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Found 7 results

  1. Hi guys, I've tried to setup Linn Kazoo so that I can play on my Akurate DSM also my own music files from a Mac Mini (that I use as server). Unfortunately, it does not seem to recognise and play certain files, for instance FLAC files from CD ripped by XLD or DBPowerAmp. Tidal works fine. Do the files need certain specifications? I installed Linn Kazoo Server as well, but that did not help. Any suggestions?
  2. Question I am interested in whether Linn DS users have found much difference in the quality of their systems based on the server software and hardware platforms they have used. History I have just bought a Linn Klimax DS/1 renew. Having built and played with a number of systems I ended up buying a Naim NS01 which I used as a big DDC, this was before Naim started producing their 'streamers'. This gave me a good service for a decade before it died. I sent it back to Naim and bought a Sonore Microrendu in the meanwhile, this opened my eyes to what was possible. I then spent time and effort honing my digital front end and got some excellent results for not too much money, in HiFi terms. My last pre-Linn front end included: Audiolinux + NUC backend (LMS), powered by LPSUs via LT3045s >> Audiolinux + NUC backend (Squeezelite), powered by LPSUs via LT3045s >> SingXer F1 >> Audionote 2.1 DAC NUC = Next Unit Computing. Small Intel boxes - not all of them work well in this context. The issue was that I had a system that was spread over three shelves (just the front end), had two 6A LPSUs running 24/7 and a spaghetti of cables. The DS reduced all this to one shelf. Sound Quality The Klimax is more detailed. I suspect the AN is slightly richer, not hugely but rather subtly and with respect to vocals especially. But, BOTH setups give me sonic thrills; if in rather different places. An issue with the DS/1 Renew is that it is a technological dead end, but would I spend the money needed to do an update if I had spent twice as much for a full 2nd hand Klimax? I think not. I would have been equally happy with the dCS NB I think, but that would have cost me an additional £500, second hand; and force me to buy into Apple. It is interesting to listen to familiar tracks and both pick up on added details, but also find other things are hidden deeper in the mix than I think they were. Sound Optimisation Sound Optimisation is a nice trick. The effect is noticeable, and the sound staging is very precise. With studio recordings the music sticks rather closer to the speakers than with the NUC/AN, but with natural acoustic material it is both precise and well spaced. I have played with v1 & v2, having read through the SO Thread. I bought the Renew from an ex-dealer who kindly bought it over and did the v1 settings, which I saved and then used as a base from which to tweak. I will read Paul's thread and then dig deeper. Last night I logged onto the Linn site and set up a few v2 profiles, which i think I prefer at my beginner/superficial level ......BUT, this is a long journey which I am sure will take time and effort. Servers With Audiolinux/NUC I found that I got a real step up with different server software, and where files are hosted. Currently I have three sources: Qobuz; Synology NAS running Minimserver; and Audiostore Prestige 2 (think NUC) running Audiolinux, files on 4 x 512GB USB sticks. Before going into the variation I have tried I have found the Linn to be REMARKABLY unresponsive to server and file changes, all rather small beer. Minimserver: NAS vs NUC/AL = No real difference. NAS Minimserver vs NUC/AL Logitech Media Server = No real difference. With the Naim NS01 there was a definite uptick using wav over flac. I read that potentially Linn sounds better with flac ......not to my ears. With Minimserver I DO find a nice uptick in upscaling files to 24/192; NOT something I have enjoyed historically. I had hoped that flac would work well as with Minimserver you can then flexibly upscale based on the file input, i.e. 16/44.1 > 24/176 & 16/48 > 24/192. In fact I found that what sounded best was ANY wav file upscaled to 24/192. Any thoughts or advise here gratefully received.
  3. Hi I'm looking for a mini windows server which is quiet and can run both roon core and hqplayer upsampling to dsd512 Budget is flexible up to £1300
  4. This probably should be in the computer based hifi section, but as there's currently a thread by Henry on the topic of server to dac build I thought I'd post in here. I currently use a bog standard Acer laptop (W10) to play music via Media Monkey in to my Chord Hugi TT dac. I use a NAS drive to store my music and connect via a Cat7 path lead. Would building a dedicated pc give much improvement? If so, what would be the best way to go about it as I don't know what's what these days about current products. Also, I've read Linux can sound better than Windows, but how easy is it to set up on the network and what media players work on it? I tried it a view years back, but had problems finding a way to get it to connect to my router. Has it improved? Lots of questions I know, so thanks in advance for any tips / guidance.
  5. New from Nova Fidelity the N15 Network player / USB dac / pre-amplifier and music storage bringing you high quality streaming and great flexibility to your audio system. From £600 to £950 depending on storage. High performance system resources Based on powerful dual core ARM Cortex A9 running at 1.0GHz UPnP(DLNA) Server/Client/Media Renderer/Samba Server/Client are supported Super Sound Quality created by built-in Sabre ES9018K2M Reference DAC 2.5 inch HDD or SSD storage deck Giga Fast Ethernet LAN built-in High Speed internal data transferring USB device port for convenient data transfer More features and functions Dedicated USB Audio Class 2.0 input Major online music streaming services integrated: TIDAL, Qobuz, Deezer, Airable Apple Airplay supported Intuitive feature rich and fast control App for iOS and Android devices Gives networking capability to your existing DAC and Amp Hi-Res audio formats supported 24Bit/192KHz HD WAV, FLAC DSD64, DSD128, DSD256 Nova Fidelity N15 Information Contact Information
  6. Innuos Music Servers – A Closer Look Streaming from home networks can sound and work great in Hi-Fi demo rooms, but looking at the infrastructure & effort of moving one’s CD collection from PC to NAS drive can be enough for some people to just buy the vinyl instead. If this relates to your experience of digital audio upgrade, then I would suggest that you look at Innuos. A relatively new company that make a series of music and media servers. The Zen range of music servers has quickly found their way into the homes of people wanting high performance music servers. The Innuos Zenn lineup features 3 models, the smallest ZEN Mini starts at £699 for a 1TB HDD while the ZENith starts with a 1TB SSD at £2299. This is an audiophile storage device, CD ripper, USB DAC streamer, which is easy to use & sounds fantastic. Here’s what you need: - Innuos unit with a network connection & mains. - Tablet/i-Pad - CD collection - DAC with USB input - Internet connection. The app is based on the much-loved Squeezebox platform from Logitech – which is solid & fast. The in-house programming has made the migration of existing music collections easy to do, whether your collection is already on a NAS or is in a pile of CD’s. At a glance Innuos is like other music streaming solutions on the market. Where the Innuos differs is that it has a built-in CD ripper that saves the CD rip as uncompressed FLAC or WAV files. You can also use various music streaming services such as Tidal, Qobuz and Spotify with the Innuos and internet radio. Like everything in electronics, it’s power supply is where they manage to give big improvement – in the case of Innous they use high quality linear power supplies. The Zen has 1 Linear power supply. The Zenith, however, has three separate power supplies – reducing the noise which switch mode power supplies of NAS drives bring. Having just setup a QNAP at home & spent the last couple of day’s working with these I would suggest that partnering any of their three products with a good DAC makes a great sound which is a pleasure to use. I am currently using a Zenith & a Leema Libra DAC, Leema Tucana Anniversary Amplifier & Quad Z3 Speakers & it makes a formidable performance. For more information about Innuos call us on 01482 223096 or email shop@fanthorpes.co.uk
  7. Hi all, I have been a member for a number of years but rarely visit the forums as I tend to buy some kit then just listen to music. Every 5 to 10 years I pop my head up and go 'oh things have changed' but am not much the wiser. Consider me a hifi dunce. So at present I have a completely CD based system with an old Rega Saturn CD player a rebuilt Quad 303 amplifier, hand built passive pre amp and some rebuilt Quad ELS63 Pro speakers. Around 800 Cds which I take down from the shelf and pop into the player and that's it. No fancy computers or anything. However, I've recently accepted that sometimes I'm going to be playing stuff at a higher resolution (particularly as I'm involved in a recording project with a top Grammy award winning producer who records at 24/192). So folks, what is the simplest, best way for me to integrate this into my existing system. I don't need to stream around the house just play my music. I was thinking something like the Innuos Zen Mini MkII to rip and store my existing CD's, and store higher res material feeding a new DAC and then my existing system. Would this be OK? Any other options? What DAC? Any suggestions welcome but please accept I'm pretty stupid when it comes to words like network or streaming and want to keep it simple. Thanks in advance for any help
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