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  1. Vinylistas

    FS: Klipsch Heritage La Scala AL5 Speakers

    As there are no takers for my JBL K2 speakers yet, I decided to offer latest version of Klipsch La Scala as cannot keep two pairs of large and expensive speakers in my flat. Current AL5 version in American walnut. Retails at £14000. £SOLD collected from Woolwich Arsenal.
  2. L

    Klipsch forte iii

    After a year of lockdown I couldn't wait any longer, and a pair of these turned up today.  Very happy so far! Distressed oak, look awesome, and sound superb connected to the sugden ia4. Currently sat about 10 inches from my back wall very slightly toed in. Even the other half is happy...
  3. R

    Any clever wall mounting ideas/hacks for large bookshelf speakers? (UK)

    Ive got a pair of Klipsch RP-600M's that i want to temporarily install in a small bedroom, though there is no floor space in there for their floor-stands and it maybe a year till i can set them up properly elswehere in the house. In the meantime i'd like to try and mount them on the bedroom wall...
  4. George 47

    Henley Audio Visit

    Henley Designs Ltd. was formed in 1997 by a management buy-out of Ortofon UK. A small team, led by Laurence Armstrong and Nick Fuller, quickly established an innovative collection of hi-fi brands. Their core principle was: quality product, quality service. In 2017 to mark the occasion of their...