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Audio Consultants Event 4 and 5 - 2022

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Audio Consultants Musical Events No 4 and No 5 – 2022

The Audio Consultants will be hosting two Musical Events at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Reading East at Winnersh Triangle.

The first of these, Musical Event No. 4, will be on the Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 May 2022 in the Sandhurst Suite between 10am and 5pm. This will largely feature systems that we had an exceptional response to at the UK Audio Show 2021 last October. This quality venue will allow for a more comfortable and controlled listening experience for our visitors.

This Musical Event will focus on two superb CD players offered by Luxman with their reference D-10X CD player and the excellent combination from Aqua with their new La Diva Mk2 transport and the La Scala Mk2 Optologic DAC.


We will also be using the Innuos Statement CD/Streamer for a comparison with ripped music files and network streaming.

The amplification duties will be split between the AVM A6.3 integrated amplifier and the Luxman L-509X integrated amplifier. Both these designs have an above average proportion of Class A from a Class A/AB principle.


The loudspeakers will be the Kudos Titan 707, which were exceptionally well received at the UK Audio Show, and the Eggleston Works Oso. The latter is the larger version of the Emma EVO offering a more authoritative sound with a lower bass extension and greater weight to the sound

The Special Edition of the Puritan Audio PSM 1512 made exclusively for The Audio Consultants will, again, be the hub of the mains distribution. These Studio Master mains purification systems not only reduce noise and increase transparency, but also enlarge the holographic sound stage, and greatly enhance dynamics and rhythmic pace.


All the signal cables, ground cables, and the power cords will from GutWire Cables, with digital cables from the extensive range from AudioQuest.

The HRS and Lateral Audio equipment supports will provide good isolation from acoustic feedback improving image stability, dynamic speed, and overall naturalness of tone.

The Crowne Plaza Hotel is well located a short distance from Junction 10 on the M4. All visitors to the Musical Event are eligible to free parking.

There are good rail connections from London to Winnersh Triangle which is a short walk to the hotel.

The hotel has excellent facilities with a bar and a restaurant for quality dining and refreshments throughout the day.

The second Musical Event No.5 will be held at the same venue on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 June 2022.

Please note these dates have changed.

The systems featured will be different to those showcased at Musical Event No 4 in May. More details will be posted later.
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