and comes with remote and manual. Price : £350 Collection from Ipswich, Suffolk or can post it, although the cheapest postage price I found is £40.
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