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Found 23 results

  1. This set of speaker cables are terminated with Kimber Banana plugs and are in excellent well looked after condition. £350 plus P&P. More pictures available on request.
  2. Unknown brand of speaker stand. 7.5kg each. £40 collected from Torquay.
  3. Calling owners of 225s how do you wire to an exaktbox I ? On linn docs it suggests connection via the rca output but surely it is wired from the speaker terminals to the individual speakers? Do you 5 wire or 4 wire? regards Nigel
  4. NOTE PRICE REDUCED TO £750 Ok my first ad on Wam Forum please be kind. So almost brand new purchased 2020, perfect condition. I used the gloves included to install. Amazing sound see the hifi news review by Ken https://www.analogueseduction.net/user/Quad_S5_HFN.pdf They really do something amazing, image is superb due to ribbon tweeter no doubt. Using them in a large/very large room so went even bigger. The bass is quick and powerful the 3 ABR's help here. So almost brand new bargain at £825 RRP 1500 in this finish Fully boxed with all packing. Prefer collection from Huddersfield, West Yorks. Payment by Cash on collection. I could take them to Kegworth subject to some form of deposit (by friend pay pal if you can explain to me how that would work ) then balance at kegworth. These are lovely floorstanders with a narrow baffle so look quite neat in my opinion, i.e don't dominate so hopefully partner friendly. The outrigger base and spike quality is superb by the way easy to level, no messing underneath the outriggers. Specs below eneral description 3-way floorstanding speaker Enclosure type ABR Transducer complement 3-way ABR 165mm x3 Bass driver 165mm Woven Carbon fibre Cone x2 Midrange driver 125mm Woven Carbon fibre Cone Treble driver 12 x 45 mm True Ribbon Sensitivity (2.83V @ 1m) 90dB Recommended amplifier power 25-100W Peak SPL 105dB Nominal impedance 6Ω Minimum impedance 3.2Ω Frequency response (+/-3dB) 42Hz ~ 23kHz Bass extension (-6dB) 35Hz Crossover frequency 570Hz & 3.2kHz Cabinet Volume (in litres) 72.4L Dimensions (H x W x D) (1070+55) x 205 x (330+30)mm Weight 21.85 KG
  5. For sale a Bowers and Wilkins centre speaker HTM1 Nautilus in light Cherry wood finish, pristine condition: £1,050. (I am close to the M42 exit 2). Laurent (lolotelford@hotmail.co.uk)
  6. One Linn 038/2 Tweeter in very good condition and fully working. Standard in: - Ninka - Katan - Espek - Ekwal - Trikan Upgrade for: - Keilidh - Keltik - Kaber -AV5140 -AV5120 85 GBP including UK mainland shipping and insurance. Shipping to other locations at cost, but must be with insurance. Thanks
  7. Greetings all! I am looking for a pair of Spendor SP9/1 speakers in the best condition possible. I am only interested in Cherry finish pairs. Drop me a pm if you have an offer. Ps. As an alternative I would also consider Spendor 100s and Harbeth 40s.
  8. Wanted a pair of Revel Embrace Surround Speakers - preferably in Black. Any one got a pair for sale or know of someone that has maybe upgraded or moved on and might be willing to part with theirs? Many Thanks
  9. 12 days ago, by chance, a 6.36kg iron weight had been placed on one of my speaker cables. I won’t bore you with the details of my system, but suffice it to say it is a very highly resolving one with a ‘new’ value in excess of £50K. The salient point is the speaker cable is a copper cable in a fairly standard ‘shotgun' configuration. I had not noticed the weights presence (due to renovation of Georgian era sash windows) and at the end of a stressful day dealing with craftsmen I sat down to listen to some Pet Shop Boys, who, incidentally, the BBC are screening one of their live shows this coming Sunday. Initially I thought I’d had a recurrence of temporary dulling of my hearing in my left ear (an old problem caused by a trapped nerve following a hunting accident some years ago) as one channel, the left, sounded terrible in comparison to the right. I checked my hearing using an Iphone app and all was apparently ok. Baffled. My Fiancé joined me and also noticed something was amiss. This was too much for me and I decided to take my leave of an early night to read. The following day I rose early and awaited the craftsmen to resume work. Well, I’ll be jiggered, I noticed the weight on the right cable. The weight had actually been positively affecting the sound thus making the left channel sound dull in comparison. Work recommenced on the windows and I casually asked (actually, I begged if the truth be known) if they had two similar weights I could buy off them. Alas this was not possible. I did have chance to measure the force applied to the cable as the weight was not acting fully since the cable was acting as a fulcrum. 4.31kg acting over 8.5cm. This seems to be the magic number. Almost by chance this was placed equidistant along the cable length. With calm restored following the craftsmen’s departure I now realise that having weights on the cables will be impractical and, naturally, a little hideous to see. I have ordered a large number of laboratory clamps and will be experimenting with different applied forces and at differing points along the cable. I’m sure there are more potential ‘sweet spots’ to find. The joy of being a true audiophile, it’s a pass time that never stops rewarding. This may also have inadvertently happened to you in your system, I would be interested to hear. Picture of the clamps I have purchased below. I may experiment with having some copper or silver plated once I fix the clamp points and pressures.
  10. Does anyone have - or know of - a pair of Revel Embrace Surround Speakers for sale. Prefer a Black Pair. many thanks -Adrian
  11. I have made a pair of KEF 103 Reference speakers in to active units using a MiniDSP DDRC 24 as the Digital Crossover / DSP Unit / DAC with Volume. Sadly one of the T52 Tweeters has blown and getting a replacement looks to be a very difficult prospect. I will continue to keep my eyes open for a replacement and if i can source one then they will be up and working for Kegworth next year . However I have to accept that I may not be able to source either a replacement or an alternative and I will still need a pair for the show . So I now need to start looking for another speaker suitable for me working on and converting to active. The ideal would be a medium to large Two Way , sealed baffle and Bi Wire already . This cuts down on my practical work on the unit which as i am hopeless at this is a huge plus. Sealed Baffle because this is my preference but if it has to be ported then front ported is better. What I am looking for is suggestions of models to look at that will not be over about £200 to buy preferably less that this . Cosmetic condition ie scratches are not a problem but the cabinet must be sound and dink free . I have already gone through those I am familiar with and the list is not long . Need you to highlight speakers that sound very good in basic form as this makes it the best option for improvement. Epos ES14 Celestion SL 6 / 600 / 700 (yes I do know this unlikely for this money but i allowed to dream)
  12. Firstly the reviews may have driven you to this listing - the speaker is mind blowing But I am selling as I have a pair of Harbeth 30.1 sitting around and they are working well in my small lounge.... Tannoy ardens displaced them in the main HiFi system. As the review mention they are less good with d class amps - I can comment on this as only used with 15W valve amp.... A wee Leben cs300xs. If you run a valve amp then don't be fooled by high impedence 15ohm and sensitivity as valve amps see this load differently. Read this explanation https://www.dhtrob.com/overige/tubefriendly_lsp_en.php Big Blurb There is almost no point in discussing some parts of this loudspeaker. The BBC-designed LS3/5a is the stuff of legend, and in our little world as well-known, as ubiquitous, and as popular as the original Issigonis Mini. And, until recently, it was just as consigned to history as the original Mini. That’s all changed, and the Falcon Acoustics LS3/5a is a bold attempt to recreate the original design from scratch. The Falcon Acoustics Classic 15 ohm LS3/5a, fully Licenced by the BBC, and hand-assembled by Falcon in Oxford England. It is the only LS3/5a now in production that is recognised by top reviewers to faithfully replicate the original design published by the BBC in October 1976. The result of nearly 2 years development, the Falcon LS3/5a is a true British-made classic 15 ohm LS3/5a. It continues the long tradition of the genuine British BBC-Licenced LS3/5a stretching back to the 1960’s. The drive units are the renowned Falcon B110, and the Falcon T27 tweeter, both designed by Malcolm Jones, the original designer of the KEF B110 and KEF T27 that were specified in the original 15 ohm LS3/5a version designed by the BBC. Both drive units are handmade in the UK to ensure the highest quality, grading and consistency, and are identical to the original LS3/5a drive units. They are unique to Falcon. The matched 15 ohm BBC Specification FL6/23 filter networks are made exclusively by Falcon in the original transformer-style to BBC Specification and contain inductors specially made in Britain for Falcon to the original specification. The cabinets are made from specially selected graded Baltic Ply, and use Beech fillets Cabinets. They are British made to BBC Specification, and are available in a variety of natural wood veneers (see below for pictures of current veneers) with a Tygan Cloth front grille. Falcon Acoustics LS3/5a’s are sold in matched pairs only REVIEWS I've had the Falcon Acoustics LS3/5a's for several months and have powered them with every amp in the house. They played enjoyably well with all—with one exception. Class-D made these hyper-responsive, 15-ohm speakers sound dry, slightly hard, and more generalized than I like. Class-D amps awoke that napping bass bump and turned the slightly rising treble into a distraction. The LS3/5a has always been an exceptionally amp-friendly speaker, not because it makes mediocre amps sound good, but for quite the opposite reason: The LS3/5a excels at letting you hear exactly what your amp really sounds like. I doubt I'm qualified to fully answer that question—I haven't heard them all. But I do know that the Falcons make my old Rogerses sound a tad drowsy and fuzzy, like a cartridge with too many miles on it. (Perhaps I'm responding to a fresh tweeter with a slightly stronger response.) The Falcon is livelier and sings more clearly than any other LS3/5a I've heard. To my ears, this new, hypercrafted edition seems more "invisible," better toned, less "miserably" distorted or "peculiar" sounding, than any other moderately priced loudspeaker I've used in my home—ever. The Falcon LS3/5a has returned me to my roots, and served as a powerful reminder of the joys and beauties that a simple, accurate, easy-to-drive loudspeaker coupled to a charming low-powered amplifier can provide. Read more at https://www.stereophile.com/content/falcon-acoustics-ls35a-loudspeaker-page-2#1S1xGSxy2WlXQ4S7.99 http://www.hifiplus.com/articles/falcon-acoustics-ls35a-stand-mount-loudspeaker/ Falcon LS3/5a 15ohm (BBC Rodgers splendor King) loudspeaker speaker monitor. Condition is Used. Dispatched with Other 48h Courier.
  13. In excellent used condition. 36.99 gbp plus postage at cost.
  14. Reluctantly selling my Kestrels , i just can't get them right in my room and had to place them either side of the fireplace with not enough room behind . Have now bought Triangle stand mounts . In our other house they had the room to sing .Really are very good speaker's , loads of positive reviews online. Grill cloth things that wrapped around have long since perished, never felt the inclination to replace them. Small nick on one rear corner and a scratch on same on the top which would polish out . Otherwise great nick and soundwise superb.Previous owner upgraded the 5.6uf caps to tweeter's with Mundorf Supremes £270 Collection only or could bring to Kegworth upon cleared funds.
  15. Hello everyone, It's been a while but I hope you are all well. I've always had what I would consider to be a solid/modest mid-fi system. PC/Tidal > Cambridge Audio Dac Magic > Marantz PM8003 > Bowers and Wilkins CM7 with good quality power/speaker cables, interconnects and very conscious speaker placement for listening sessions. Room size 3.5m(D) x 4m(W) x 2.6m(H) Pretty much my dream set-up for a good 6 years and have had some great times with it. I recently heard my bothers new Amphion Two18 studio set-up, I was blown away. At the same time, I borrowed my friends entry-level Stax set-up consisting of SR - 207 Earspeakers and SRM -252S energiser/amp. (the speed of electrostatics!) Again, blown away. The overall impression I got was how resolving both systems are. Everything was bigger and better - Not just frequencies but the placement of instruments, depth of the music, details such as the sustain of reverbs on the vocals. You get the idea. I've been a musician for 20 years (but still learning to listen) and it made me realise that I was missing the true sound that the creator(s) wanted his or her work to be like. The whole process of making music takes a huge deal of time/effort and talent for musicians/engineers/mixers/mastering engineers to craft the end product and I'm guessing that all we truly want is to be in the (mix) room with them - the truest representation of how they intended it to be - with no loss of resolution in every department. I felt like I never got the whole picture, in this case, sound. I guess I'm ready to get into high-end sound. With that being said, and with a budget of £1k - 2k. What would give me the most tangible improvements? Dac, amp or speaker? List of potential gear I'm eyeing out: Speakers: Bowers and Wilkins 804S Amp: Yamaha A-S 1100 / A-S 2100 Dac: Mytek Brooklyn v1 Spotted most if not all in the used market. Thanks for your time and input. Always appreciated.
  16. HiSelling one Wilson Benesch Torus sub & amp, this sub doesn't need explaining. All you need to know is how fast they are, they can keep up with speakers no problem. Only reason I am selling is I have two & my new living isn't big enough to accommodate both. (Grap yourself a bargain these retail for £7000 now for the sub & amp. Selling for £3000 Comes with silver speaker cable costing over £300, also High Level Neutrik cable. Have the original boxes for both sub & amp. Sub & amp in great, like new condition. Happy to demo if interested. I live in Whitby. Could deliver somewhere in Yorkshire if that helps. Reviews http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/wilson-benesch-torus-infrasonic-generator-subwoofer/ http://www.whathifi.com/wilson-benesch/torus/reviewPM if Interested.
  17. Sonus Faber Amati Annerversario Used, in excellent condition. Supplied with original packing cartons and all accessories. Grilles in perfect condition, never used. £7,599 Location Greenwich, London SE8 Audio Research Ref. 210 also available - please see ad in amplifier section.
  18. A pair of Target stands for wall mounting your speakers. Come with built in spikes. Pretty good nick. Collection only from Bishops Stortford in Herts
  19. For sale are my near mint condition Townshend Isolda, 3 metre speaker cables. Banana connectors either end. The cables are the new version. Price £**** + £15 p&p Collection is welcome from Worcestershire. Thanks for looking Pictures are of cables for sale
  20. We are very pleased to announce that we are now Stocking Raidho Acoustics loudspeakers. Currently on demonstration are two models - the XT2 (https://raidho.dk/product-detail/xt-2/) is a compact two and a half way floorstanding design with a 4" ceramic/aluminium sandwich mid/bass driver, a sealed ribbon tweeter and a titanium coated 4" bass unit. This relativity small speaker produces a huge soundstage that really can fill a room. The new D1.1 standmount (https://raidho.dk/product-detail/d-1-speakers/) is a two way standmount with a sealed ribbon tweeter and the Raidho Diamond driver (https://files.acrobat.com/a/preview/7dc90497-fe15-473a-8bed-b8f96339e294) which had rave reviews at the Hifi Show Live from many visitors to the Decent Audio room. Contact us on here, or call us on 01642267012 for more information or to try either of the models we currently have.
  21. Hi all. The last pair of these beauties. These are the DADDY of speaker binding posts... superb SOLID billet copper. More info here: http://www.hificollective.co.uk/bind...ed-copper.html In great used condition. For these at Hificollective they will set you back over £65 inc. VAT and postage. Selling for £44 inc. post. (uk) Please ask for ROW. That's a saving of £21.86. Paypal gifty please. PS. if you need them shorter, you just saw them.
  22. I inherited these lovely speakers, they were my girlfriends Dads growing up, who passed away earlier this year. We have been clearing out some of his extensive 'man cave' garage and I was offered these KEF Reference 103 speakers. I do not have a long term use, and rather than see them sitting in my loft, we have decided to sell them for charity along with a selection of other non-hifi related items. We will be donating the sale procedes to the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity: http://www.royalmarsden.org/ A bit of background, Andrew was diagnosed with late stage pancreatic cancer just before Christmas and was admited to the Royal Marsden a month later, there was not a huge amount they could do at that late stage. The staff and facilities there are first class, the nurses did an amazing job to make his time there as comfortable as possible in his last few weeks. Now the speakers, they are in excellent working order (sounding great with a Quad 405 here at the moment!). In general they are in good cosmetic condition, there are some scratches and 'vase' marks on one speaker (see below) and a the odd ding here and there as you may expect from a pair of speakers this old. They come with the original KEF Stands (no spikes) and no boxes I'm afraid so collection only as these are extremely heavy! We are looking for a £200 Collection from Faringdon, Oxfordshire.
  23. GavJ

    Double Trouble

    Hi all, double blow..... my amp went pop and it took one of my speakers with it I was using a Belles 150a for bass & mid range and my Linn LK140 for treble..... really enjoyed the sound through a set of Castle Knight 5's. Sound went off a few days ago, thought it was just a bad recording..... then heard some clicks through the left speaker. On switching off each amp in turn I realised that the left channel on the Belles was gone...... Reconfigured my wiring to have all drivers run from the Linn, sounded much better. Done some basic tests with my multi-meter, across the output / speaker terminals I had no voltage on the right channel but 64v dc on the left? This was with no input connected. Sent a mail to a company in London who deal with Belles, they reckoned that if I was getting DC on the left my speaker would have blown...... tweeters running ok, mid range running but lower driver dead on the left speaker. Locked solid, no movement at all. I dont want to have to send the bulky / heavy amp to London, anyone recommend a repairer near Glasgow? I have mailed Castle for a price for a new driver.... toes are curling up waiting for the cost. I have seen a company online advertising speaker repairs may try them as well.. any recommendations? Im also a bit concerned that the crossover may have been damaged.... dont know how to check this? Any help appreciated.... just a thought, would it be a good idea / upgrade to change both low range drivers?
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