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  1. Vinylistas

    SOLD AUDIO MUSIC AM RT-2 2 Box Valve High End Pre Amplifier Preamp Line Stage

    AUDIO MUSIC RT-2 preamp for sale. Good used condition with only few minor marks/scratches. Comes with original packaging. Both boxes weight around 40kg. Local collection from SE London or buyer can arrange own courier. Price is £Sold
  2. Vinylistas

    FS: Bryston BP-26 Pre-Amplifier with MPS-2 Power Supply

    Bryston BP-26 with MPS-2 in silver for sale.  Very good used condition with only few minor marks/scratches.  Comes in original pacakging (boxes are quite tattty) with genuine metal remote and PSU cable.  It came back from Bryston UK yesterday where it had performance check and service. ...
  3. Vinylistas

    FS: Stereo Coffee LDR Preamplifier

    Bought this DIY preamp from Myles on the wam some time ago as always wanted to try one. One of the biggest bargains in audio imho.  Remote controlled, with battery.  £200 plus postage.
  4. George 47

    icOn 4 Passive Preamplifier

    icOn 4 (AVC) Passive Preamplifier Review by George Sallit I am fascinated by passive preamplifiers (Control Units?) and have been for a few years. One of the advantages of digital analogue convertors DACs (the only one?) is they have a healthy output of 2V. With power amplifiers giving...
  5. Vinylistas

    WANTED Preamplifier

    Hi,  Looking to buy good preamp.  Solid state or valve, ideally with remote and balanced ins/outs. Will pair with Vitus Audio mono blocks. 
  6. daimler

    Forte Audio Model 2 Class A preamplifier 110/220V with MM/MC adjustable phono stage

    Great vintage preamp. Class A with excellent adjustable phono stage. In great condition. Bought as part of the set but using my home cinema as pre due to room issues and eq. Comes with 110/220V selectable source.  Quite old but very good condition. Want £275 + delivery. Post anywhere for cost -...
  7. D

    Pro-ject Pre Box RS & Power Box RS Uni 4-way

    Pro-ject Pre Box RS in silver, balanced valve output stage, remote control. (nb. the RCA outputs are fixed, it should come with XLR-RCA cables but the previous owner did not include them, I will throw in custom made by Mark Grant 50cm Van Damme Green 110 Ohm Neutrik XLR to Neutrik Profi-phono...
  8. D

    exposure XXI preamp

    Exposure XXI preamp in black with remote control, original box and XLR leads. In really superb condition. £360 delivered in the UK. Poor picture from phone but there it is in the rack: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByAlo05YhV1QVXpDTTBsTHdyaXc/view?usp=sharing Thanks
  9. George 47

    Review of Khozmo Passive Preamplifier

    With the Reviews section in abeyance I thought I would still go ahead and give you my thoughts on the little Khozmo passive preamplifier:   It was twenty years ago that Sgt Pepper taught the band to play…… Well it was actually 34 years ago (yes 34 years!!) that CD hit the (audio) world. It...
  10. M

    Naim Nac 122x

    Naim Nac 122x pre amp.  £375. Full working order and stunning condition with original box/packing/manual and of course remote control which is hardly used. Cosmetically almost perfect, the only blemish is a tiny scratch near the volume control as shown in pics, which I only noticed when taking...
  11. N

    MELOS 333 PLUS Series Preamplifier

    In Excellent condition ,perfectly balanced  L,R channels and matched NOS tubes (SOVTEK) with very low hours,all the electrolytic capacitors  replaced professionally  recently with caps from Panasonic and Nichicon ordered from Mouser. Also New Volume Pot  fitted  exactly the same as the...