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Mar 31, 2009
Chichester W. Sussx.
Jack lambert
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Lester Piggott has died, aged 86.

Widely acknowledged as one of the top 2 British flat racing jockeys of all time (Gordon Richards being the other), Lester was champion jockey on numerous occasions and rode 30 individual English classic winners and nearly 4.5 thousand winners overall in a long career, interupted for 366 days spent in prison for tax evasion. That conviction cost him his knighthood.

He was well known for his association with the trainer Vincent O'Brien before becoming the stable jockey for Sir Henry Cecil. Later he became a freelance and 'jocked off' many a colleague in important races.

He was nicknamed 'The Longfellow' due to his height and could only 'do' 8 stone 5. Given his height Lester rode with short stirrups in a style that was widely intimidated by his fellow riders. This involved getting his weight forward aiding impetus, in contrast to the style of say, Jimmy Lindlay, Sir Gordon et al who sat in behind the horse more.

Those of us in the game can visualise even now Piggott looming up on the bridle motionless perched over the horse's shoulders, ready to deliver a merciless powerpacked finish.

Not an affable nor a loquacious man but one feared by bookies and fellow jockeys.

By way of contrast, he was known as 'the housewives' favourite, much as Frankie Dettori is today - but you couldn't have 2 more contrasting types otherwise.

Piggott spent his retirement in Geneva where he died in hospital on the 29th of May.

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Oct 22, 2009
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I was always a Pat Eddery fan and would very rarely back Lester , at Chester back in 70’s for a couple of hot Eddery rides I ended up losing after Lester rode 5 winners .