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usb cable

  1. julesd68

    SOLD Gothic Audio AG8/2+ Pure Silver USB cable

    Gothic Audio AG8/2+ USB cable - 18cm Pure Silver USB A to B cable with separate cables for power and data Superb condition £40 delivered Ppl gift or BT please.
  2. trumpetman

    For Sale - DH Labs Silversonic A to B USB cable

    For Sale - DH Labs Silversonic A to B USB cable One metre in length In very good condition Still manufactured by DH Labs of the USA Great cable, owned from new and used for several years without any issue at all. Selling as it is not used any more, replaced by a longer one (actually forgot...
  3. DomT

    Denon say that USB cables strongly influence sound

    When I was looking to buy a USB cable recently there were a number of comments about them all being the same so long as they were 75ohms etc, although some said all would be the same regardless; very few believed that there would be a difference. So it’s interesting that Denon, who do not make...
  4. Mike Milne

    SORTED - Audioquest Carbon or Coffee USB

    Hi I have been lent some decent USB cables to try between my Beresford Caimen Seg  Dac and Raspberry Pi ( Lagboda and Lunar Grist). So now I recognise USB cables do make a difference and sound different.  I am looking to purchase 2nd hand. I like the cheaper Lunar Grist but cannot anywhere near...
  5. daveyu

    Sablon Audio USB cables

    Two Sablon Audio USB cables for sale 1 is 1.2m powered cable Sold 1 is 80cm unpowered cable, ideal for Lampizator / T&A / SOTM TX Ultra / Mojo Mystique / Nagra etc £200
  6. kukulec

    USB cable

    Hey, I am about to change my QED Performance Graphite USB to QED New Reference High-Resolution USB or maybe to Vertere d-fi (however I do not like the fact that they don't specify the measured performance). Do you think I would be able to detect any difference in sound quality? 
  7. westlower44

    USB cable delay on playback

    I have a play back delay problem using a USB Cable on Rpi3.. I have cheaper USB that plays with 4 seconds between tracks.  When i try the 'Posh' expensive USB cable (here on demo), it turns into 30 + seconds between tracks! (sounds better though!) I am using Rpi3 to USB/SPDif...