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Found 4 results

  1. Hii I'll start this thread by saying that it's alway intimating to post on this fine site, not because of any particular people, but simply because I know how far my knowledge goes (enough to to make a dangerously expensive mistake). Before I go any further, my rig is as follows: speaker - proac d20r (chord epic cabling) amp - Roksan Caspian m2 (sons power amp) dac - rega dac r streamer - 2012 macmini (audiravana) (all digital sources using optical) transporter - Trichord genesis (modded pioneer (rarely used, drunk ebay purchase) deck - Linn LP 12, ittok mk2, circus, dynavector 20x2 phono - trichord m2 + psu (not never connected) got funny hum (not sure why, ground seems fine) Now, here's the issue, my hifi mind is thinking now would be a good time to think, and I stress 'think' about upgrading my amp, not necessarily replace. I'd like more headroom (if even the right term) before clipping and hopefully a more open stage. I stress that I do not crank the system up, what's the point, when i've spent x thousands on a system for clarity, detail and staging. It would, however, be nice to have a little more wattage and by extension cleaner current, potentially resulting in higher volume before clipping. I've had some form of hifi since about the age of 15 and now 45. I'm not super wealthy, I have a middling job, so every upgrade has to count, I cannot just say: 'oh well, i gave it a go, better luck next time'. I have to save/sacrifice to get decent gear (however, well worth it. I cannot believe what people who have never been exposed to hifi actually listen to, they think spotify is great and the only thing that comes to my mind is a number: 1411.2, at minimum - I could be an arsehole, lol). I also have another issue, I am a disabled person. I cannot walk, have no dexterity and can use only one hand, therefore I need friends/personal assistants to help up set up things. Now, you're probably wondering: 'why is he telling me this?' I'm saying this because finance is not my only concern, research is, to ensure I get it right first time (or however much this is possible). I have never used pre/power set up and no idea where to start As the heading indicates I have no experience of pre and power amp setups and this is where my questions begin, and they will be basic: what are advantages of pre/power, in layman's terms? what do I need to consider if looking for power amp (based on roksan/speakers)? have you any suggestions of an amp upgrade path based on stated system? what might be good options if replacing amp (have looked at these, but happy to show, as don't have enough knowledge yet to pull trigger: https://tinyurl.com/6f5u7j8c and https://tinyurl.com/5cs323pd) I'd like to start with the caspian m2 power amp to increase my knowledge, and if any of you have one (preferably silver), I'd be happy to talk (full disclosure I wouldn't offer more than about £850, as seems the going rate, anything more than £900 taking the piss (obviously secondhand)) If this isn't an option i'd happily take some advice. I have a feeling Naim combinations might be my next step, but could be wrong? The last thing i want to say is, i want an amp, not an amp/dac/phono, or god know what else, I'd like every penny to go into amplification. My absolute ceiling is £3000 and preferably a lot less.
  2. Having just had my Croft amplification upgraded by Glenn Croft, I’m now considering a turntable upgrade but I’m having trouble working out exactly what to do. In terms of usage, I probably play as many singles as albums, and I enjoy playing DJ when we have friends around. (I can keep the music going nicely using my turntable, my Rega Saturn CD player and my Bluesound Vault 2.) So, for me, it won’t be a case of just popping on an album and sitting down to listen. It’s equally likely that I’ll be comparing different pressings of a single or flipping from one single to another in rapid succession as the next thing to listen to pops into my mind. I also have a fairly large collection of soul and dance music, so good boogie factor is important. I currently have a Thorens TD166 BC with a Rega RB250 arm and a Goldring G1042 cartridge. I’m going to stay with MM because my recently-upgraded Croft Micro 25 has an excellent MM phono stage. I’m also slightly nervous as to whether or not MC would really suit a guy who listens to lots of old mono and stereo 60s and 70s singles rather than to, for instance, lots of rock and classical LPs. My budget is around £2K. My local dealer has suggested that I should audition a Nottingham Analogue Ace Spacedeck and a Michell Gyrodec SE and that I could initially install my existing arm and cartridge on the winner in order to manage my budget. (For audition, these two decks would be set up with a similar arm/cart combination.) Others have suggested a Technics deck such as the SL1200 GR. Others have suggested a new power supply for my Thorens plus a rewired arm and a new cartridge. I’ve recently pondered going for a used Thorens TD160 since it’s the “better big brother” of my TD166. Today on another forum, amongst other questions, I asked the following: - What would rewiring my RB250 give me? What MM cartridge would significantly improve upon my G1042? Suppose that, instead of replacing the Thorens, I replaced the power supply (perhaps with one with electronic speed control), got the arm rewired and replaced the G1042 with an Audio Note IQ2 or IQ3? Would this yield more benefit than a Michell Gyro SE or a Nottingham Analogue Ace Spacedeck with my current standard RB250 and G1042? Suppose I purchased a good used TD160 and moved my arm and cart onto it? Suppose I then then tweaked the TD160 instead of tweaking the TD166? I could go on and on and finally make my decision as they lay me in my box, so any input from fellow Wammers to help me to decide more quickly would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I am happy with my current equipment but to say it is dated is an understatement - but I am very happy with the listening experience. Contemplating 'modernising' by having my CD collection ripped and integrate streaming services such as TIDAL or Qobuz. Current set up: - Systemdek+Linn Basik plus+Ortofon - Meridian 596 CD - Levinson NO.36 (only supports 44.1khz) - Audiosynthesis Passion 8M (passive pre-amp) - Chord SPM1200C - power - ProoAc Response 1SC speakers Decent cables throughout Presently can't see a clear way forward that would preserve a sound I like whilst adding the greater convenience, potential of hi-def recordings and expanded library provided by streaming. I am sure moving forward will involve replacing one or several units, but obviously keen to maintain a sound which to my ears is quite natural. The tyranny of options! I am not a box-twitcher and when I like something I stick with it, but I feel I have fallen somewhat behind the curve (dinosaur?). Some advice on a way forward would be appreciated. Cheers
  4. Hi all,I hope you can assist me & offer some advice. I am looking to upgrade my current system, my set up is:-Amp: Cyrus IIIiTurntable: Rega RP1 (standard with Carbon stylus).Speakers: B&W CDM1 SEI also hook up a Nakamichi Cassette Deck 2 and an Astell & Kern AK70 for lossless digital on occasion.I've had the amp & speakers since about 1997/8 if I recall and these have been teamed up with CD transport plus DAC and iPods etc over the years. After years of collecting records, 3 years ago I finally got myself a turntable, vinyl is now my main format.I've been very happy with the amp & speakers over the years but feel it's about time to upgrade. While in Audio-T recently for a Linn LP12 demo/tease I mentioned that I would perhaps be looking at the Rega P3 as a system upgrade. The chap in the store enquired as to my system and suggested that I upgrade either the amp or perhaps the speakers first as they are much older and things have moved on a lot. He believed that I'd see a real improvement from the RP1 with newer amp/speakers.Realistically I have £600-£800 for speakers or £800-£1000 at a push for an amp as a budget. I'd be upgrading just the one component with this budget to get the best for my money. I'll upgrade the other components incrementally over the next year or so. My questions is.. Do you agree with the Audio-T advice to choose amp or speakers or should I upgrade the turntable? If so, what should I replace first, amp or speakers and do you have any suggestions or recommendations with my budget in mind?My research (if you can call it that) so far has steered me in the direction of: for amps, the Rega Elex-R (£898) and also the Music Fidelity M3si (£899 ex-demo) as they both have built in phono stage and seem to have good reviews (Rega slightly better on reviews). Regards the speakers I had my eye on either the Dynaudio Emit M20 (£599) or perhaps the KEF LS50 (£800).Thanks for reading and I hope it all made sense Adam
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