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  1. Vinylistas

    FS: Rega arm board for Michell Gyro, Gyrodec, Orbe

    Rega armboard for Michell Gyro/Orbe decks. Never been fitted, as new. Comes with 3 bolts, no other accessories included. £44 posted.
  2. Vinylistas

    FS: TP Pete's Pylons for Michell Gyro Gyrodec Orbe

    Selling True Point Audio Pete's Pylons suspension for all Michell Gyro turntables. Bought new and after fitting them played less than 10 records. They are very worthwhile upgrade imho. Selling because bought new turntable. Comes with ceramic ball bearings and spare O rings. Paid £190 and...
  3. A

    SOLD: Turntable Accessories

    1 x Zerostat 3 anti-static gun in original box.   1 x Onzow Zerodus Stylus cleaner  1 x Clearaudio Precision Stainless Steel Calibrated Bubble Spirit Level 
  4. TheFlash

    Funk Firm Achromat - white, 3mm

    Good condition. I used it plain side up for cleaner aesthetics. RRP £76+shipping, seeking £40 including UK shipping.
  5. g8ina

    SOLD Linn Axis with Linn Basik Plus tonearm and Linn K9 (I think !) cartridge

    sold in ebay Linn Axis with Linn Basik Plus tonearm and Linn K9 (I think !) cartridge. Motor board has been fully recapped, motor cleaned and relubed. Main bearing is in almost unused condition ! Plinth is in excellent condition, has been cleaned and waxed, with brand new third party lid...
  6. Vinylistas

    FS: Upgraded Michell Gyrodec with Orbe platter and SME IV tonearm

    I'm trying to minimise my Hi Fi system lately and next item for sale is: Phenomenal 2 tonearm version Michell Gyrodec with heavily modified motor unit (including new controller and power supply), Orbe platter upgrade and SME IV tonearm. Motor upgrade was cost no object project for previous...
  7. Vinylistas

    WTD: Puresound Tenuto copper mat or similar

    Looking to buy puresound tenuto or micro seiki copper platter.
  8. Blodger

    Dual CS 505-1 turntable

    My Dual CS 505-1 belt-drive turntable, owned from new (c. mid-1980s) and not used for about 25+ years - stored in loft. It’s in excellent condition given its age, no damage - Perspex lid has some scuff marks but functions as it should.  Mechanically it is in perfect working order. I fitted an...
  9. Vinylistas

    FS: Garrard 301 Custom Plinth with Cover

    Selling my beautiful one off plinth for Garrard 301 motor unit. It was made to take 12 inch arms. I was using it with AO PU7 (Rega mount). Blank arm board will be included too. Please note that acrylic cover is made properly in the factory and not glued in some garage.  Included is plinth...
  10. Vinylistas

    FS: Michell Gyro SE Turntable

    My Michell Gyro SE turntable with armboards for SME and Rega tonearms for sale. Unicover, clamp and PSU included. Latest DC motor. No tonearm.  Good used condition with only minor marks and scratches.  Selling as upgraded to heavily modified Orbe few days ago. Gyro SE is fantastic looking and...
  11. L

    What to buy - Rega P10/Apheta3 or RP10/Aphelion?

    Looking for some advice from anyone who's heard both - hopefully there's someone out there! I'm planning to upgrade my TT next month and had convinced myself to skip my original plan of buying the P8/Apheta 3 package and going for the P10/Apheta 3 to avoid any future upgrade temptations...
  12. L

    SOLD: Rega P3 turntable (2016 model)

    Is anyone in or around London looking to buy a Rega P3 (2016 model) any time soon? I'd like to upgrade to a P8/Apheta or RP10/Apheta soon. The turntable is white, in excellent condition (usual minor polish marks on dustcover), with packaging, and can either be supplied; - stock with Elys 2...
  13. bencat

    I know this will go up but still a good buy

    Fully realize that this has nearly five days to run but as it is a collect only option then this will deter many from bidding so there is a strong chance this could be a very good bargain for anyone who is looking to start on the Vinyl ladder . STD 305M is unusual in that it is a four point...
  14. M

    First turntable?

    Going to delve into the world of analogue as a wee experiment. Any recommendations for used turntable around £2-300 ish? Not worried about cosmetics, good sound quality the only factor and looking at used kit for better value. I have a nice Vincent hybrid amp and Quad ESL63 speakers but amp...
  15. Hi Five

    Rega RP6 (Red) and TTPSU - Boxed.

    Rega RP6 (Red) and TTPSU - Boxed.   A wonderful turntable in excellent condition but sadly not getting much use at the moment.   No cartridge.   pics -->> https://photos.app.goo.gl/j1FqEwyfWuFmBvQM8 £650 posted. I can either post or you can collect (Southport) but you cannot demo due...
  16. g8ina

    sold Goldring Lenco GL88 / G88 Turntable, no tonearm. Selling for a friend

    sold Goldring Lenco GL88 / G88 Turntable, no tonearm. Selling for a friend Wonderful ! Motor serviced, new mains wiring. Speeds adjusted and are all spot on (videos available). New idler wheel as the original was noisy, but will include the original in the package. Main bearing cleaned and...
  17. Z

    For SALE: Acoustic Solid Wood Turntable with REGA RB303 Tonearm

    Hello  Here is for sale my beloved Acoustic Solid Wood Turntable, Great condition, was left for me by my father. Comes with REGA OEM RB303 tonearm, and I can add plexi glass, but only on collection, wouldn't post it, its fragile, and will not survive shipping. Everything works as it should. No...
  18. bencat

    I know it will cost more but seems a good starting price

    I know that this will rise before the finish but it may stay low due to it being collection only . Really good turntable with a very transparent and solid sound . The use of the fluid damping trough will make this cheapo arm sound excellent . Goldring cartridge is decent though not easy to see...
  19. Open door

    Technics SL-1700 direct drive turntable fully restored and upgraded + 270c cart

    Technics SL-1700 direct drive turntable fully restored and upgraded   As per the title - see the photos   Rare and an interesting piece - slightly less disco looking. These tend to sell for £250 to £350 in original and old form. Arm board upgrades do not fit as in SL-1200’s.   •Every...
  20. Vinylistas

    FS: Nottingham Analogue Interspace Turntable With SME 3009 Tonearm

    Nottingham Analogue Interspace turntable with SME 3009 Series 2 Improved tonearm for sale.  After deciding to get out of vinyl game and selling my Garrard 401 setup I bought this one to play my remaining records occasionally.  Turntable is in pretty much immaculate condition. It takes 2 arms...