Chord M Scaler On Demo + Thoughts!

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Sep 24, 2012
Millow, Beds
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Hi All,

I know the Chord Electronics M Scaler has been out for a month or so now but we haven’t had it in here much as it has been out on loan for most of that time but I just wanted to do a quick blog to say that we have actually got a demo model if you did want to try it which I strongly recommend if you have a Chord DAC, in particular a Qutest, Hugo TT 2 or Dave as it really does take these Dac’s to another level.

I know when we had our Chord Electronics Open Day and I was speaking to Rob Watts about it he really was impressed how well the Scaler had turned out, better than he imagined I think when he started developing it and he is adamant that any system needs an M Scaler in it if possible.

I must admit when Chord announced the M Scaler I really thought everyone would be ordering one but in reality the take up was slow, in here at least, I knew how good it was as I had been using it a lot in our demo Blu 2 but I think most people wanted to experience it before they ordered one but now it is actually out and people have heard how it works then now the orders are coming in thick and fast, pretty much everyone who has heard it has ordered one, one customer told me it is the single biggest upgrade he has ever given his system so you can’t ask for more than that :)

I get asked a lot what it does to the presentation, well even though it is upsampling CD to 16x its original resolution to 705.6kHz it isn’t a load more detail you experience but for me it is a more open and effortless presentation with more depth, it’s as if the upsampling is adding more refinement to the digital file which once you have heard it then you take it away is difficult to live without so once again Rob Watts and Chord have definitely worked their magic.

If you’d like to experience the M Scaler for yourself please just get in touch to either arrange a demo or feel free to take it home to try in your system, it is actually booked out for the next 2 weekends but anytime after then should be fine.

Melco N100 Now On Demo!

Also just a quick heads up to say that we also have the new Melco N100 Server / Player on demo, you could argue thanks to it’s smaller size it is the perfect partner for the Hugo TT 2 and M Scaler setup, they most definitely work well together.