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Found 21 results

  1. Anybody upgrading? Looking to buy a Pass Labs xa25 if anybody is thinking of selling.
  2. I am selling my beloved Karan Kas400. Bought new in may 2018. Perfect condition, as new, with instruction and original wooden box. £7900 ONO Due to weight 64kg I would prefer pickup (south London) but delivery can be organised as well. Strong power source with two completely armored torodial transformers and group of capacitors with high reserve of 132.000 µF guarantee strong, fast and incredibly controlled sound regardless of the type of loudspeakers that are being used. Producing 420 watts per channel of uncolored high-current output power into 8 ohms (660 wpc into 4 ohms), the KA S 400 will drive any loudspeaker to its maximum capabilities with incredible ease. Technical data: * 8 ultra fast Sanken RET output power devices per channel, with a total current capability of 160 Amperes; * 8 stages of voltage regulation; * Current feedback topology, with no overall feedback and with only 0.03% Intermediation distortion (IMD) at rated power output into 8 Ohms; * Each channel uses a 1.000 VA low noise toroidal transformer and 132.000 µF of total capacitance; * Frequency response DC-300kHz +0, -3 dB; * S/N ratio better than -112 dB at rated output into 8 Ohms; * Damping factor better than 6,000:1 into 8 Ohms, 20Hz…20kHz; * Pink noise power output of 420W/660W/1.200W into 8/4/2 Ohms; * Input sensitivity: 2V * Dimensions 500x240x480 mm (19.7″x8.7″x26″) WxHxD * Dimensions in box 640x360x570 mm WxHxD * Net weight 52 kg * Btto weight 64 kg
  3. Looking for Sugden power amplifier. Either stereo or mono’s. Must be boxed etc. for shipping. WHY?
  4. Conrad Johnson Premier 350 SA Legendary CJ 350SA for sale – 350 watts per channel; unassuming from the outside and audio gold with limitless power when doing its thing! Has been used to power my Genesis Technology speakers which it has done flawlessly and sounding glorious – as good as the many reviews online suggest. Only reason for sale is so I can try valves - I was tempted to hold onto the 350 but can’t justify it and would struggle to find a safe place for it. UK 240V version with manual, uprated power cable and schematics Condition is great other than an only seen up-close, small ding to the top corner edge of the faceplate from previous owner. Flash for the photo has made the front panel look dusty but it really is pristine; I will give it a clean :-) New RRP was £8k so a bargain at £3,250 Local pickup from Staffordshire as it weighs 40kg, and I’m very happy to demonstrate
  5. Philips 22AH380 / DC380 ‘Black Tulip’ Power Amplifier Many of you will already know about the reputation of the iconic Philips Black Tulip range, but for those who don't, it's where Philips' best 'audiophile' designs ended up. This is the bigger and better of the two power amps that were made and has performed flawlessly for me, producing a big, bold sound with plenty of grip in the bass. It has two big illuminated VU meters, variable output, speaker switching and warning lights for excess heat and DC. 220v with a captive mains cable & European 2-pin plug, on which I have put a UK adapter. I will include the four speaker terminal adapters for easier cable connection. This amp is in timewarp physical condition as per photos, including the groovy ‘block diagram’ graphic - I would rate it 9/10. Power - 100 W at 8 ohms, 180W at 4 ohms Input Sensitivity - 1 V Weight - 11.5kg Dimensions - 482 X 111 X 340 mm At this stage I am only offering collection from Highgate, London N6, as I don’t have suitable packing. £350 cash on collection, or ppl gift please. REDUCED TO £300
  6. One Audio Synthesis Desire Decade stereo amplifier (175 W + 175 W into 8 Ohms), in perfect condition. The amplifier has been owned by me since new, and relatively lightly used (I'm also a headphone listener, and the amp was boxed up for several years while I was working abroad). The amplifier was serviced and tested by Audio Synthesis earlier this year. The amplifer will be supplied in its orginal packaging, with manual and spare fuses (also original!). A description of the amplifer can be found on the Audio Synthesis website, from which these extracts are taken: "DESIRE DECADE is designed to act as a very high impedance load - 440kohms - to avoid any load distortion of the preamp's output stage. It provides a user selectable gain to facilitate use with either a passive preamp, or a standard active preamp." "The DECADE range is fitted with German precision WBT input and output connectors with dependable Swiss XLRs for the switchable balanced input. For ultimate transparency all input connectors are attached directly to the individual channel boards and solidly bolted to the substantial rear panel for long term trouble-free use. To preserve the transients originally present in live music it is particularly essential that all output current paths are of low inductance. In DESIRE DECADE this is accomplished through four solid, high purity silver star quads, each individually Teflon insulated and with in excess of 12mm squared of silver. A total of eight terminals per stereo amplifier are fitted and to eliminate interaction between speaker drive units, all bi-wiring is directly wired back to the common output devices and high current earth return star point." I've been very happy with this amplifier, and used it to drive B&W speakers and then, more recently, Monitor Audio Platinum series. The reason I am selling the amplifier is that I am now using a Bryston. I am willing to consider shipping abroad, but the purchaser will have to pay for the postage and insurance. I live in Norfolk. I am looking for about 900 GBP for this well regarded amp, but will consider offers. I'm happy to answer any questions.
  7. IMG_7525 2.heic.pdfIMG_7525 2.heic.pdfIMG_7525 2.heic.pdfMaking a move to Pro Audio so beginning the process of selling on my current equipment. First out of the gate are the Plinius SA Reference and Allnic L5000 preamp with upgraded KR Audio PLINIUS SA-Reference Power Amplifier £6000 The award winning SA Reference amplifier paints a seamless sonic picture from the most tuneful and accurate bass to a sweet, extended top end. Designed to work as either a monoblock, or a stereo amplifier. They are truly a masterpiece of design and they display the very best craftsmanship in their build quality. As a bridged monoblock the SA-Reference will exceed 1kW of pure balanced amplification and in balanced XLR mode operates as a true balanced amplifier from input to output. Premium components have been used throughout and Class A operation is maintained to over 100 Watts per Channel while 300 Watts is available in both Class A and Class AB stereo mode. When you purchase a Plinius SA Reference amplifier you are among a very select group of audio enthusiasts that have realised the dream of owning a product that delivers sonic clarity and aesthetic finish combined with extraordinary build quality. The team at Plinius are immensely proud every time one of these units leaves the factory. ALLNIC L5000 £6000 The Allnic L-5000 DHT is the world’s first commercially produced, pure DHT preamplifier. Currently, the L-5000 DHT’s large output tubes are very rare items, produced many decades ago. Allnic has been able to secure a limited number of these valves, enough to produce an also limited number of the L-5000 DHT preamplifier. ONLY A LIMITED NUMBER OF UNITS OF THIS DESIGN WILL BE MADE. The L-5000 DHT has the following features: Line output transformer coupling – The L-5000 DHT is “transformer coupled”. In tube amp circuitry, there are two coupling methods; one is capacitor coupling and the other is transformer coupling. Capacitor coupling is the traditional, low cost method. It is somewhat stable but transfers only voltage, not wattage (i.e., not real energy). With transformer coupling, about 90% of real wattage is transferred (there is still a transformer loss of about10% of wattage – voltage is not affected). Constant and low output impedance – One of the benefits of transformer coupling is that it facilitates constant low output impedance. Low output impedance is critical to the design of a good preamplifier. No negative feedback design Advanced tube technology voltage regulation – For quieter and more dynamic operation, the L-5000 DHT has an ultra-high speed automatic voltage regulation circuit, utilizing vacuum tubes. New vacuum tube damping technology – Allnic Audio’s patented "Absorb GEL tube damper" technology prevents harmful vibrations from reaching the signal / gain tubes and, therefore, prevents micro-phonic noise propagation in the tubes. Provided other tube components do not introduce micro-phonic noise into your system, with the Absorb Gel damping system, you will enjoy a degree of transparent sound that will surprise and please you. Precision attenuator volume control – The L-5000 DHT does not employ a digital IC volume control or a low-cost carbon film volume control with a motor. Allnic Audio has developed a precision oil clutched motorized attenuator; the L-5000 DHT has no (± 0db) channel unbalance at any volume level. IMG_7525 2.heic.pdf
  9. Nord One Up SE NC500DM Mk II By Alex Colburn A little over two and a half years ago Colin North of Nord Acoustics launched the Nord One Up NC500DM dual mono stereo power amplifier and One Up NC500MB monoblock version. Nord’s NC500 family of amplifiers are based on the Hypex Ncore class D technology and capable of delivering 400W into an 8 Ohm load. One of the keys to the amplifier’s excellent performance was the Nord designed input buffer incorporating Sparkos discrete regulators on the power supply and a variety of user selected dual discrete class A op amps from Sonic Imagery, Sparkos or Burson rather than the Hypex designed monolithic amplifier. Discrete op amps are used extensively in professional audio due to their superior performance in terms of sound quality, noise and output current. On the face of it, using a class A amplifier to drive a class D output stage seems counterintuitive but the combination works very well. At the time of its launch, George 47 did an excellent review of the original amplifier that is available here: More recently, Colin has launched a new family of One Up NC500 amplifiers under the Mk II guise. The new range features a completely re-designed buffer board designated Rev. D. You don’t need to buy a new amplifier the get the latest spec, all older amplifiers can be upgraded either as a DIY installation or a return to base if required. The new board moves away from the original dual op amp design and utilises a pair of single discrete op amps based on a design originally developed back in the 80’s by Deane Jensen of Jensen Transformers for professional audio use and utilising a much larger pin footprint than the standard dual-in-line devices. Moving away from the dual op amp topology has some technical benefits, cross-talk inherent to the dual devices is eliminated and the single devices have considerably higher class A output drive capability. The heat sinking of the Sparkos discrete regulators has been beefed up to cope with the increased current demand. In addition to the use of audio grade polystyrene capacitors throughout, the new topology has allowed fine-tuning of the supporting circuitry and improved noise and RFI counter measures. Nord offer two op amp options for the Rev. D board, the Sparkos SS2590 which is a naked PCB device and the Sonic Imagery 990ENH which is fully encapsulated. Differences between op amp options on the Rev. D board are apparently less than found with the Rev. C board offerings according to Colin but some may prefer one over the other. As a fan of the Sonic Imagery 994ENH op amp in my Rev. C boards, I opted for the Sonic Imagery 990ENH in my Rev. D boards. Nord Rev D buffer board In light of the excellent performance of the original Mk I amplifier with Rev. C buffer, my expectations for the Mk II were relatively modest but I ended up being proved completely wrong on that point! Before undertaking any critical listening, I allowed the amplifier to run up to a stable operating temperature over a little more than an hour. Starting the audition with my usual collection of well-loved favorites, it quickly became apparent that the Mk II amplifier was giving me a significantly more expansive and precise soundstage. Both artists and instruments are presented in a rock solid 3-dimensional image. I’ve used the optical analogy because it’s like viewing a larger, sharper image. The audition continued largely playing tracks I knew imaged well as I wanted to explore how good it could get. After many tracks, I was convinced the Nord Mk II was getting the very best from any spatial and ambience content in a recording in as much as the Glastonbury Tor speakers were capable of reproducing. Moving on, the Mk II retains all the great qualities of the original and adds to that an improvement in dynamics. Faster edges to bass notes add texture, authority and weight to the bass, notes start and stop as they are supposed to. I find a good measure of a system upgrade is when it spurs you on to playing music you previously shied away from and the Nord Mk II certainly did that for me. The net result is to move the recorded performance that bit closer to the live experience. Class D has come of age and is here to stay, all be it with the assistance of some class A magic from Nord! If you are a Nord One owner with the Rev. C buffer boards I can only recommend you upgrade to the Rev. D boards, it’s well worth the cost IMHO. Upgrade prices start from: £658.80 including VAT for a stereo pair. Associated review equipment: Source: Linn Klimax DSM Mk 3 Speakers: Modified Townshend Glastonbury Tor Mk1/Townshend Maximum Supertweeters Interconnects: Nordost Tyr 2 balanced XLR Speaker cables: Nordost Heimdall bi-wired Z-plugs
  10. Naim NAP 200 Power Amp High quality stereo power amplifier in perfect working order and excellent cosmetic condition. 2 years old; purchased new in April 2015. Both Naim interconnect and interconnect for connecting the power amp to phono\RCA included. Original box and receipt available (For the avoidance of doubt, this is not the latest DR version but the one preceding that) Reason for sale: in the process of system reconfiguration with the aim of reducing the box count. Price: £990 ono (inc UK shipping) (apologies but I'm not prepeared to ship ouside the UK) Specifications: Power Output: 70 Watts per channel, 8Ω Quiescent Consumption: 11VA Voltage Gain: +29dB Input Impedance: 18kΩ Frequency Response: -3dB @ 2Hz and 65kHz Dimensions (H x W x D): 87 x 432 x 314mm Weight 11.6kg Mains Supply: 100V, 115V or 230V, 50/60Hz
  11. Pass Labs XA60.5 monobloc power amps. Super high end and ridiculously expensive amps from this top US brand. Bought from another wammer and hardly used before I emigrated, much to my dismay. Pure class A. They produce such musical detail it's astounding with oodles of quality power. They are RARE to find for sale in the UK and were imported from USA by previous owner...therefore they are 140v and come with a step-up transformer. Boxed as new. 4500 GBP. They provide 60w per channel into 8 ohms, 120w into 4 ohms. Full power gain is 1.10, high freq 100 khz, gain is 26dbs, power consumption is 200w, distortion is just 1% at full power. They measure 19x7x19 inches and weigh 62 lbs. Courier options given on request, all located in Wells, Somerset. I won't be back to give any demos until beginning of April, but collection is welcome before then. Would obviously prefer to keep them in the Wam so giving it a little while here before I advertise them more widely. Happy to listen to sensible offers too.
  12. Hello wammers, In order to keep my furniture as it is I am looking for a power amp that is physically small but near to or high end. The T + A Amp 8 fits the bill size wise but does anyone have an experience of this? Or of any alternatives? Ideally not much bigger the the Amp 8 - 10 inches by 10 inches approx. It will be driving Spendor S5E speakers (87db sensitivity). Can be new or used but not much more than £2k if possible. I welcome all ideas! Richard A
  13. Audio Research Reference 110 Power Amplifier - £2795, RRP - £10000 1 owner from new, in excellent condition. One scratch on the rear panel. Fitted with Tung-Sol KT120 valves. Original box and packing. 12 month warranty provided. Read the sterophile review here See our website listing here Elite Audio are part of Audio Emotion, so buy with confidence. Please call us on 0203 397 1119 for more information.
  14. Hello. I`m not sure anyone here can advise us,but we have just bought a brand new Quad Elite power amp and have rigged it up to our Quad 34 pre amp (going strong since late 80`s) The Elite is replacing a Quad 306 which we decided to put into retirement! Anyway,after setting it all up we noticed a drop in volume. A comfortable volume level using the 34/306 was at roughly 12 o`clock on the volume achieve that level now with the 34/Elite, the dial is at 2 or 3 o`clock. We read a couple of reviews where people had put the same pre/power amps together and they were pleased with the results and volume didn`t seem an issue.Hence this question. Thanks for reading and hopefully giving your thoughts on the matter
  15. Confirmed as sold. Thanks to everyone for views and comments. Hi, I'm selling my Gamut D200mk3 power amp which is in immaculate condition and complete with manual and original double box. Bought from Rochester Hifi as demo in 2007 and has provided fantastic service since then. Looking for £2,200 cash on collection or if buyer wants it shipped it will be £2,300 via PayPal with buyer paying for shipping. Some links to reviews below, all consistent in their high praise of this amp, great slam, control but, above all, musicality. I've loved having this amp but I've decided it's time for a change and make my final splash on a Karan amp - I'll probably regret it up that's what this hobby does to you... Any questions let me know. Many thanks, Mike.
  16. Primare A34.2 at Audiologica, high power yet controlled refinement are the hallmarks of the Primare A34.2, it will tame almost any loudspeaker with ease Ex-demo in titanium finish - RRP £1750, selling at £1350
  17. Hifi Pig have reviewed the Trafomatic Belus Hybrid. ''Trafomatic is a realatively recent addition to the high-end hifi fraternity and perhaps best known for the £100,000 Elysium monoblocs. This is a Serbian company that exudes quality, detail and perfection. The Belus power amplifier up for review here might not be as expensive as the Elysium, but at a more attainable £3250 this is no less a product says Janine Elliot.''
  18. Gomez

    SALE Meridian 557

    This Amp needs no introduction, getting very hard to find these days still very well regarded. In full working order sounds great, looks the part too a couple of marks on the top but in good condition for age, £700 Cash on collection due to weight may be able to meet up within 15 miles of Stratford on Avon. Gomez...
  19. NuForce's superb STA200 class a/b power amplifier seduces David Vivian in this months Hifi Choice Magazine and gains a Recommend award. David Vivian observed:- "First impressions with the Edwards SP2 in situ are of clarity, exuberance and power that suggest the small amp has the compass to deal with the whole gamut of genres. There’s warmth and colour and tactility to the sound possibly leaning towards a slightly hyped presence, but it’s thoroughly engaging all the same." "Snappy timing and a taut, agile bass performance quickly stand out with the gloriously laid-back sax and keyboard-led fusion of Get Up from Jeff Lorber’s latest album Step It Up – his most enjoyable work in years, despite the predictably formulaic structure and arrangements. There isn’t quite the air and openness I’m used to with the P1, but images are tightly focused and extend convincingly beyond the confines of the SP2’s cabinets, giving a fine sense of breadth and depth." "Good, too, is the way detail sounds true and natural and meshes unobtrusively into the larger sonic picture. Ambience is nicely conveyed and supplies the requisite atmospheric backdrop to Kate Bush at her most ethereal during the An Endless Sky Of Honey half of Aerial. Biffy Clyro at their most raucous is a little less successful." "The NuForce amp doesn’t smudge edges or blur textures, presenting performers and their acoustic environment as a coherent whole with the full spectrum of tonal colours and beautifully resolved instrumental timbres." "And as long as you don’t over stretch its speaker-driving capabilities, it will have no trouble filling a large room with high-quality sounds." Summing up David Wrote:- "It may be small and plain, but beneath that nondescript wrapper, the STA200 is a power amp of some distinction with solid musical instincts and a slightly rose-tinted presentation that, nevertheless, consistently rewards and is easy to live with. In a downscaled audio world, here’s an upgrade well worth auditioning" We Like:-Build and finish; compact size; beguiling sound quality Overall:-Teamed with a talented source and dac/pre-amp, this is desktop hi-fi at its best. 4.5 Stars Cost £899 NuForce STA200 Product Information Contact Information
  20. VTL ST-150 Power Amplifier - Silver - £2995, RRP - £6700 **SOLD** One owner from new, in absolutely 'as new' condition. Less than 3 years old. Be very quick at this price!! UK Supplied (KOG) Original box and packing. See our website listing here Part-exchange from a customer who was upgrading. 12 month warranty provided. Elite Audio are part of Audio Emotion, so you can buy with confidence Please call us on 0203 397 1119, PM or email us at for more information.
  21. VAC Auricle Musicbloc Valve monoblock amplifiers. Fully serviced, and boxed, in superb condition. £1550 plus postage or collected from SE London.Wonderful sounding 70W per channel valve monos designed to get the clarity of 300B amps with the power and authority of KT88s. These can use KT88, KT90, or KT120. And they really look fantastic.The great thing about these amps are that they are powerful enough to use with insensitive speakers (I've used them with 86dB Harbeths) but they are so subtle and quiet they work superbly with very sensitive speakers. The clarity is exceptional, and whilst they have better resolution and clarity than any amp I've had before (valve or solid state), they have all the magic with voices and instrumental tone that we look for in valve designs. I've also used them with Vaughan Cabernet 1, which is very much a full range speaker, and they had gripping live dynamics. This review is a nice summary. current VAC amps are extremely expensive, so these are an ideal way of tasting the magic of Kevin Hayes' designs at a relatively affordable price. I will supply them with 4 x Philips ECC82 input valves and a virtually new matched quad of KT120s. Input Impedance is 100Kohms, which gives most preamps an easy ride, but they are not very sensitive so do like a reasonable amount of gain from the pre-amp. I used them with an Audio Research LS26, which was a very good match. I also briefly heard them with a Shindo Aurieges, which sounded great; a very seductive pairing. Biasing is done manually by the easily accesible dials on the front panel. They have taps for 2, 4, and 8 Ohms, which makes them extremely flexible.They are reassuringly weighty, due to very substantial output transformers, but they don't get hot (except for the valves) and they run quiet.The service was done by the peerless Graeme at Ampregen, who made some subtle improvements, such as extra damping to make them even more quiet.Finally, VAC are one of the most helpful companies I've come across; the designer, Kevin Hayes, is very patient with any questions and an all round good guy of the industry.