AN-J LX Hemp with AN Stands


Sep 21, 2005
St Albans
HiFi Trade?
  1. No
OK they are up for sale.

After having had a lot of pleasure from these a change of location has forced me to look at alternatives.

Time for someone else to enjoy them!


Price: £1700 for speakers, stands, (and a couple of meters of AN-D speaker cable if wanted)

Payment: BT only

Delivery: Collection only. I’m 5 minutes from Junction 22 M25 and close to M1 (Junction 6)

As has been noted on other sales of these boxes aren’t the strongest, the stands are filled so very heavy.

Also you can check them over, have a listen, and see the finish (as photos never do them justice).

I hate sending anything by courier – stresses me no end worrying if it’s going to get to its destination in one piece

AN –J/LX Hemp

Makassar finish - I found the light and dark elements helped fit in with a variety of furniture.

AN Filled stands

I’ve owned these from new so have boxes and manuals.

Badges are in the bag as I never stuck them on.

There are a couple of small marks on the side (bottom rear) of one of the speakers – I hadn’t realised this until I moved them to put the new speakers in - 3rd photo below, but difficult to capture.

Any question please PM - I will respond as quickly as I can ( work, family, and usual commitments allowing!)

AN J LX Hemp by martimu, on Flickr[/img]

AN J LX Hemp by martimu, on Flickr[/img]AN J LX Hemp by martimu, on Flickr[/img]