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  1. Jules_S

    MoFi cartridges - any experience?

    I've been considering an upgrade to my Goldring 1042 recently. In truth, although it's a very good cartridge (albeit a bit of a pig to get the alignment right), I think it's the weak link in my system. The obvious answer I suppose is to go for an MC, something like Hana ML, Benz (bit of a soft...
  2. Matteo

    Naim Stageline N

    For sale a Naim Stageline N pre-phono MM. Second owner. Perfect conditions. Original box, manual and cable included. Shipping to EU at buyer expenses. Pay-Pal and bank transfer accepted. The object is ubicated in Milan, Italy. PRICE € 200.00 M.
  3. musicbox

    Sold - Nagaoka MP-500 MM Cartridge

    I bought this to try and decided I prefer my Ortofon 2M Black after only a couple of hours. So its almost brand new, I have all original packaging and stylus guard. The Technics 1200 headshell in the photos will not be included. Due to its tiny size and shiny surfaces it wasa real pain to...
  4. khapahk

    Edwards Audio MC3 MM/MC Phono Stage

    I need to have a “spring clean” and there will a number of items coming up for sale shortly ! I have been the only owner and purchased it from Deco Audio, Aylesbury, in 2012. The photographs below demonstrate the excellent condition of both the PSU and the amplifier itself. I haven't used it in...
  5. Barnboy

    Graham Slee Era Gold Reflex and PSU 1

    Need to sell my Graham Slee Era Gold Reflex MM phono stage and PSU 1 (the bigger/better one) Excellent condition, brought from David at Hazelmere Audio after a lot of auditioning with stages and cables and works very well with a variety of cartridges, slight change in system and needing to pay...