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  1. Fullrange

    Sold ........shindo Appetite Valve Integrated Amp. 15 Watts Push Pull. Very rare and sounding fab.

    Shindo Appetite Valve / Tube Amp. 15 Watts Push Pull.. Fantastic 9 out of 10 condition. Only a few small marks to tiny to photograph. Collection only from Torquay Devon because I have no packaging. Very rare Shindo amp that sounds fantastic. Comes with original valves with approximately 700...
  2. Chop

    FS: Limited Edition Tron Convergence MONO phono stage

    For sale is my Tron Convergence dedicated MONO phono stage. This was one of a limited edition special build, with a single channel of amplification only for the purest mono playback. I believe Graham Tricker only made 2 or 3 of them and I was lucky enough to buy one. This is as rare as hens...
  3. Chop

    Tron Nucleus phono stage for sale- updated 151221 with Telefunken ECC83s

    For sale is my 20 year old Tron Nucleus Phono Stage in black, VG+ condition, no box. 240V. I am the sole owner from new. Note that this matches with but is not the Tron Nucleus line stage. For those that aren’t aware of the model, it was Graham Tricker’s state of the art phono stage at the...
  4. Vinylistas


    Comes in original packaging with manual.   Fully working in good used condition. Volume pot is a little scratchy.   Newer MK2 version costs almost £3k.   This is version for both MM and MC cartridges (with step up transformers).   Collection from Woolwich Arsenal or...
  5. Fullrange

    SOLD... Icon Stereo 40i SE, upgraded and improved. Price dropped to £675 UK posted.

    This is a sale for my Icon Audio ST 40i SE amp.  Electro Harmonix 12AX7 input valves. Sylvania NOS 12AT7 and Sovtek 6L6wxt output valves giving 30 watts per channel. This amp can use 6550 and KT88 valves for 40 watt output or 6L6gc, EL34 or KT66 for 30 watt output. It has been upgraded and...
  6. Fullrange

    Icon Audio Stereo 40i SE upgraded. NOW £825 UK posted.

    This is a sale for my Icon Audio ST 40i SE amp. Has.... Sylvania NOS 12AT7 and Sovtek 6L6wxt output valves giving 30 watts per channel. This amp can use 6550 and KT88 valves for 40 watt output or 6L6gc, EL34 or KT66 for 30 watt output. It has been upgraded and improved with Mundorf high...
  7. Vinylistas

    FS: Puresound L300 valve preamplifier

    My fantastic Puresound L300 valve preamp is back for sale.  Has new Gold Lion 300b fitted. All other valves were replaced recently.  £2500 collected from SE London or can be posted. 
  8. Vinylistas

    WANTED Preamplifier

    Hi,  Looking to buy good preamp.  Solid state or valve, ideally with remote and balanced ins/outs. Will pair with Vitus Audio mono blocks. 
  9. grahamfocal

    Fs. Croft series 5 power amplifier

    £550 now £500 or swaps considered - headphones.  I am located in Yeovil, Somerset.  Back up for sale Croft 5c power amplifier.  100% collection only, no courier collection, I don't have any boxes. I will not let the buyer take it away without a listen. I can provide tea and...
  10. grahamfocal

    Fs or swap: Glenn Croft 5c amp

    Lovely Glenn Croft valve amp 5c for sale.  Would consider swaps, mc phono stage, turntables, most hifi related stuff tbh.  I would rather this was collected due to delicacy, I don't have any boxes. and you can have a listen then as well.  Please see links to sales threads...
  11. lostwin

    Audio Innovations S500 plus Border Patrol p/s

    Quick version; £1,150 with Border Patrol or £750 without. One of the best examples you are likely to find of this classic amp / combo (much) Longer version; One of the issues with box swapping is that you have to move kit on. That is particularly difficult when you have such a strong...
  12. Vinylistas

    FS: Modwright Instruments LS36.5 Pre Amplifier

    Selling my Modwright Instruments LS36.5 valve preamplifier with balanced XLR input/output. Current model in as new condition. Re-valved couple weeks ago (Sovtek rectifier and 2 Sovtek 6h30 valves). Comes in original double box with beautiful metal remote control, manual and hex key. Selling due...
  13. M

    Musical Fidelity A5 CD Player, Reference Quality, Up Sampling 24Bit Valve Output This is one of the best sounding CD players ever made. It not only up-samples 16 bit CD to 32 bits, but then outputs through a VALVE to generate it's open, articulate, natural sound that is unsurpassed. It would usually cost around £2000, and has had rave reviews since it...
  14. bencat

    Intersting item but too much for me to take a chance

    While running through a few items came across this which looks interesting and not something I had ever seen before . If I had loads of spare cash would consider taking a chance but glad to say I have none so will just list it here in case anyone else is interested...
  15. bohemian

    Valve amp help needed

    Yesterday I listened to my system and all was well.  I switched off and nothing was untoward. Later I tried to switch on my preamp (Primaluna Dialogue Premium Pre) and - nothing!  I am assuming that it is probably the mains fuse, (but of course I don't have a spare to hand!). I guess the first...
  16. EssJayUK

    Icon Audio Stereo 40.2 Mk III valve amplifier.

    I am selling my Icon Audio Mk111 Stereo 40 valve amplifier. KT88 output valves, 40w per channel, push-pull, pure triode or pentode ultralinear modes, three line-level inputs and tape circuit. Includes spare matched set of TAD KT88s, second unmatched set of Sovtek KT88s, new 274B and a Philips...
  17. pmcuk

    FS - Two AVO Tube Testers, VCM163 and Mk 3

    For Sale - Kensington, London. Collection only.  1. AVO VCM 163. Premium tube tester, top of the range. Meters both need servicing, and it needs recalibrating. So not currently working. Sold as-is with no return.  2. AVO Mk 3 tube tester. Previously owned by Bill Beard. Needs a service, so...
  18. Dazzmatic

    Audio Research Ref 210 Monoblocks

    Audio Research Ref 210 monoblocks for sale - £6,900  Cost when new: $22k USD £20k Very good condition. 1,577 valve hours. Supplied in original cartons with all accessories, remote and manuals. 230V UK/EU versions (not US 120V imports). Manufactured in 2008 (s/n 38003307, 38003308)...
  19. Steveh

    valve pre-amp

    Recently purchased valve  pre-amp, using it into Chord power amp. Sounds fine to me . What I need to know from valve afficionados(please) : Is there anything to be gained by replacing the original 6J1 valves with "better" ones, and, if so, what would you recommend?
  20. T

    Audio Innovations S700 Integrated (Line Only)

    SOLD - Had this for a few years, only as a back-up/project but I do not really use it so it is for sale. It has a brand new power transformer from the original supplier. It has AudioNote Soro output transformers which necessitated a change from Ultralinear to Pentode operation. All the...