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Found 4 results

  1. I'm new to this website so... Hi! I want to get an idea on what you guys and gals listen to, so list your 10 favourite albums of all time. I'll start my list first. 1. Sly and The Family Stone - Stand! 2. Marvin Gaye - What's Going On 3. Aretha Franklin - I've Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You 4. Donna Summer - Once Upon A Time 5. Stevie Wonder - Innervisions 6. Al Green - Let's Stay Together 7. Curtis Mayfield - Superfly 8. Elton John - Honky Château 9. Queen - A Night At The Opera 10. Prince - 1999 Honourable mentions Joni Mitchell - Blue
  2. I really enjoy the My Top 20 Albums of all time.. thread, especially the explanations given for the respective Top 20. I would be interested in how and why certain albums make it into your "all time heavy rotation" and have now started this thread. Would like to see further contributions from others I'll just start with an album that has been with me for almost 40 years and is probably unknown to most of you (unless you are from Germany): Interzone - Interzone It was in 1981 when I heard this record for the first time at a schoolmate's house and it immediately knocked my socks off: Rhythm & blues, but much better than the - in the eyes of a 16-year-old - Rolling Stones granddaddies This incredible voice of singer Heiner Pudelko, like breaking glass, his voice is a real instrument. And: The lyrics - In German, bitter and cynical about sex, drugs, alcohol and the fucked up West Berlin in 1980 (shortly after Iggy Pop and David Bowie had lived in Berlin) The history of the band is almost as tragic as the lyrics on this first released Interzone album: Interzone was- for some unknown reason, perhaps just bad timing - sorted into the genre NDW (Neue Deutsche Welle, like Nena with her 99 balloons), but this music is definitely not "funny". Within a few years several band members died prematurely (car accident, manslaughter). Two more, moderately successful albums were released until the band split up in 1986. Singer Heiner Pudelko died of a brain tumor in 1995. The album is available on Tidal! My favourite songs are the first two of the album: "Hintermänner" (Backers) and "Blues" (sic!) Enjoy!
  3. Please bear with me, simple Q but a tiny bit of background. On a business trip, standing at a train station in Germany I was listening to a podcast and along came Sleeping Satellite by Tasmin Archer. [worth a listen on YouTube if you have moment]. Now, at this point some of you will nod and recognise / recall immediately, some will say :- "eh - never heard of it?" and so on. I'm also sure that the spectrum of appreciation will be from "it's pop music - irrelevant" right through to:- "sublime" and everything in between. Well, having not heard this song in years, upon listening, I got the classic warmth and goose pimples feeling etc to suggest that this is a great tune - to me. In the space of 24hrs, I must have played that tune 20 times or more and it got me wondering. "surely, no sane person could not like this as much as me - surely we would all like this ?". Clearly that's utter nonsense - we all have completely different musical tastes and of course, they overlap from time to time, but no 2 people are alike. The question:- Is there a combination of notes / sounds that no matter who you are, or where you are from, or your age you will like ?. What are the mechanisms at play that makes us like or enjoy one set of notes in a certain order compared with another ? I realise personality traits are at play in our brains but having read a lot on the subject feel no further to the heart of the topic. More complex questions start to arise from this topic such as what evolutionary forces are at play that support musical enjoyment ? What are the benefits to our DNA to liking music ? However, the real topic can be summed us as:- why don't we all like the same music ? Knowing we do not, why not ? Also, what happens in the brain to a note that in one person says "NICE" and in another person " NOT NICE"
  4. Here is the collection - 4000 vinyls. Its a merged collection so some duplication of items as a result but an enterprising buyer could sell those on I am sure Some items like the two Kate Bush box sets going on discogs for up to £500, some other albums well over £100. Mostly post rock and indie so limited edition vinyl pressings and first editions in the main. Some more mainstream stuff but not much. Quite a bit of zappa vinyl. Second hand record dealers give about 30-50% of retail price in general but most of these going for retail or above on discogs so that wouldn't be a fair estimate I think. New cost would be around £50k I guess for this collection and it would pretty much the same on discogs. Willing to discount 20% for a quick sale of a whole collection (£40k). I might consider splitting back into the two original collections. Time wasters, chancers, tyre kickers, low ballers, numpties, beggers and micky takers respectfully ignored Based in Eastbourne Docucoll1.xlsx
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