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mac mini

  1. Hi Five

    Mac Mini 2010 - 500GB, 4GB RAM, High Sierra OS.

    Hi.   I have a Mac Mini 2010 that I don't use anymore.  It would make a great music server running Audirvana 3.   Specs:   2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 4GB DDR3 500GB HD High Sierra OS. Optical Superdrive.     The only issue is that the temp sensor for the CPU is not working resulting in 100% fan...
  2. Blodger

    FS: Apple Mac Mini

    Apple Mac Mini 2011 for sale - excellent condition and working perfectly, not used for last 4 years since moving to Auralic streamer. Only used for streaming with Audivarna and then Pure Music plus has CD-R drive (unlike later versions) so ideal for copying CD collection which I did using AIFF...