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Jun 4, 2015
This power amp is a bit over a year old. It was ordered with two of the optional upgrades: silver internal wiring and switchable balanced XLR or unbalanced RCA inputs. It has the the more expensive Sonic Imagery op amps.. Boxed virtually as new. Can be seen and heard and collected in Edinburgh, or will post - I have the original box, instructions, etc. Apart from what they call the Rev D buffer boards, this year's iteration of the amp seems very similar. This cost almost £1500, all in. £1000 delivered.
For those who don't know the Nord range, this information is from the Nord website:

Nord One NC500DM MKII Dual Mono Stereo Amp​

True Dual Mono Amplifier with 2 x Hypex NCore NC500, 2 x Hypex SMPS1200A700 PSU's and 2 x Nord UP REV C Input Buffer Boards Board with choice of OP Amps in a Stereo Case.

The Nord One NC500DM MKII Amplifier is our latest Stereo amp. Using Nord REV C Input Buffer Boards with high-end discrete Sparkos Labs Voltage Regulators and a choice of Sparkos Labs SS2590 or the Sonic Imagery 990Enh discrete Op-Amps, both run in full Class A. And offers a rich, tonally dense musical sound with great soundstage. Solid 44mm diameter aluminum isolation feet. Patented CHK gold plated solid brass 60A binding posts, Switchcraft gold plated metal body XLR socket, Quality mains sockets and blue "Halo" illuminated front switch.

So we take a mix of standard products add bespoke touches and use high quality European and USA components, sell them direct to you missing out the middle men, offering you a high quality product at sensible prices.

    • Black or Silver Finish Stereo Case
    • 2 x Hypex NCore NC500 Module
    • 2 x Hypex SMPS1200A700 Power Supply
    • 2 x Nord One UP REV C Input Buffer Board Choice of Sparkos 2590 or Sonic Imagery 990 Enh Op Amps + £45
    • Dual Mono Design
    • SNR 135dB
    • Distortion: THD+N - - 0.001 % 20Hz
    • Frequency Response: 0 - 50k Hz +0/-3dB
    • Low Distortion: THD+N - - 0.001 % 20Hz
    • High Input Impedance 51K
    • Input Sensitivity 8ohm 2.52Vrms 10.24dBu
    • XLR Balanced or RCA unbalanced Input
    • 26 dB Gain
    • Ultra High Damping Factor
    • High Current Output Capable of driving 2ohm for the
    Most Demanding of Speakers.
    550W 2ohm
    700W 4ohm
    400W 8ohm
    • Frequency Response: 0 - 50k Hz +0/-3dB
    • Case W 430mm D 335mm H 70mm
    With Feet and Binding Posts W430mm D375mm H81mm
    • Weight 9Kg
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HiFi Trade?
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This is a stonking amp, I have the NC500Ms with SI OPamps and it has a wonderful rich detailed sound.
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