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sold stp

  1. candleman

    SOLD FS Isotek Titan G2 mains conditioner

    Sold STP Excellent condition mains conditioner built with amplifiers in mind, continuous rating at 4600w with 23000w peaks, this comes with original packaging , Isotek mains lead ,retail was £2450 shipping available or pick up from Swindon...
  2. T

    F/S Reference 3a MM DeCapo speakers

    F/S Reference 3a MM DeCapo stand-mount Speakers plus Partington Broadside stands. MM DeCapo speakers in Gloss Maple finish, complete with Chord Signature jumper cables and Partington Broadside stands. Very good condition and working order. 92dB sensitivity which makes them perfect with valve...
  3. Rockchild

    Rega P3-24 inc TT PSU and Elys 2 cartridge

    For sale my lovely Rega P3-24 complete with Rega’s TT PSU and nearly new Elys MK2 cartridge..  Deck in A1 Condition and lid with only some dust scratches but about right for age..  Recently changed bearing oil and belt. Have original box but innards are not brilliant but can pack well for...