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  1. I have a 4m and 6m length of NVA LS3 speaker cable for sale. Cost £250 for the two lengths. £100 UK posted for both lengths. Many thanks. Collection from Torquay most welcome.
  2. After taking some advice for the good folks who inhabit this Forum , has anybody got any of the above they no longer need and wish to move on? The hard bit is I almost certainly need 2 X 5 metre runs as my partner has insisted I move my Beauhorn Rhapsody B2.2's to the other end of the room to ensure some degree of domestic harmony.She says she can't bear to see them through the door when its open. If you have shorter length 2 X 3 metres let me know as I could consider relocation my hi fi to the other end of the room to at a pinch. Mike
  3. Hi as this Forum is so helpful ( creeping out of the way) and you have in the past helped me buy my Beresford Caimen Seg Dac I thought I would try again. Due to the acquisition of Beauhorn Rhapsody B2.2 I find myself needing longer suitable speaker cable as my 2x 3 metre VDH and Van Damme 6 no are longer enough. I need to 2 X 5 metre runs so far have been recommended simple solid core in the wall cable and QED 79 strand at one end of the price spectrum and DNM Reson at the other end. Can't afford the DNM at over £33 per metre so would cost me £350 plus terminations. Anybody got anything that might be a good fit for @ £150 -£200 . My amps are Crofts although I no longer need the 100 watts per channel and will soon be looking for a SET. What does anybody have that might work?
  4. A 5 metre pair of Talk Cable 3 High Definition speaker cables, professionally terminated with banana plugs. Excellent cable for its price, very good condition, not used for two+ years owing to changing speaker positions. £40 + delivery
  5. A 5 metre pair of the excellent Supra Ply 3.4 tinned OFC speaker cable, terminated with banana plugs. These were purchased from Divine Audio about 18 months ago and cost around £140; they are in A1 condition. As a cable I found them very neutral and balanced sound-wise, unfatiguing and worked well with four different amplifiers I’ve used over the period, a lovely treble and mid-range, and decent bass, great transparency and detail. They are 12 AWG, so plenty of capacity. (Owing to system reconfiguration now need 2m cables - hence sale.) A link to the manufacturer’s website: http://www.jenving.com/products/view/ply-2x3.4-1000000677 http://www.supracables.co.uk/speakercables/spkrply.html some comments: https://www.stereophile.com/content/supra-ply-34s-speaker-cables-1 Looking for £75 plus delivery cost. (Based in Liverpool.)
  6. Having a massive clear out as I’m expecting delivery of a new deck which has a built in phono stage so all the below are for sale. Payment by PayPal friends and family or bank transfer. QED XTube XT-40. 2.80m in lengtH. Factory terminated QED air locs on one end. £35 incl postage to UK Chord Clearway speaker cable. 1.20m in length. Generic banana plugs on one end only. £20 incl postage to UK Townshend old school seismic sink. 43 cm wide x 36 cm deep. £75 plus postage (it’s heavy so wouldn’t know cost until I take it to the post office) SOLD. SOLD. SOLD Tonar tacky cleaner. £17 incl postage to UK Rega 45 rpm adaptor. £10 incl postage to UK The Q Up auto lifter. Never used. £20 incl post to UK SOLD. SOLD. SOLD Ortofon stylus pressure gauge. £6 inc postage to UK See my separate listing for : Michell Technoarm Townshend new style seismic platform Rega Aria phono stage MK 1 SOLD Auidomods Series Six tone arm SOLD High quality Perspex dust lid / cover SOLD Notts Analogue Hyperspace SOLD
  7. I have a set of 5 metre LS25 cables for sale, in good condition with banana plugs at both ends. £490 uk posted
  8. For sale is a pair of Kondo sp/c speaker cables terminated with banana plugs. The cable lengths are slightly different being 3.5m one side and 5.5m the other to accommodate side placement of the amp. Originally supplied by Definitive Audio the cables are in excellent condition as can be seen from the pictures. I live near Edinburgh but the cables can be easily shipped. I am looking for £800 delivered in the UK. Any questions please ask.
  9. For Sale, Nordost Blue Heaven speaker cable, in shotgun termination.....these are not manufacture soldered, this has been done by myself using WBT 4% silver solder and HFC silver plated banana plugs.....Ive owned these cables for about 15 years.....in good condition, no major creases or dents.....I want to be totally honest, there is a very small puncture in one of the tracks, I've highlighted this in the 4th photo.....270cm tip to tip......These are directional cables and I've identified this by the longer heat-shrink that goes to the speaker. £250inc. Royal Mail Special Delivery (UK only).
  10. Hi, I'm looking for a pair of 4 -5m speaker cable that needs to be flat or not massively bulky as I'd like it to go under the carpet and it needs to bend round the fireplace. Willing to spend up to £200, but Ideally a bit less! OR to save me selling these: I have a 5m pair of Studio Connections Reference cable to swap for some good quality (and flattish or bendy!) cable. Thanks, Richard (York)
  11. SOLD These really are world class cables. Selling as they're not long enough after moving room. 8ft length - Spades to banana's. But I can get them changed to your preferred configuration if needed. Probably the thickest and heaviest cables I've ever seen -around 28mm thick and I would say each length weighs over a kilo. Huge powerful sound with mighty bass and a touch of warmth to them. https://positive-feedback.com/Issue33/harmonic.htm https://www.thecableco.com/cables/speaker-cables/pro-9-reference-speaker-cable-pair.html SOLD
  12. For Sale...Audioquest Rocket 11 Speaker Cable. 2 × 5m. (Black) £65 firm which includes 1st class postage. 2 banana plugs amp end & 4 bananas for speaker end. Please use Google for all the spec/reviews etc. I bought these from a member recently. However due to early onset of old fool desease I didn't measure the length I required & instead trusted my memory of a previous cable purchase. I was 1.5m short. So they are up for grabs again at the good price I paid. Cheers. M.
  13. A pair of used Cardas Golden Reference Bi-wire speaker cables 2.4m / 8 ft Bought new by me a few years ago In May this year i sent them to Cardas and had them converted to Bi-Wire and reterminated with fresh 1/4" spades both ends so they will perform as well as they did when new Until recently these were Cardas' top of the line cables sitting above the Golden Cross that they still sell. They were noted for their smooth yet dynamic and detailed sound, A little research and you will know just know just how good they are and how costly they were i'm selling them as i have changed the room layout and they are now too short I will send them using Royal Mail special delivery next day by 1pm fully insured service for peace of mind. This is included in the price you pay. £ 1100 ovno if you want to see more pictures check out my ebay listing
  14. Cardas Golden Cross Spk Cables 2m Spades in good condition Super cables owned from new £950 ono
  15. SOLD DNM Stereo Solid Core Speaker Cable. 2 x 5.75 m plus 2 x 1 m unterminated £130 incl. postage The cable can be used bi-wired, bi-amped or single wired. Purchased new for £300, still have the receipt.
  16. Chord Epic Twin speaker cable, bananas, 3.75 m pair One stereo pair of Chord Epic Twin speaker cable, 3.75 m each end to end. Factory terminated with bananas. Excellent condition and a great sounding cable. I tried many types before settling on this, including Van Den Hul, Ecosse, Tellurium Q black. I have ‘gone active’, hence this cable is now surplus to requirements. This is the single wire stuff (two conductors per cable), the biwire cable is the Epic Super Twin IIRC. This will set you back about £450 new (ref FutureShop). Asking £225. Reviews: https://www.techradar.com/uk/reviews/audio-visual/hi-fi-and-audio/hi-fi-accessories/chord-co-epic-twin-93958/review https://hifipig.com/mid-priced-loom-from-chord-company/
  17. I have 2 pairs available of these world class cables. 8ft length (closer to 9ft inc. tails). One pair is 2 spades (amp end) to 4 spades (speaker end) and the other has 4 bananas at the speaker end. Probably the thickest and heaviest cables I've ever seen - to give you an idea, the pen in the 2nd photo is thicker than the Furutech cables in my other system. Huge powerful sound with mighty bass and a touch of warmth to them. https://positive-feedback.com/Issue33/harmonic.htm https://www.thecableco.com/pro-9-reference-internal-biwire-speaker-cable-pair.html They now retail for c.£2200 per pair. £400 per pair inc. delivery. £700 for both pairs.
  18. Sold elsewhere. Mods please move. Cheers Hi folks, for sale: QED Silver Aniversary BiWire speaker cable. 2x terminated lengths: 1x 3metre 1x 5metre. Have moved speakers as result of fitting a fire so bought new cable. Works fine, only points to note as follows. Small part of cable has divided (hand for ref of size) middle of long length, no wire exposed and does not affect performance in any way, plus you can’t see it when being used. Currently double banana to quadruple banana on both lengths, one plastic sheath missing, but easily changed... Pretty sure I’ve got some brand new banana plugs hanging around somewhere, so if I can find them I’ll include them too in case you wish to reterminate. Thats it. Will put on the bay too as they have a £1 sale day. I have a huge buy/seller record on there if you’d prefer. Cheers,
  19. The Super’s hefty cable construction provides effortless current transfer in even the most demanding musical passages. The network boxes reduce noise and interference, to reveal the low-level information so important to the full enjoyment of your favorite music and soundtracks. Compared to the lower Plus version, Super extends performance at the frequency extremes because of its network technology and current carrying capability. A few scratches on the network boxes but otherwise in excellent shape. Only selling as upgrading to the more expensive Ultra XL. 3 mtr lengths. £450
  20. Vovox Textura Fortis LS Single Wiring Analogue Cables - Upgrade to Banana Plugs - £1995, RRP - £4900 Picture used is a stock photo and does not show the upgraded banana plugs. Come with original wooden crate. See our website listing here Elite Audio are part of Audio Emotion, so you can buy with confidence Please call us on 0203 397 1119 for more information.
  21. 2.5 m Tellurium Q Black Diamond Speaker Cable on offer. One of the best speaker cables worldwide. Numerous awards, e.g. "Best Speaker Cable 2014" by Hifi World. Spade connectors on both ends. Excellent condiction - hardly any signs of use. 4 yrs old. 1900 GBP (vs. 3150 GBP new). Buyer pays Paypal fees and shipping. I am frequently travelling to London - personal handover or shipment w/in UK can be organised.
  22. For sale Analysis Plus Black Oval 9 speaker cable 8 feet .Original box,manual. £199+postage
  23. A change of room layout and a new amplifier means that some of my cables are now redundant. Tellurium Q Black balanced cables (XLR) 1.0m in length. 2 pairs available, all in perfect condition and boxed. £370 new, but I’m asking £195 per pair. Tellurium Q Black Speaker cable, factory terminated. 2 pairs for sale, both pairs 4m in length. I paid £400 per 4m pair. Some minor scuffing to the insulation as a result of installing under the floor. All work perfectly and the terminations are not stressed in any way. For sale at £195 per 4m pair boxed. 1 pair now sold. Prices exclude postage for now, only because I haven’t worked out how much it will cost. I’m in Burbage in South Leicestershire. Photos to follow. Thanks for looking, Jon
  24. I have Van Damme Blue Studio grade speaker cable for sale. It's the 6mm stuff - very thick but flexible ... One length 2m, one 2.5m, both terminated in banana plugs, in excellent condition. £38 delivered. Paypal gift please.
  25. Selling my 2.5m High Fidelity CT1-E (Enhanced) speaker cables. 2000 GBP vs. 4500 GBP new/RSP. 3 yrs old. Spade connectors on both sides - with 4 additional banana connectors (easily changed/screwable) I am based in Berlin but frequently travel to London. Personal handover or shipment possible. Shipment in "bulletproof" original case (pls see photos). Buyer pays Paypal fees.
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