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  1. Gizza

    Tidal sometimes skipping some of the end of tracks, running on LMS.

    Hi all, a couple of days ago, I decided I would try out Qobuz again. I have been running Tidal on my Squeezebox Touch using 'my squeezebox.com' i.e. without having to connect to LMS on a computer. I set up LMS on an old Windows laptop, have got Tidal and Qobuz running and mighty fine they're...
  2. bencat

    Logitech Media Server and Tidal

    Sorry for putting two threads with the same aim but just in case you use Logitech Media Server and Tidal and do not check the computer hifi section here is a link to some improtant information you need to be aware of .
  3. bencat

    Max2play Image for Raspberry Pi 4 Beta Version

    In case any on here are waiting and not spotted it Max2play - www.max2play.com have released a Beta download for the new Raspberry Pi . I use this software as a nice simple interface for Logitech Media Server and have my USB HD Library connected to a single Pi running the server only . I...
  4. Emlin

    What is it with LMS that it suddenly duplicates tracks?

    Every once in a while LMS decides, seemingly at random, to show and play duplicate tracks when all was well before and no settings have been changed. It's really getting my goat, to put it mildly. I'm hoping that some fine person will have a solution for this problem. Is it you? Thanks in...
  5. bencat

    Amazon Echo - Raspberry Pi running LMS

    Looking at the Skills on Amazon for the Echo came across this one . Now I know that some on the squeezebox forum had developed a way of linking the Echo to LMS but I have to say I found the whole thread confusing and could not understand how to get it working . This one I can see the steps and...
  6. bencat

    Digi+ S/PDIF Interface HAT for Raspberry Pi - 4260439550453

    Could some one give me a little advice . I have two main digital sources a Theta CD transport and an SBT Clone . I use a Digitial DSP Room corrector but I am only able to input one digital source which is then treated and output to my Dac . This means the SBT clone is getting the Room Correction...
  7. bencat

    Problem with LMS on Raspberry Pi 3B

    I have been having a quite frustrating day with LMS after a very long period of it just working in the back ground and doing what I ask it has now after playing random mix/ song mix which is how I use it songs stop in the middle say they are buffering and then never restart.  I have looked at...
  8. M

    Raspberry Pi 3 vs Audiostore Prestige 3

    Thinking that the weak point of my system was probably the Raspberry Pi 3 I was using to run Logitech Media Server (LMS) I started looking at various server based solutions, including NUCs and building my own. As a part of my research I looked at the Small Green Computers SonicTransported...
  9. bigfool1956

    Logitech Media Server, Tidal, and MQA

    For various reasons yesterday I was using the Squeezelite version of the Logitech Music Server (LMS) to play music through my Meridian Explorer 2. I wanted to try out Tidal and some MQA tracks, so I added the Tidal app to LMS, and it works which was great except the MQA albums don't light the...