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  1. M

    10 favourite albums of all time?

    I'm new to this website so... Hi! I want to get an idea on what you guys and gals listen to, so list your 10 favourite albums of all time. I'll start my list first.  1. Sly and The Family Stone - Stand!  2. Marvin Gaye - What's Going On  3. Aretha Franklin - I've Never Loved A Man The Way I...
  2. JensA

    Why did this Album make it into your "Alltime Heavy Rotation"?

    I really enjoy the My Top 20 Albums of all time.. thread, especially the explanations given for the respective Top 20. I would be interested in how and why certain albums make it into your "all time heavy rotation" and have now started this thread. Would like to see further contributions from...
  3. Clubsport911

    Why we like music ? Universally liked tunes ?

    Please bear with me, simple Q but a tiny bit of background. On a business trip, standing at a train station in Germany I was listening to a podcast and along came Sleeping Satellite by Tasmin Archer. [worth a listen on YouTube if you have moment]. Now, at this point some of you will nod and...
  4. B

    Record collection for sale

    Here is the collection - 4000 vinyls. Its a merged collection so some duplication of items as a result but an enterprising buyer could sell those on I am sure Some items like the two Kate Bush box sets going on discogs for up to £500, some other albums well over £100. Mostly post rock and indie...