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Found 7 results

  1. For Sale - Kensington, London. Collection only. 1. AVO VCM 163. Premium tube tester, top of the range. Meters both need servicing, and it needs recalibrating. So not currently working. Sold as-is with no return. 2. AVO Mk 3 tube tester. Previously owned by Bill Beard. Needs a service, so sold as-is with no return. It was previously working OK except for one or two sticky controls. Looking for £450 each. Email performanceandmedia@gmail.com
  2. I’m currently streaming Qobuz through a Bluesound Node 2i, Khadas Tone Board, Sonneteer Alabaster into my Proac Tablette 10s. The sound is insightful and has plenty of energy, detail and presence. However, sometimes it can seem a little hard edged and strident. I am starting to look into valve amps, ideally for under £1000 (new or used). Would a valve amp get me a sweeter, richer sound or would I be better sticking with the Sonneteer and changing the speakers? As an aside have already tried some used P3ESRs I place of the Proacs and found the sound dull and lacking interest.
  3. Some of you may have noticed I've manned up and bought my first ever tube amplifier; it will live in my Kendal man cave and drive my Posselt Albatrosses. No, I haven't quite worked out how to handle non-hifi friends staying there who I don't want to touch it but my fallback is a sign saying "don't think about it"... I've only listened to the Mactone for an hour or two in non-ideal circumstances (outbuilding, sloping roof, stupid listening position) but it is a lovely sounding as well as lovely looking thing. I had the fabulous Sugden A21a on beforehand and the Mactone just did more of everything. Stand-in pre is the Sugden. I'm leaning towards a tube rather than solid state pre, with the notable exception of the MFA TVC passive. For aesthetic reasons only some of you will appreciate, black preferred to silver but don't let that constrain you too much. Preamp shortlist based on a mysterious combo of price, reviews where available, brand rep (?), connectivity (I need 4 ideally 5 inputs), looks and witchcraft. Several from one dealer who has a reputation for being pricey but does allow/encouage home demo/return and has stock others don't (Emporium): I want the thread to be about the preamps. List as of today: Mactone XX330 Canary Audio C800 Audio Research LS26 Music First Audio Classic V2 copper Mactone: just the same brand! silver, this one Definitive Audio tweaked. Canary Audio: love the separate PSU, 120-step relay attenuator, remote control, black. What's not to like? Audio Research LS26: more mainstream, far better known than the two above. The safe bet tube pre? Remote, black, stunning balanced connectivity. I know this will get more "votes"... Music First Audio Classic V2. The transparent one. Nick has kindly offered to lend me his silver-wound one though I would buy copper. Black available. No remote (unless you pay out ££). Over to you, as I know you like spending other people's money. Let's narrow it down a bit though, for the purposes of research: Min 4, ideally 5 inputs Mainly interested in tube You probably have the best SS pre in the world, I know, but that's not the exam question Comments and suggestions based on personal experience would be most helpful £2500 upper limit I know whatever figure I put here someone will say "if you can stretch..." Mainly black Je vous attends avec anticipation, Nigel
  4. Hi Anyone else have one? I have a V1 Aune T1 with an aftermarket tube - the original tube was too cheap and I had to get a couple more since the second I got was out of balance on the channels. I'm not sure what tube I'm running now but it's not particularly fancy or NOS. The tube here is only used in the DAC stage, somehow, I'm no expert but it's not an output stage tube afaik. I really like it! My comparisons are a Z906 headphone output (pretty crap) and a CA Dacmagic XS v2 (good but I believe held back by the USB based power). It's got body, it's got highs, I'm driving 600 ohm DT990 Pro and it's just amazing. Such a full bodied sound. I'm experiencing occasional channel imbalances when using it to drive actual speakers, but with headphones it seems just fine, it's quite old now so I don't mind this so much (and the 'phones sound so much better anyway). So - just curious if you also have this "cheap" DAC and how you rate it?
  5. RRP: £2,795 Elite Audio are now distributing the DIMD PP10 Integrated Stereo Amplifier in the UK. The PP10 is a matched tube amplifier which has been expertly crafted to deliver an AB class sound. DIMD's flagship PP10 stereo amplifier was born from Edgars Spārniņš’ desire to create an impressive system for his violinist wife, Marta. After several years of research, the approval of the sound from his wife and the unique oak design created by Gusts Rutkis, the final PP10 stereo amplifier was complete. It met the original goal Spārniņš’ wanted to achieve: to create a precision electronic instrument. The PP10 utilises the highest grade components, from self-healing polypropylene coupling capacitors to high tolerance metal film resistors. The PP10 delivers low noise distortion and a clearer sound. The tubes themselves have been specially matched for the best quality. ECC83 double triodes are used in the preamp, with a matched quartet of EL84 pentodes in the power stage. DIMD make a point of their hand-wiring point-to-point construction process, to ensure that each component is connected precisely. The stereo amplifier not only sounds great, it also looks great. The chassis is made of CNC machined 5 mm aluminum with a satin anodized finish. The cabinet is solid oak which has also been created using CNC machines. Both of these materials work with the internal components to create an exquisite sound. The DIMD PP10 Integrated Stereo Amplifier is available to order now. Elite Audio is the official UK distributor of DIMD. We offer an excellent 30-day, no risk trial on selected products allowing you to try out audio components at home with your own system. A generous part exchange is also available allowing you to upgrade for less. To find out how much your old hi-fi components are worth, take our part exchange challenge now. Alternatively, you can contact Elite Audio via email: info@eliteaudiouk.com or telephone: 020 3397 1119 for more information.
  6. Looking for a good condition Croft Epoch Elite preamp (or possibly a Super Micro A). Good price offered.
  7. For sale is my beautiful and unusual Unison Research Preludio which comes with the rarely seen real mahogany wood trim which looks simply stunning. I've barely used the amplifier so you will see the condition of it reflects this. Like new condition, it came straight from Italy to me. This amplifier also comes with the unison research remote control and I'm also throwing in my pair of Gold Lion tubes to complement the KT88s which come with the amplifier. This amplifier is a sad sale, the music produced by it is absolutely stunning. Pair it with some sensitive speakers for best effect. I have used it with Triangle Comete 30th anniversary stand mount speakers. the 14W of class A demolish my 50w Mcintosh solid state amp. The only thing you may notice is a tiny scuff on the top of the remote control, this in no way affects the operation. I am looking for £1200 for this superb amplifier. PLEASE CONTACT ME if you wish to make an offer and with any questions you might have. I am in the Portsmouth area and also accept collection if preferred. But will accept payment through paypal. Delivery charge will depend on your area.
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