For Sale Geerfab Audio D.Bob Digital Breakout Box

For Sale

mike chadwick

Dec 26, 2013
East Kent, UK
HiFi Trade?
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“Do you have an OPPO or select other SACD/universal player with an HDMI output? Do you have a newer DAC that accepts DSD over DoP via its digital Coax or Toslink input? Then the GeerFab Audio D.BOB may be just the thing to consummate a more perfect SACD union!”

Purchased this last year from Midland HiFi Studio (receipt available). Probably a bit of an unknown quantity here in the UK but lots of information on line. This is a very effective way and high quality way of extracting DSD and hi-res pcm from any universal player with HDMI out. I’ve been using it with my Audiocom Oppo 105D into a Hugo TT2 and it works beautifully and the DSD & Hi-Res output is easily as good as the ripped files I have. It also works with my Sony Blu-Ray player so you can also use a cheap transport to extract high quality audio. Boxed and in excellent condition. UK retail is £996.00. Free insured next day delivery in the UK. Price £525.00.

Great review here:



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