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Found 11 results

  1. Hi All, Time for a clear out of past gear now I have the time. First up this beautiful leben. Bought here on the wam a fair few years ago and then parked into storage whilst other items were put into play. Same condition as I bought it in. A couple of dings on one side cheek and a small one on the top of the other side cheek. Minimal hum from the valves and I've run some deoxit over them for good measure. I've mainly been running it with the baldwins and the amperex tubes which are also included in the price to get started on a bit of tube rolling. Only lightly used whilst with me as I was away 8 weeks out of every 10 and it only sat in the system for about 2 years. Also doubles as a fantastic headphone amplifier, used with audeze lcd-2s this was really special. Through speakers also stunning. Main thing to note is that this is a 120V version, it comes supplied with a high quality airlink step-up transformer with fancy wiring and iec adapter. I'm unsure on if the packaging is original but fits well. Due to the fragile nature I would prefer collection but can ship if required, valves will be removed for shipping and protected well. I'm located in sheffield S10. Demos welcome, I can run it through Morel 704s (also for sale) or through PMC fact 12s (likely a terrible pairing) or feel free to bring your own, i have a pair of stands that can be used. Asking £XX postage.
  2. Loving my recently acquired ESL63 after many years with Martin Logan SL3. Tried the Kora Jupiter valve power amp (wonderful and best of many amps tried with SL3’s) but didn’t match quite so well with ESL63. Also tried an upgraded QUAD 306 and was totally underwhelmed so not feeling great about Quad options tbh. Best so far (very surprisingly, and please don’t scoff!) is analogue source into my Arcam AVR600 home cinema amp (class G). I tried this expecting nothing and ended up very, very impressed - blew the Kora and Quad away. However, I still think there’s more to come from the ESL63’s and I still yearn for tubes and that musicality that only they can bring. What are your recommendations on integrated or pre+power up to £2k used. As an aside, my subwoofer handles everything south of 80Hz, so releasing some headroom for potential options.
  3. Loftin White hifi amp 350mm x 290mm (240mm tall) Stainless steel body Wooden legs (black) 1 stereo RCA Output 8 ohms? Disclaimer: I don't have the specifications for this amp. It is based on the Loftin White schematic and the valves are: 6SF5GT x2 2A3B x2 5Z4GT It has been used regularly but not constantly for a few years. It sounds great and works as it did when it was new, though it has some marks and scratches. The 574GT has burn marks above the filaments. I am based in Hove, East Sussex. Asking price is £800
  4. IMG_7525 2.heic.pdfIMG_7525 2.heic.pdfIMG_7525 2.heic.pdfMaking a move to Pro Audio so beginning the process of selling on my current equipment. First out of the gate are the Plinius SA Reference and Allnic L5000 preamp with upgraded KR Audio PLINIUS SA-Reference Power Amplifier £6000 The award winning SA Reference amplifier paints a seamless sonic picture from the most tuneful and accurate bass to a sweet, extended top end. Designed to work as either a monoblock, or a stereo amplifier. They are truly a masterpiece of design and they display the very best craftsmanship in their build quality. As a bridged monoblock the SA-Reference will exceed 1kW of pure balanced amplification and in balanced XLR mode operates as a true balanced amplifier from input to output. Premium components have been used throughout and Class A operation is maintained to over 100 Watts per Channel while 300 Watts is available in both Class A and Class AB stereo mode. When you purchase a Plinius SA Reference amplifier you are among a very select group of audio enthusiasts that have realised the dream of owning a product that delivers sonic clarity and aesthetic finish combined with extraordinary build quality. The team at Plinius are immensely proud every time one of these units leaves the factory. ALLNIC L5000 £6000 The Allnic L-5000 DHT is the world’s first commercially produced, pure DHT preamplifier. Currently, the L-5000 DHT’s large output tubes are very rare items, produced many decades ago. Allnic has been able to secure a limited number of these valves, enough to produce an also limited number of the L-5000 DHT preamplifier. ONLY A LIMITED NUMBER OF UNITS OF THIS DESIGN WILL BE MADE. The L-5000 DHT has the following features: Line output transformer coupling – The L-5000 DHT is “transformer coupled”. In tube amp circuitry, there are two coupling methods; one is capacitor coupling and the other is transformer coupling. Capacitor coupling is the traditional, low cost method. It is somewhat stable but transfers only voltage, not wattage (i.e., not real energy). With transformer coupling, about 90% of real wattage is transferred (there is still a transformer loss of about10% of wattage – voltage is not affected). Constant and low output impedance – One of the benefits of transformer coupling is that it facilitates constant low output impedance. Low output impedance is critical to the design of a good preamplifier. No negative feedback design Advanced tube technology voltage regulation – For quieter and more dynamic operation, the L-5000 DHT has an ultra-high speed automatic voltage regulation circuit, utilizing vacuum tubes. New vacuum tube damping technology – Allnic Audio’s patented "Absorb GEL tube damper" technology prevents harmful vibrations from reaching the signal / gain tubes and, therefore, prevents micro-phonic noise propagation in the tubes. Provided other tube components do not introduce micro-phonic noise into your system, with the Absorb Gel damping system, you will enjoy a degree of transparent sound that will surprise and please you. Precision attenuator volume control – The L-5000 DHT does not employ a digital IC volume control or a low-cost carbon film volume control with a motor. Allnic Audio has developed a precision oil clutched motorized attenuator; the L-5000 DHT has no (± 0db) channel unbalance at any volume level. IMG_7525 2.heic.pdf
  5. Audio Research Ref 3 in excellent condition. Sold with manual, EU power lead (I use an adaptor), remote control handset, manual and box etc. Location is Basingstoke in Hampshire. Audition welcome. Collection or postage available options upon request. Sensible offers welcome. Price £3,340.00 Paypal +4% THIS ITEM IS NOW SOLD
  6. Octave V70SE integrated valve amplifier and black box power supply upgrade, both in silver. I may regret this, but I have decided to try active speakers, which means there is now an opportunity to purchase this wonderful tube amplifier. I am the second owner and have enjoyed seven fantastic years listening to and beholding this amp. This is a V70 amp which received an upgrade from the factory to SE specification in 2011 (I have the invoice). Included in the sale is a black box power supply upgrade which multiplies the PS storage capacitance by 4x. This improves the dynamic range and helps the amp cope with low impedance speaker loads. I initially purchased this after reading that Dynaudio (which I owned at the time) used Octave amps in their show systems. The amp sounds great, very powerful and punchy and clean yet refined with lovely rich harmonic colour. Best of both worlds. It outputs about 70W per channel. This is a low maintenance valve amp, biasing the power tubes is made very easy with small pots on the front face and LED indication of bias voltage. Unlike many components, I have never felt the itch to try something else. Only the purchase of active speakers makes this redundant. I have the original packaging, manuals, valve cover and remote. I will also throw in a few ECC83 input tubes. Currently running KT120 power tubes, I will also include 3x 6550 and 4x KT88 (used but working). I have only needed to replace power tubes once in seven years when one 6550 blew. The amp is in immaculate condition, as good as new really. You may see a couple of tiny marks where the tube cover screws down, but this would have been the case when unboxed for the very first time. Faultless electronically and audibly, this is built like a tank and should still be singing many decades from now. Octave V70SE currently retails for £4,795 and Black Box for £990 (Elite Audio). Asking £2,500 £1950. Collection and demo welcome near Tewkesbury. I could post after cleared funds but this is very heavy and with full insurance could be expensive. I am in need of a pre-amp for my new active speakers. I’m really after a balanced valve pre (e.g. Modwright) but may consider something else to tide me over until the right one comes along. So, I may be willing to consider something in part exchange. Also selling Zingali Zero Otto speakers, see separate advert. Sorry the photos aren’t great, I missed the last of the daylight. I may try to take some better ones soon.
  7. 300B Trafomatic Experience Mk2 Integrated valve amp Bought this ex-demo. Very good condition but there are some very minor marks. Volume remote control. These now retail over £4K. I have the original box (very very heavy), so collection please in Gloucester. Or we can meet up. Happy to demo at mine. The original sale of these includes EH 300B’s but I’ve replaced them with a set of JJ which I found to sound better. Other tubes are the originals but I have some NOS types which I’ll sell for a good price with the amp if wanted. The crucial coupling capacitors and caps to the 300B’s have been upgraded to excellent affect. Truly a superb sounding 300B amplifier. 8w per channel. Details can be found on Trafomatic’s website. Coupling caps now Milflex copper in oil (in place of the Solen’s) To 300B’s 100uF is now the Mundorf HV MLytic (comes standard with these caps now), and the 1uF Mundorf Extreme (in place of JFX). £1850.00
  8. Hi, I am planning to buy my first integrated valve amp preferably with a phono stage. I have a maximum budget of £2k. I am thinking about a Graaf GM50b mark 2 (no phono), a Copland CTA 405-A or an Audio Note Oto SE. I have demoed all 3 over the years and am torn. My speakers are Bosendorfer AC1s - slightly unusual. Sensivity 91db. I would greatly appreciate an thoughts or recommendations. Thanks.
  9. Reduction on the Wam for this classic beauty, plenty of great reviews on-line and looks great on the hi-fi rack! £1700 - Comes with all documentation, original handbook, original EAR packaging and it had a complete clean up and service by Mr T de Paravicini middle of 2018, some dry solder joints renewed and I believe a power valve replaced and checked for suitability. In very nice condition, there are two tiny small scuffs on the middle chrome housing, but you have to look over the top of it for it to really show, otherwise almost mint elsewhere. The front fascia is clean, free of marks and the gold coloured rotary dials have minimal signs of use or wear. Included also is an after market power cable, a box of valves, 7 of Edicron 6l6GC, however, not a complete set but almost. I'm certain the amp is currently fitted with Svetlana's. Some specs below: Parallel Push-Pull pure Class A circuit stereo valve power amplifier with control unit built in. 6 line inputs. 50 watts per channel output into 4, 8 or 16 ohm. Happy into any load. Push-pull from input to output. Low overall feedback. Winner of the Absolute Sound (USA) Golden EAR Award 1999. Valves List - 2 x ECC83, 2 x ECC85, 8 x EL34 Power output - 50 watts/channel (30Hz - 15kHz at 1% THD int Power Consumption - 200 watts total I.M.D. - Less than 1% at any level from 10mW to 50 Wa Output Damping Factor - 12 Power Bandwidth - 15Hz - 40kHz at less than 3% THD Input Sensitivity - 200mV Signal to Noise Ratio - 85dB Size - W 16'' (405mm), D 16'' (405mm), H 6'' (150mm) Weight - 20kg Input Impedance - 47k Ohms Some more pics: A Google search will bring up an old advert from another forum, which is the same amp and the pictures are clearer. Thanks for looking, any questions please PM me and we'll discuss. I'd rather not post, it's very heavy, if it helps we can discuss alternatives. If you require post, it will require you to organise a suitable courier with insurance. Ade / Parcelmonkey
  10. WAD 300b Custom Clone Power Amp, David Coe built at AD Audio £2,000 NOW £1800 Well this is a very, very reluctant sale indeed. I bought this beautiful amp from the builder, renowned Valve amp engineer, David Coe (Juancho) at AD Audio. He built the 300b for himself as the bench mark for all Valve amps going through his workshop. So this was his personal amplifier. When I purchased it, I intended it to see me to the grave... (I had badgered David for a long time to sell it to me) At the time I had some super lovely KUDOS C2 speakers, and quite frankly it was end game. Truly magical. Alas, I then did a bloody ridiculous thing, like you do when you have the system sounding right!..... Along came the Vintage Tannoy itch!!! The 300b with my Tannoy Monitor Gold speakers has stunningly good Mids and the High frequencies, but sad to say with the Tannoy drivers, the bass was left a tad wanting. So I went out and got myself a Radford. Which, as widely documented, seemingly the perfect partner for the Tannoys, but this 300b actually sounds far far better! So that brings me to this point with the WAD 300b custom clone. This is a unique opportunity to take custody of an Amp Considered by many to be Among the world's best power amps, the WAD 300b has an enviable reputation and has that truly authentic 300b sound along with enough drive for a very wide range of speakers. This particular example was built as one of a very limited run of just four clones in custom made polished stainless steel chassis. All Point to Point Silver wiring through out and Components used are of the highest available, Black Gate capacitors for the main power supply, cathode bypass and decoupling duties along with oil filled ASC capacitors and Mundorf Tube Caps. Resistors are Kiwame and Shinkoh. The amp has been converted to battery auto bias (new self charging batteries just added) and has had the dissipation reduced to run TJ Meshplate valves. It will come with a matched quad of wonderful TJ Meshplate valves, with low hours Compared to the original circuit it also has additional chokes fitted to the input stage for greater dynamics and Image stability. The Sound is utterly exquisite and the amp produces around 25 watts with the TJ Meshplates. The amp uses Zero negative feedback. The amp also has transformer taps for 4,8, 16 ohms. Any 300b tube can be used and the amp can be adjusted to give more output with other 300b valves that require this. The 2 knobs on the top of the amp are Humbuckers and one simply adjusts for zero Hum, once set thats it for a long time. It's Auto Biasing, so no need to get your meter out or anything technical. Simple! The amp is in Tip-Top condition, with only the odd faint swirl of a polish marks on the polished Stainless Steel finish. It has very recently been fully checked over and serviced by David Coe. I have a spare quad set of 300b valves in the cupboard, not checked for a while, and i'll include them with the sale. I can't stress enough how special this Amp is. It was a privilege to own such a thing. It weighs an absolute Tonne and would prefer to sell with a demo. So I'd really say collection from Barnet, but will deliver within reasonable distance or meet up. Price is reduced to £1800 which is a bargain for such an amplifier.
  11. Audio Research REF 210 mono block amps for sale.