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Belkin PF-40 mains conditioner


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Dec 2, 2006
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I need to have a sort out and shift some of the ever-growing pile, so this is first in line, because it’s big. I’ve two and I’m sick of tripping over them. The tattier one can end up as a bench supply so the cleaner one can go. These were flavour of the month a few years ago and silly money, then a few escaped with reversed polarity and were sold off cheap. This is an original one and all correct. Does what it says on the tin: filtering and surge protection. Nine rear mounted sockets, some switched, some not, designed for various loads. One front mounted behind a cover. Front panel has a (dimmable) display showing the mains voltage, and wiring and earth check status. Fitted with a dog-dick size shielded mains lead. Total capacity up to 10 amps.

Condition is reasonable. A few small scrape/scratch marks to the top and top of the front panel, and some small smudge marks on the front. The cover over the front socket is coated to look like alloy, and is now a different shade to the main metal panel. I actually found the box for it, including some paperwork and the packing. However, the box was in the garage and by the time it’s taped up for packing, it’ll be crucified. Big (435 x 329 x 153mm), so not a ‘hide away’ sort of thing.

It will obviously lift veils, make your dark passages inky black and your neighbour’s auntie will phone you to ask you what you’ve done to the system that made such an amazing improvement. Or not. On the other hand, it’s got plenty of decent quality sockets and offers proper surge protection. £85 including delivery (Parcelforce 48, as they’re constantly here delivering most of RS’s warehouse). Or give it a mock-Scandinavian name and call it £850. Your choice. PM me, on the hopeful assumption the PM system is vaguely functional.





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