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2022 The WAM show
  1. DomT

    Innuos power supply vs the rest

    Hello everyone As some of you will know I have just bought an Innuos Zen Mini mk3 streamer and was intending to use my SBooster with it. But am now considering to continue to use the SBooster with my Auralic Mini and getting a dedicated power supply for the Innuos. SBooster do one at £330 and...
  2. DomT

    Upgrade Power supply vs cable vs DAC

    There has been a lot of discussion recently about the differences that changes to our system can make and there has been lots of heated debate. Maybe everyone has fixed views and it’s a waste of time to do this thread. However in the spirit of furthering the debate here are some thoughts. And it...
  3. DomT

    Sbooster Ultra Mk2 worthwhile?

    Now that I have an SBooster BOTW P&P Eco mk2 I am very impressed.  I note that they have this additional gadget Has anyone used one of these?  Did it make a difference please?   (Especially those with an Auralic Mini) If so how did the music...