Apollon AS1200 ICEPOWER Based CLASS D Amplifier

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Oct 8, 2012
Glos SW
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  • Apollon AS1200 ICEPOWER Based CLASS D Amplifier 
    ICEPOWER’s new top of the line module. Lots about it on the web and well regarded. I was taken aback by how good it was. Going back to an integrated though for a lesser box count.
    Weblink: https://www.apollonaudio.com/apollon-audio-as1200-class-d-ice-power-based-amplifier/
    The one for sale is the same as that in the link however mine is full sized! So you can put another component on top of it.
    The one for sale has XLR inputs only.
    Reason I went for the Apollon version vs others is that the ICEPOWER board has a fuse on it, so Apollon do not add an extra one in the IEC like the other companies. I thought this to be a bonus. Also no IEC filter! Nice :)
    I have tweaked it a tiny bit being:
    • Hi-Fi Tuning Supreme fuse
    • Some dampening to the chassis as seen in the photos as well as to the output filter caps.
    On superb condition bar the tiniest mark on top. No more than 300 hours use so likely still to burn in a little. Save on a new one!
    Got the original box but that is not much to write home about.
    The cost new 1133.00 Euro from Apollon direct - website said 890 but at checkout they add TAX and shipping. So UK price is about £965.00 landed and £1000 with the fuse
    Selling this one including U.K. postage for £735.00 as only a few months old.
    ETI Research BP-20C binding posts
    Neotech UP-OCC 13AWG Solid Copper Speaker output wire
    Neutrik gold plated XLR connectors
    Furutech Gold Plated FI-06 pure copper mains input socket without EMI filter 

    Black Finish Stereo Case with anti vibration black aluminium feet
    • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz +0/-0.5dB
    • Low Distortion: 0.003%THD+N@1kHz,10W/4Ohm
    • High Input Impedance 38K
    • 26 dB Gain
    • Power rating (per channel)
    700W @ 4ohm
    620W @ 8ohm
    • Case Dimensions (W/H/D) 450 x ? x 185 mm ( 104mm height with feet)
    • Weight 6 kg

    Collection welcome.



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