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Found 28 results

  1. The amp delivers 5 x 120W and is basically a 5-channel version of the highly-regarded A3cr 2-channel power amp, minus the choke regulation. Like the A3cr, it is configured as separate mono-bloc amplifiers and, having owned the A3cr, the sound is identical to my ears. The punch and sound quality are superb. I originally bought this to drive a Sonus Faber surround sound system and it did a fantastic job, but when I changed front speakers to huge Neat MF9s a few years ago I bought an MF A5 power amp to provide extra power. Since then, the HT600 has been driving the 2 rear speakers in a 4.1 setup. This makes no sense so I have finally bought a 2-channel power amp for the rears and the HT600 therefore needs a new home. In terms of functionality, it has never missed a beat and of course it has been driven very lightly for the last few years. Cosmetically, the front panel is in very good condition while the top is pretty good but with a couple of blemishes. One is a short, narrow curly line, and the other is a mark that might be a residue from some tape. Both were present when I bought the amp. In dim light they are not really visible and they can't be seen when the amp is mounted in a rack. However, I have taken photos on bright natural light to show them clearly. The amp will come boxed with mains lead (the box is from my A5 amp but the amp fits perfectly). It can be shipped by UPS or collected from North Kent. It would be nice not to have to post the amp and I would be willing to drive e.g. as far as the M25 to meet up. The amp is listed at what I consider to be a very reasonable price - for example, a search of MF A3cr 'sold' prices on eBay shows 6 sales of £660, £500, £530, £493, £582 and £560. This amp gives the same power quality for a surround system or of course is absolutely ideal for bi-amping in a 2-channel system. £750 - ideally collected from Herne Bay or can be shipped by UPS
  2. Selling on behalf of a friend For sale a pair of these amazing monoblocks. These amps will appeal to those who love aesthetics as much as good sound. Your dinner parties will enjoy the conversation piece of 20 watts of single ended magic and the Van de Graaf looks. 833 transmitter valves provide the output driven by a pair of EL34s and a silver-wired input transformer. Attenuation by a front panel knob means these can be used as integrated amps. The amps operate silently and coolly. The output tube is capable of 1800 watts but is tuned to deliver 20 watts and is cooled by a whisper fan. Any demo possible. These amps are autobias, so no adjustments are necessary. The life of the 833 tube is described as more or less indefinite at the rated power output and the EL34 driver valves should last 5 years or so, or longer, as they are run at a much lower dissipation than when used as output valves. Pick up only as these came in plastic crates so do have boxes. I will also travel up to 100 miles for a swap etc. I am based in Wimbledon. Price £6,500
  3. RADFORD STA25 MK3 POWER AMPLIFIER With much trepidation, i am selling this wonderful Amp. Purchased from Tom (Montesquieu) he got it directly from Will at Radford Revival, who has serviced it. This lovely amplifier has also been in David Coe's (Ad Audio) for a recap and a once over and actually got it sounding in our assessment, sweeter sounding than the new MK5 version!! I have heard a few STA25's and this is IMHO the sweetest. It works faultlessly and comes with a solid quad set of JJ EL34 and the smaller valves are what Will @ Radford Revival fits to all his amps. It's been driving my Tannoy Monitor Golds with such musicality and authority I will miss her. Only selling due to an offer this come my way and I have to raise funds, or it would stay for sure!! Actually could be a mistake :scratch: Cosmetically in Very presentable condition with only tarnished valve plates which i have photographed. This obviously has nothing to do with the sound and never bothered me in the slightest. As I say, it's in great condition really for an amp of a certain age, odd blemish or scratch and the tarnished valve top plates as mentioned.... but it is not a new amp! Collection preferred from BARNET or delivery / meet up within a reasonable distance. Price is £1800
  4. Some days I wonder about my state of mind but then again no real reason why I should change now just because I have got older. While browsing through e-bay as you do came across a sale of this power amp which shows as being 50 Watt Class A (slightly sceptical about this ) and 110 Watt class A/B . It was on the last nine minutes and I got a bit of bidding fever as i thought the winning bid was a little low . Left a bid and went to browse some where else and gues what won the auction for £227.50 . Not a huge amount but after reading a little about the amp (really should do this before bidding) it is a Swedish design then as many things are built in China . Reviews are okay to be fair and as a buy for a back up amp for the next one of mine I blow up it fits the bill I am sure . Anyone heard one , has one and could offer some comments would be appreciated . Feel free to tell me the bad news first I think I can cope . Then again maybe do it gently feeling a little fragile around the mental areas at the moment . Z Class-AP100 Stereo Power Amplifier
  5. Conrad Johnson Premier 350 SA Legendary CJ 350SA for sale – 350 watts per channel; unassuming from the outside and audio gold with limitless power when doing its thing! Has been used to power my Genesis Technology speakers which it has done flawlessly and sounding glorious – as good as the many reviews online suggest. Only reason for sale is so I can try valves - I was tempted to hold onto the 350 but can’t justify it and would struggle to find a safe place for it. UK 240V version with manual, uprated power cable and schematics Condition is great other than an only seen up-close, small ding to the top corner edge of the faceplate from previous owner. Flash for the photo has made the front panel look dusty but it really is pristine; I will give it a clean :-) New RRP was £8k so a bargain at £3,250 Local pickup from Staffordshire as it weighs 40kg, and I’m very happy to demonstrate
  6. I have decided to part with my Abrahamsen amplification. Bought in December 2015, it has served me for a few years, until I moved onto a completely different type of amplifier. The amplification consists of an Abrahamsen V3.0 UP Preamplifier and one V4.0 UP stereo Power Amplifier. I am not selling them separately. Pictures of the equipment can be seen here. The pics are old, but the amps look like new, with nary a scratch. For those that do not know, Per Abrahamsen was one of the founders of Electrocompaniet, a company that he left in 2004, and that was acquired by West Control in 2007. He then founded Abrahamsen where he continued to design amplifiers based on the same principles. So these amps look very much like Electrocompaniet gear, and sound like Electrocompaniet gear as well. IIRC the preamp is very similar to a EC 4.6 preamp, and the power amp to a AW-220. The amplifiers come in their original packaging with all the original accessories, except power cords (which I immediately replaced). I will throw in an XLR balanced connection with Van den Hul cable to connect the two separates. These are the "UP", i.e. upgraded, versions, with larger capacitance reservoir, higher bias current, faster diodes than the regular versions. I originally paid them 12080 NOK, i.e. almost 1200 EUR at the time. I am asking for 650 EUR plus shipping to anywhere in Europe. It is a great opportunity to listen to the legendary Electrocompaniet sound at a fraction of the price of Electrocompaniet, even used.
  7. For sale: excellent and rare in second-hand, "welding power plant" that will make your Victorian house collapse (perhaps this is what you want, who knows?) This is a rare combination of natural warmish timbre with great detail, clarity and bass. Operates in AB-class giving 125W/8Ohm perfectly stable into 1kW/1Ohm. 1.5kVA transformer, 50kg weight IMPORTANT NOTE: THIS IS AN ORIGINAL 230V EUROPEAN UNIT, NOT A JAPANESE 110V CONVERT THAT GOD KNOWS WHO TAMPERED WITH. Selling only due to sad life circumstances. Can be picked-up in person or sent fully-insured with reputable courier of choice (DPD,DHL,UPS, FedEx etc). Have original super strong carton box with styro-foam, so no issues. Price and currency: £6000 Delivery: Delivery cost is not included Payment method: Bank transfer or cash on collection Location for pick-up: READING/UK or WARSAW/PL Advertised elsewhere?: Advertised elsewhere Prefer goods collected?: I have no preference
  8. Well around 09.20 on Sunday I blew up not one but two Quad 405 amps which while they still show the power light on no sound is coming out . No idea why or how . They will need to go for repair . In the mean time this means my spare room where I have my PC the Digital active system is not going to work . I have one stereo power amp a Trio Basic M1 which will do fine for the Treble units but I need another stereo power amp to use to drive the bass units. Given that the Quad Repairs will cost me and how much I spent on drink at Kegworth I can only ask if anyone has any half decent sounding amp they want to get rid of . I will set it up and use while the Quads are away then pack it with the Trio and have as a spare . Maximum budget is around £150 so if you have anything etiher add on this thread or PM me . I know how kind many of you are on here and even at the show I got offers to lend me amps . This is really appreciated but with my track record of blowing up amps I want to be sure it belongs to me and I have not destroyed another wammers pride and joy . Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  9. Custom built Hypex NC500 power amplifier to the highest standards. It's dual mono edition with single NC500 and SMPS1200 per channel encapsulated in single enclosure. High quality signal and speaker interconnects throughout with careful placement and routing with ferrite cores at the relevant power input sections. Please note that all crucial wire end-points (signal and speaker namely) are directly soldered (with Cardas quad eutetic) to the connectors (speaker binds, Neutrik XLR, NC500 Molex signal input and speaker output spades). It was a bit tedious job but, simply put, I'm not huge crimping fan! as featured on majority of other NC500 builds. As significant feature, NC500s are using Class A input buffer board (Rev C) from Nord Acoustics with pre-installed Sparkos Labs SS3602 OpAmps. I will also include extra pair of Sonic Imagery 994 OpAmps for free! (£160 value) so that one could experiment further with sound signature. It's relatively easy to swap the OpAmps. Enclosure was sourced as one-off special edition from Ghent Audio. There is a very discrete blue light at the front with adjustable levels (with off feature). It's worth noting that thermal paste was used for each amp module mount, so effectively enclosure is acting as one huge heatsink. It's a exemplary NC500 power amp, really nicely built with great attention to details. It's great purchase for someone and at the same time great value considering the tremendous sonic performance. Let me know if you have any further questions. Please note that I will offer 1 year warranty, as amp components are sourced from new and still within the warranty. Photo gallery: £1580 UK shipped (international delivery on request) Thanks for reading!
  10. Selling my immaculate Cyrus Stereo 200. Had it for 2 years and loved it, but have upgraded so time to move it on. It’s fully double boxed and comes with cables and manual. Located in Bristol, will post at cost or happy for collection or maybe a part-way meet. £800 ono plus postage at cost.
  11. Hi there, Can anyone tell me if there is anyway of using a kai 180 and a kas180 together to bi-amp as there does not seem to be pre out on the kai?? There is a record out that won' work due to a set volume I've read!!! Is there a way of turning the rec out into a pre out at all or daisy chain g the 2 amps? On another note would there be much difference between the kas180 and kas 270 sonically if anyone has heard both together! Finally, depending on answers above does anyone know of anyone selling a kal180 no 1 or 2 at a sensible price!! Sorry for all the questions but 1st time asking anything!!! Thanks
  12. Apparently Canada's answer to Krell Audio, the Classe CA-300 certainly looks the part, and weighs it too. £2250 or near offer This Power amp was driving Wharfedale Opus 2-3 floorstanders as the front end of a good friends AV setup until he passed away late last year, his widow has asked me to oversee the sale of his setup and I will be advertising other bits of it over the next day or two including said Opus2. I personally know little about Classe products but from what I have gleaned from reading around is that they are highly regarded, extremely musical and built like battleships. It does have a scratch on the top but its cosmetic only and the metal is undamaged beneath, the front panel is immaculate and looks stunning. Can be demo'd and any questions or information are welcome. Priced to sell, as far as I can gather anyway.... (Informed corrections gratefully received if I've gone wildly adrift but I think Ive got it about right) Thanks for reading
  13. S_G

    DAC pre-amp

    Hello! I'm returning to hifi after many years out in the Navy. Not much space for separates on a warship... I have zero budget so doing this on a shoestring. I have all the components, second hand, and would appreciate your advice on setup, including cabling and configuration, optimisation etc. So, I have an irDAC 2, two Arcam 8P power amps, and a pair of Ruark CL20s. Ortofon SPK200 biwire speaker cables, QED Profile ICs. Sources include spotify, tidal, itunes, TV etc. Interested on views regarding using the DAC as a pre-amp, how to establish the best connections to the amps etc. I have a pair of Y RCA cables (i.e. single male RCA to double female RCA in order to feed the amps... is that optimal?) Any other views most welcome. Hit me. Stefan
  14. Croft Series 7. Already a classic, 45W Mosfet/Valve Hybrid Power Amp. £430 plus postage (RRP £770). Collection welcome from SE London.A lovely design that has a naturalism which eludes many more expensive power amps. Some prefer the unregulated to the regulated version. It is quite system dependent, but whilst the R version are tighter, the standard series 7 has a big free-breathing sound that is full of tonal richness. It responds very well to tube rolling. The supplied JJ ECC83 is good, but if you put a nice Mullard inside it really adds something.The condition is good; internally superb, with a couple of minor scratches externally. It won't win beauty contests but it's an unobtrusive and minimal black box that's easy to fit in a rack.
  15. I need to have a “spring clean” and there will a number of items coming up for sale shortly ! I have owned this for about seven years, having bought it from Jerry (Jandl100) and it has proved to be an excellent amplifier However changes to my system has meant that it has been "relegated" to spare amplifier status for the last three years and the time has come to move it on to pastures new. As the photographs demonstrate it is in good condition. Power output is 50 watts per channel, hence the name, of course, and it has an auto-bias facility. Current valve complement is 2 x Tesla ECC88 plus 4 x Electro Harmonix 6550. The Teslas now have about 500 hours on them and the 6550s have about 350 hours on them; I purchased both sets second-hand about four years ago. I have a copy of the manual which will be provided but I do not have the original boxes. For your information, I've had some work carried out on it by Deco Audio, Aylesbury, since buying it, including a major service in Jan 2011. Copies of the invoices are available if required. This is a heavy beast and I am not prepared to post/courier it. So, collection preferred from Linslade, Beds, LU7. Could possibly meet up or deliver within a sensible distance, but this will be subject to buyer negotiating with my wife as I don't drive ! I'm looking for £550. http:// http:// http:// http://
  16. Unison Research DM150 Power Amplifier in good condition. A superb powerhouse that has an extremely fine midrange and stress-free sound. £2500 new, now only £699 Click on the photo for more details:
  17. Now SOLD. Thanks LINN AV5125 5 channel power amp for sale Black Mint condition Boxed (an original Linn AV5125 box but not with matching serial number) 575gbp plus postage and insurance at cost (I won't post without insurance). Could be collected at Scalford. Note - any marks showing on the photos are just dust picked up by the camera.
  18. Selling a Krell FPB300c. 300wpc into 8 ohms and 600wpc into 4 ohms. Excellent condition and with original packaging. If not too familiar with the particular Krell series and model, review below pretty much covers it: Based in Dublin. I bought it as Class A solid state alternative to my valve amps so that could switch amps periodically and enjoy the best of both worlds. But am finding that I spend nearly all the time with the valve amps so the Krell now up for sale. Please PM if interested...... ** NOW SOLD **
  19. Naim NAP 200 - Power Amplifier - £949, RRP - £2055 **SOLD** 1 owner from new, in excellent condition. Serial no. 235707 - August 2006. Original box and packing and manual. 12 month warranty provided. Elite Audio are part of Audio Emotion, so you can buy with confidence Please call us on 0203 397 1119, PM or email us at for more information.
  20. Email We have for sale a used pair of CR Electronic Design Amphion Class A monobloc Power Amplifiers for £799.00 These monoblocs are based around the 6C33C linear tubes,combined with the excellent circuit design the Amphions give a wonderful open quality of sound that made these an incredibly well regarded pair of amps. These have also been upgraded, the previous owner had the following upgrades done to these: Replace 8 x 100v smoothing caps in PSU Replace 4 x 450v smoothing caps in psusReplace 8 x 450v electrolytics on input boardsUpgrade all 6 coupling caps to Mundorf film /foil These monoblocs are items that have been trade in, if you have something that you would like to trade in against these send us a message with what you have and we will come back to you.
  21. Meridian 557 Power Amplifier - £795, RRP - £1500 **SOLD** 1 owner from new, in 'as new' condition. Original box and packing. 12 month warranty provided. Elite Audio are part of Audio Emotion, so you can buy with confidence Please call us on 0203 397 1119, PM or email us at for more information.
  22. Primare A34.2 power amplifier - ex-demo in titanium and black finish - RRP £1750, selling at £1350 - Primare A34.2 at Audiologica, high power yet controlled refinement are the hallmarks of the Primare A34.2, it will tame almost any loudspeaker with ease 01403 336 339
  23. Gato Audio DPA-4004 Power Amplifier - 2 x 800w @ 8 ohms or 4 x 400w @ 8 ohms - High Gloss Black - £2695, RRP - £4190 Ex-Demo - in absolutely 'as new' condition. Comes with original box and packing 12 month warranty provided. Elite Audio are part of Audio Emotion, so you can buy with confidence Please call us on 0203 397 1119, PM or email us at for more information. Information: Gato Audio DPA-4004 Multichannel Power Amplifier The four-channel Gato Audio DPA-4004 is a flexible solution that offers a variety of options and combinations with the number of power output channels. A feature of the amplifier is to use modern technology to build the Class-D output stages , which in combination with a bridge connecting channel enables the production of high output power with a compact and elegant design. Real power The Gato Audio DPA-4004 provides at least 4x400W under 8 Ohm load, and at 4 ohms the value of channel capacity doubles. Each pair of channels in the amplifier can be connected in a bridge circuit, allowing individually configured power for multi-channel systems, or bi-amping speakers. The most obvious candidate to work in conjunction with the DPA-4004 is the award winning Gato Audio PRD-3 pre amp/dac, but the new model can also accompany the DIA-250/400 integrated amplifier, offering more channels and flexibility in terms of channel capacity. In multichannel systems, the DPA-4004 can serve to enhance the surround sound processor signals, possibly in combination with PRD-DIA-250/400 in the "Home Theater" mode. Class-D with true 'analogue' audio The DPA-4004 is a technically advanced solution in the form of Class D output stages with a separate power supply. The amplifying part is built on proven technology, with an optimized precision high-frequency generator and PWM modulator. Fast and accurate switching MOS-FET transistors have a very low on-state resistance, providing superior performance at high frequency with a minimal loss. Output filters on quality polypropylene capacitors and coils with low resistance convert powerful PWM signals back into analogue for an immersive detailed and textured sound.
  24. It was with pleasure that I undressed these beasts exposing its curves, knobes and silky body No "time of the month" issues, mood swings and headaches Analog Domain will entertain you 24/7 Satisfaction guaranteed Have a demo and take one home Home demo available
  25. Hi all, Looking to move my Classe CA-2300 on to free some money up out of my system. Its a fantastic amp (in my humble opinion), and powerful too with 300W into 8 ohms and 600W into 4 ohms. I have had this for a couple of years, but I believe it is around 4-5 years old. It is a Canadian made one rather than a Chinese one if this is important to you. Cosmetically it is in good condition, a couple of marks (which may even come off with a bit of persistence) but nothing particularly bad. There are foot marks from when I had my Classe pre amp on top of it, and a couple of marks on the sides (see pics) Also included in the sale is a piece of aluminium with the front edge profiled to suit the amp to sit it on in case your rack is not deep enough for it to get the feet on (as is the case with mine). The amp has the box and accessories. I am near Scarborough, would rather deal in person given the value, size and weight of the amp, might be willing to deliver depending on where and when. Looking for £2750. Cheers for looking!