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power amps

  1. Blodger

    Croft 25r pre and 7R monos - immaculate

    With much regret, have decided to part with my Croft set-up owing to downsizing and the move to an integrated.  The amps, which are in immaculate condition, comprise a 25R line-only pre-amp, and two 7R mono power amps.  They have not been used very intensively, and come from a no-smoking, pet...
  2. Thetiminator

    Musical Fidelity Titan Reference Power Amplifiers

    A house move means my Boulder, Titan, Revel Salon system is going to be relegated to the TV room, so of course it doesn't warrant keeping. Only c.20 amplifiers ever made they are a collectors piece, I haven't seen a set for sale before. I bought the amps power amps c.5 years ago as an open box...
  3. alans1957

    Audion Power Amps

    Anybody use/have used Audion power amps, if so what do you have and what are the strengths and weaknesses? If you have moved on, what did you have? what did you change to? and why? My current system is SME 20/3 with Rigid Float arm, VDH White Beauty, Tron Seven GT Phono, Mactone Pre (LV mods)...