Chord Electronics Launch The Hugo M Scaler, This Really Is A Game Changer!

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Sep 24, 2012
Millow, Beds
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Hi Everyone,

So it is easy to get excited about new products but I have to say once I heard about Chord’s plans to take the M Scaler from the brilliant Blu 2 CD Transport and make it a stand alone device I got a little excited, well the good news is that it is now a reality as Chord announced it at CanJam at the weekend and I don’t think I am being over excited by saying this really is a game changer and if you love your music then you really do need a Hugo M Scaler in your system.

Just to take a step back for those who don’t know what the M Scaler is, well it was first seen in the Chord Blu 2 CD Transport, basically it took the data from the CD and upscaled it to 705.6kHz which is 16x a CD’s 44.1kHz native resolution and you really can hear the difference, it is huge, it really is like you are listening to 2 different recordings when you compare with and without the M Scaler, as soon as I heard this I just knew this technology had to come out as a standalone product and here we are so whether you are listening on CD, laptop or streamer you can get a huge step up in performance to your digital collection by adding the M Scaler to your DAC.

Rob Watts, the designer, has been chasing 1 million taps for many years now as he believes this is what is required to give digital music the musicality needed and now the technology has caught up with his vision, it is all about the transient response which gives music that lifelike presentation, once you hear the difference you’ll understand what transient response really is if you don’t know already.

So it is designed to work with Chord’s own Dac’s, new Hugo TT 2, the Qutest and of course DAVE but the good news is that is can work with other manufacturer’s Dac’s, this is big news as now anyone can add an M Scaler to their system and enjoy those 1 million taps and the even better news is that it costs £3495 which in highend audio terms is almost a bargain for the gain it will bring to your system.

I really believe that it has been a long time since such a ground breaking product has been released in HiFi and I personally can’t wait to add a M Scaler to my system at home, Game Changer is a big saying but I truly believe this isn’t an understatement for the M Scaler.

Demand for this is due to be huge, so if you think this is something for you please feel free to get in touch to place your order, it is due around Autumn, all we need is a £300 deposit to place the order with Chord, personally I would say an M Scaler with the new Hugo TT 2 is going to be a pretty epic combo.

Right, I am going to shut up now but as you can probably tell this is pretty exciting news but needless to say we will have an M Scaler on demo as soon as possible but if you have any questions in the meantime please feel free to get in touch :)

Please find a link to the M Scaler with more information on our website.